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New courses on Coursera starting this week
  • An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing
  • How to Change the World
  • Aléatoire : une introduction aux probabilités (Random: An Introduction to Probability)
  • Recovering the Humankind Past and Saving the Universal Heritage
  • ... and other
they have too many nice courses Sad
I don't have time to learn all this, but i want a lot!

I love coursera as they have lots of courses which are useful as well as informative. I had completed a course with them which is helping me in lot of aspects. Wish to learn more from them. Good list that you have shared.

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I love coursera namely she have a lot on publications which are useful as much properly as like informative. I had fulfilled a direction including to them as is helping me within bunch regarding aspects. Wish according to analyze more beyond them. Good list as ye hold shared.

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Indeed,  a lot of courses at Coursera can be found as the most useful and informative ones almost for every side. But everybody needs free time, so you are welcome to relax in zodiac casino and take care on your free time.

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