Poll: Will blockchain implementation into online learning be successful?
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Bitdegree - educational website built on the blockchain
Have you heard about Bitdegree website? It's a new player in MOOC field as they have launched only last year.

What makes Bitdegree different from other learning platforms is that it's blockchain powered/funded educational platform. The main goal of blockchain implementation is to create easily funded, specialized training/courses for employers and potential/existing employees, dependent on market demand for skills at any given time.

This is done through the creation of “Open Position” smart contracts, which will be bound to a select few students. Upon completion of the course, which is tracked, recorded, and, if certain conditions are met, paid for, the students who learn the requisite material will be hired by the aforementioned company.

What do you think about this idea to connect online courses with the blockchain? Do you think it is needed and is going to be successful?

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