PHP, MySQL web programming. Introduction

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For 2015-04-02 By wong
In the group EasyPHP is offered to use locally. What about others?

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On your local machine install the IDE to code with PHP

and install the local web server Apache

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Create the simplest PHP app to show "Hello world" in the browser

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Create simple PHP pahe to draw a form and process posted form data

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wong Prepare the PHP development environment Report


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Local WAMP server. Is good for local PHP developement


Laravel - popular PHP framework


Central site of the PHP


Popular PHP framework - Zend


Recommended online courses and MOOC. If you have suggestions discuss them in the Forum

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Are you looking to get started with PHP and MySQL? These videos will show you step by step how to do it!

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PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. It c…

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Learn PHP online with MySQL and Start Developing Web Apps like a Pro!

About the group

PHP, MySQL web programming. Introduction

In the group we will learn PHP. How to build own web site using PHP and MySQL. Also we will learn all related technology like HTML and CSS.

This is the group for absolute beginners, who never programmed with PHP, who doesn't know how to create "contact form" with PHP. We will learn from basics, starting from "Hello world!"

Subject: Computer Sciences, Computer Programming
Associated job: PHP Software Developer
Work Language: English
Location: World Wide
Membership: Free to Join
Count of members: 17

Learning Target

To learn PHP  the Junior PHP Developer level.

As result of our group learning we must be able to create own personal blog using PHP, MySQL, CSS, JQuery

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