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Coursera: Collaborating with Publishers to Bring Courserians More Affordable, Accessible Educational Resources

Collaborating with Publishers to Bring Courserians More Affordable, Accessible Educational Resources
2013-05-08 13:03:05

Since Coursera launched, we’ve been determined to bring students affordable and accessible course materials. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking the next big step toward that mission by working with many of the top higher education publishers. This collaboration will expand the availability of the publishers’ high-quality content and resources, facilitated by Chegg, a hub where students can access tools and materials. Starting today, publishers Cengage Learning, Macmillan Higher Education,Oxford University Press SAGE, and Wiley will experiment with offering versions of their e-textbooks, delivered via Chegg’s DRM-protected e-Reader, to Coursera students. We are also actively discussing pilot agreements and related alliances with Springer and other publishers. “We recognize the importance of forging partnerships with other stakeholders in the education space in order to help students overcome barriers and evolve the way they access e…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Our Three eSteps to Lasting Behavioral Change by Mukta Raut

Our Three eSteps to Lasting Behavioral Change by Mukta Raut
2013-05-08 05:01:00

Changing behavior is tough. Changing behavior through eLearning is even tougher. Effective corporate training programs must engage our objective understanding of the situation, and subjective response to it, as well as clearly seeing the work environment in which the situation occurs. A well-thought-out instructional strategy can achieve this through eLearning.


Udacity: Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, Udacity!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, Udacity!
2013-05-08 02:14:00

As an education technology company with a passion for getting people excited about learning STEM subjects, we’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day with extra gusto. We’ve all been inspired by exceptional teachers who have made subjects -- whether it’s programming, stats, algebra, psychology, web development, artificial intelligence, or game development -- approachable and relevant, and we tip our hats to these heros! We believe that a great teacher can make a difference, and that learning is about doing -- i.e., making mistakes and embracing experimentation. We try to live these values every day, and we LOVE hearing from students who have learned with us -- some students go from believing they’ll never succeed in math to rocking statistical inference. Others have tried programming for the first time and gone on to create websites, games, and even their own companies! A few Udacious teachers: Dave, Katie, Sean, Miriam, and Eric - thanks for all that you d… Human Resource Management Now Available on iTunes U!

Human Resource Management Now Available on iTunes U!
2013-05-07 16:47:02

Interested in ways to make the best use  of the skills, abilities and knowledge of an organization’s human capital? Want to learn more ab0ut the nitty-gritty ins and outs of what occurs in that good ol’ HR dept.? Then let’s get crackin’! BUS301: Human Resource Development is now available on our iTunes U channel and [...]…


: Filling up the Course Feed

Filling up the Course Feed
2013-05-07 15:13:46

New Blogger on WizIQ My name is Dr. Nancy Zingrone. I am so excited as I’m going to be blogging on WizIQ. Here’s a little about me. I have a PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh and an MSEd in Higher Education from Northern Illinois University.… Read the rest…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Nuts and Bolts: We Need New Words by Jane Bozarth

Nuts and Bolts: We Need New Words by Jane Bozarth
2013-05-07 05:01:00

We need new words. They might have to be neologisms, or even sniglets, but we are doing many things these days in ways that we never did them before, and so there are no words for them. Jane reflects on three such instances. Can you supply the words? MMD: Mixed Emotions in Ed. Tech.

MMD: Mixed Emotions in Ed. Tech.
2013-05-06 14:30:57

Good Morning and happy Monday! This week we see mixed emotions showing up across the world. From the UK to San Jose, CA, to the U.S. government, people are voicing their opinions. These voices are of both optimism and pessimism,  uneasiness, and  acceptance and rejection. We begin today with  a little bit of optimism.  Juan [...]…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Mobile Learning Supports Global Health by Inge de Waard

Mobile Learning Supports Global Health by Inge de Waard
2013-05-06 05:01:00

Mobile technology for healthcare delivery and support—mHealth—is growing rapidly, and mLearning is an important part of it. In fact, this area offers great opportunity for those who can create mHealth applications, including training, education, and performance support for healthcare providers and their clients. Here is an overview of this increasingly important field.


Coursera: On The Topic of Boredom

On The Topic of Boredom
2013-05-06 04:03:00

Editor’s Note: Pamela Fox is Coursera’s Lead Student Team Engineer. A few weeks ago, my colleague Julia Stiglitz and I gave a talk at the GSummit conference about motivation and accomplishment in the online classroom. We looked at the problems that students face, and what we can do to make it better for them. One problem - that anyone who’s ever been a student or teacher in any setting probably knows - is that of boredom. When I was a student in grade school and got bored, I’d daydream or doodle and wait until something exciting happened or class ended. Now, if I’m a student in an online classroom and get bored, I simply “walk with my fingers” over to my next browser tab, and start browsing Reddit or Facebook or any one of those websites that I really should block forever. Eventually I realize I completely missed the lecture and have to re-watch it later, if that ever happens. The topic of boredom is present in classrooms, regardl…


: Seven Super Idea Generators For Speaking Practice in the Virtual Classroom

2013-05-05 18:30:17

1) An image paints a thousand lessons…. Online teaching presents us with lots of exciting ways to practice fluency development with our students. Multi-media and the visual arts lend themselves perfectly to learning English online. We must make the most of what technology has to offer by brain-storming and experimenting with colleagues and students.… Read the rest…


: Teacher Appreciation Week on WizIQ

Teacher Appreciation Week on WizIQ
2013-05-05 10:35:10

Teacher Appreciation You are invited to join Teacher appreciation week on WizIQ for 5 days and throughout the year. Teacher appreciation days are important times for teachers, schools, students, parents, and communities around the globe. The dates of the celebrations may differ from country to country.… Read the rest…


: Q&A with Prof. Bhanushe, Creator of the Award Winning Webinars

Q&A with Prof. Bhanushe, Creator of the Award Winning Webinars
2013-05-04 14:32:36

Professor Mandar Lakshmikant Bhanushe , Assistant Professor-cum-Assistant Director, at the Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) of University of Mumbai’s (MU), recently received the Indian Education Award 2013 for his online course in Mathematics in the Best Webinar Series category, recognizing his efforts to make learning more easily accessible to the distance learning students.… Read the rest…


Udemy: How to Make a Map Today

How to Make a Map Today
2013-05-04 01:27:49

Global Distribution of Earthquakes Since the 1970s Think about this – the words we use, the images we see, the multimedia we consume are all metaphors for reality. We have the real world and then there are approximations of that world. Words are metaphors for our thoughts. Images and video are metaphors of people, places, things, events.  We have the real and we have those things that re-present or represent the real. The map is a metaphor of reality. The... Continue reading »…


Udacity: Coffee Break!

2013-05-03 18:21:00

Welcome to the first edition of Udacity’s Coffee Break show! Hey Udacians, today we want to talk about something serious. Seriously awesome, that is. You see -- sometimes life at the office just overflows with incidental awesomeness. There is *just* so much behind-the-scenes fun, so many amazing student stories, and so many insightful comments from industry experts that we want to share with you! So, since we’re problem solvers -- and let’s face it, this is a great problem to have -- we decided to create a weekly Udacity Coffee Break to share all the tangential goodness that we see here at Udacity. It’ll never be the same thing twice, so make sure you stay tuned for exclusives on anything from course bloopers to interviews with top employers. Our inaugural post features Molly, one of the creators of the Stanford Women in CS outreach program. Listen to Molly talk about her first experiences in programming! As always, the Udacian community is what makes this… Release: A change in leadership, a new addition, and commitment to innovate

Release: A change in leadership, a new addition, and commitment to innovate
2013-05-03 13:15:53

Yesterday afternoon, we officially announced the change in status for former Foundation Director Alana Harrington, who will now lead our Advisory Board. We also welcomed about Lou Pugliese as Saylor Fellow and Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Lou has serious technology chops (see the release for details), and is going to help us not only stay on course but [...]…


: How to use WizIQ to Teach Web Design to your Students

How to use WizIQ to Teach Web Design to your Students
2013-05-03 10:22:16

Here is how you can use the WizIQ virtual classroom to teach your students how to make their own website on Weebly. In my last post, I talked about my political and philosophical ideas about why web site creation is so important, and why you would want them to do this.… Read the rest…


Udacity: Interactive 3D Graphics Contest Update

Interactive 3D Graphics Contest Update
2013-05-02 23:34:00

You know the feeling of discovering a new way to experience the world? Remember the moment when, as a child, you discovered a secret ingredient to bring an experience to a whole new level? Did you ever dubiously add salt to your chocolate milk, take a sip, and realize that there was a whole new dimension to your chocolate-milking? That’s right, people. A whole new dimension. Your chocolate milk experience went from 2D to 3D. What else can bring you to a whole new dimension? Check out Udacity’s Interactive 3D Graphics course, where you can learn to make an animated 3D demo program that runs in a web browser. Eric Haines, co-author of Real-Time Rendering, joins forces with Udacity to walk you through the basic principles of interactive 3D rendering. Another fun dimension of our course is our two-part contest! The deadline for submitting entries to the first part of the contest was yesterday, and we already see many beautiful drinking birds, scenery and robots populating… Staff Snapshot: Casey Holmes, Athlete/ Dog Lover

Staff Snapshot: Casey Holmes, Athlete/ Dog Lover
2013-05-02 18:35:32

Good afternoon! Next up in our series of Staff Snapshots, we catch-up with our Recruiting Coordinator, Casey Holmes! Hello, Casey! Hi there. So why don’t you start with telling us a little bit about yourself? Sure thing. I grew up in Darnestown, Maryland (population 6,500) on what used to be a farm (despite this, my [...]…


Coursera: The Anatomy of a Verified Certificate & Shareable Course Records

The Anatomy of a Verified Certificate & Shareable Course Records
2013-05-02 17:32:00

Many Courserians have been asking about how Verified Certificates and shareable course records work. We hope this helps! Verified Certificates 1: Recognition from a world renowned institution Verified Certificates are a currency for your lifelong learning achievements. With Verified Certificates, you receive official recognition from world renowned institution for successfully completing a course on Coursera. A Verified Certificates can enhance anyone’s lifelong education. You can use them to: • Build your qualifications and prove yourself in something new • List on your resume or CV and along with applications • Share your accomplishment with colleagues and friends on your personal page or social media pages • Reward yourself for your commitment to your course Remember that a Verified Certificate does not include credit towards a degree, nor does it make you a student at the respective university. It does however prove you’ve mastered the mat…


Udacity: HTML5 Game Development Contest Winners

HTML5 Game Development Contest Winners
2013-05-01 20:26:00

Udacians, congratulations, you ruined productivity at the office. We already spend a lot of time being impressed by your sheer awesomeness. And lately, we spend a lot of time playing the games you created in our HTML5 Game Development course. Let’s just say, we’re going to have to play a little bit more before we get these games out of our systems. Drumroll, please.... Introducing the HTML5 Game Development Contest winners! Huge thanks to all of you who created your own games and cheered your fellow students on in the forums! Sean (Udacity Course Architect extraordinaire and one of the instructors for HTML5) weighs in with his comments on the winning entries: Best Overall Game Foxes and Shotguns by Florian, who will make a cameo in a Udacity course and get another TBD prize as he is unable to make it to I/O. Foxes and Shotguns is a remarkably simple game, which is where a lot of its appeal lies. We knew this was the winner when the Udacity office basically shut…