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Learning Solutions Magazine: eLearning Guild to Produce Rapid Intake's DevCon Events by News Editor

eLearning Guild to Produce Rapid Intake's DevCon Events by News Editor
2013-02-16 06:01:00

The eLearning Guild, the leading global community of practice for eLearning professionals, has taken over production of the eLearning DevCon™ & mLearning DevCon™ conferences from Callidus Software, which acquired them as part of its 2011 acquisition of Rapid Intake. These events will expand the Guild’s offerings of highly technical developer-oriented content at its events.


: Traveling and Online Teaching with my Child in Nicaragua

Traveling and Online Teaching with my Child in Nicaragua
2013-02-16 05:15:48

I just returned from a month in Nicaragua, where I was traveling with my 3 year old daughter. I work online and can be anywhere. There was no way that I was staying in New England all winter. There are places where the people are relaxed, the sun is shining and the cost of living is 1/3 of what it is in the US or Canada.… Read the rest…


Udacity: HTML5 Game Development News

HTML5 Game Development News
2013-02-16 02:05:00

We’re pumped to have launched our HTML5 Game Development course and hope you’re enjoying it (if you’re not taking it, go sign up now)! We had a great time talking about it yesterday on Google Developers Live -- if you missed it, you can check out the conversation here.This course focuses on building a game in Javascript, the programming language recognized in every modern web browser.We'll discuss how to draw and animate your game, how to do player interaction, and more. By the end, you'll be familiar with a lot of the tricks and standard practices that game developers use, and be ready to apply them in building your own games!In addition to that, we’ll be running some exciting projects alongside the course!First, we’re excited to announce a contest focused around the course! The goal of this contest is to build your own game using the knowledge and skills you've gained from the course. To enter the contest you should check out summary and link to the offi…


Coursera: Cap sur la francophonie (Setting the course for French speakers)

2013-02-15 21:21:00

My first moments after crossing the Ghana-Togo border shocked me; in 20 short meters, I had lost the ability to communicate with virtually anyone. How much more difficult must it be for my teacher, who spoke little English, to think of approaching the bastions of higher education in a world that seems to demand English at every turn?  We’re now beginning to lower this barrier to global participation with the first ever MOOCs of their kind.  On February 18, EPFL will officially launch Analyse Numérique (Numerical Analysis), followed later by four computer science courses.  These will bring tears to the eyes not only of math-lovers, but also of the culturally and linguistically-minded: they will be taught in French.  Expanding Coursera offerings into different languages brings us closer to our ideal of accessibility as a standard and education as a basic human right.The most exciting developments are set to happen in Africa, the region that bears the high… Great Writing & Composition Resources for the Educator, Student, of the Simply Curious

Great Writing & Composition Resources for the Educator, Student, of the Simply Curious
2013-02-15 18:27:01

Need to brush up on your grammar skills? Having trouble writing that term paper? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got some fabulous resources that are here to help you out. Happy Writing! Helpful Videos The Way We Write (Albiene Christian U.) This 14-minute long video is a showcase of various professors and students chatting [...]…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Updated Webinar Dates

2013-02-15 16:32:48

Webinars of effective use and introductions to OLI for the next month are now available on our webinar dates page.……


: Languages of Love in the Digital Age

Languages of Love in the Digital Age
2013-02-14 19:38:27

“Love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion. It is pure and beautiful like early morning sunrise falling in lake.” Santosh Kalwar Bearing in mind concepts of love, diversity, and mutual respect, you may get a useful message from this short animation created by my seven year old son.… Read the rest… Professor Profile: Judith Dierkes Professor Profile: Judith Dierkes
2013-02-14 18:00:42

On occasion, we like to invite our students, academic consultants, and staff to share a bit more about themselves. Today we present the first ‘Professor Profile’ in our new series, from Judith Dierkes. Please enjoy, and look to this space on Thursdays to meet more people! Hello Judith, thank you for taking the time to [...]… The Saylor Foundation Through Time

The Saylor Foundation Through Time
2013-02-14 16:00:16

If watching us on Twitter and Facebook, (or just nosy, bored, etc.) you might have noticed that we have started posting snapshots of our past. and its Wayback Machine have given us the power to time travel and explore what has looked like in the past. We’ll post a few more next week! Over time, [...]…


: WizIQ Virtual Classroom Plugin for Moodle 2.4

2013-02-14 11:30:15

WizIQ releases the Virtual Classroom plugin for integration with the latest Moodle version 2.4. If you have already upgraded to Moodle 2.4, you can try the new WizIQ plugin for Moodle now. And, if you are going to upgrade to Moodle 2.4, you would now be able to download and install the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for your LMS or teaching website.… Read the rest…


Learning Solutions Magazine: eLearning Guild Research: Reconsidering Bloom's Taxonomy (Old AND New) by Patti Shank

eLearning Guild Research: Reconsidering Bloom's Taxonomy (Old AND New) by Patti Shank
2013-02-14 06:01:00

Bloom’s Taxonomy—the classification system used by countless instructional designers since the 1950s for creating learning objectives—has an updated version that brings it into the 21st century. The new taxonomy supports new methods of instruction and a new understanding of what learning is. Read about it in the latest eLearning Guild research report! Release

2013-02-13 17:30:05

Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address to the combined houses of Congress. In the speech, the President called for colleges to be held to high standards of “affordability and value.” Florida Senator Marco Rubio, in his response to the speech, likewise called for meaningful change for students, specifically [...]… Infographic: Texting, Grammar, and a Mutable Language

Infographic: Texting, Grammar, and a Mutable Language
2013-02-13 15:45:29

Yesterday we released our course ENGL001: English Composition I on our iTunes U channel. In the spirit of Good Writing, we present the infographic below, courtesy of Now, we expect some controversy here…is texting destroying the communication skills of the younger generation, embiggening them, or just adding to the rich bounty of the language? Before [...]…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Does Your mLearning Play Nicely with the IT Department? by Troy Fulton

Does Your mLearning Play Nicely with the IT Department? by Troy Fulton
2013-02-13 06:01:00

When creating mobile applications, developers sometimes overlook a critical group—the IT department. The same is true when launching a mobile learning or performance-support initiative. Not taking IT’s policy management needs into consideration can lead to problems. Here are some tips that will ensure all goes smoothly!


Udemy: For the Love of Learning [Infographic]

For the Love of Learning [Infographic]
2013-02-13 00:48:11

With all of the love floating around this Valentine’s day, we wanted to share some numbers that show how much the Udemy community loves learning. (Click to enlarge)… Course o

Course o
2013-02-12 16:12:50

Writing is tough, time-consuming, grueling, humbling, and — every so often — satisfying. That good writing is difficult will never change, but practice can make a big difference. So can the way you approach the task. This course promises to “change the way in which you think about writing”…but you’ll get more than you bargained [...]…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Marc My Words: eLearning vs. eKnowledge by Marc J. Rosenberg

Marc My Words: eLearning vs. eKnowledge by Marc J. Rosenberg
2013-02-12 06:01:00

Is it necessary to communicate all content in the form of courses? There are real reasons to deliver some content as well-designed information instead of instruction. Marc invites us to think critically about what fits the eLearning paradigm and what doesn’t.


: Breakthrough with Breakout Room Feature

Breakthrough with Breakout Room Feature
2013-02-12 03:53:19

The Apprehension “Virtual Classroom is a great tool for e Learning but its use is still limited, say, if I wanted to create a few groups amongst my students in a physical classroom for some brainstorming activity could it be possible in your virtual classroom?”, asked one of the professors during the Teacher Training conducted by Team WizIQ at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi for Certificate Course in Business Management  or CCBM.(Read all about this course in my previous post).… Read the rest…


Udacity: New Udacity Certificates

New Udacity Certificates
2013-02-12 00:44:00

We have new certificates!  Certificates are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills on a given topic, whether it's in our How to Build a Startup Class, Intro to Computer Science, Introduction to Physics, or any of our other classes!Certificates can be used in a variety of ways. You can share them with potential employers, your school, and even your peers via your social networks (#UdacityCert). You might also print them out to hang on a wall at home.To download your certificate once you’ve successfully completed your course, go to your My Courses page.   Your My Courses page displays all the classes you are currently taking.   To download the certificate for a particular course find the course you’ve just completed and click on the details dropdown button, which will give you an overview of the course.  If you've met the requirements to earn a course certificate, you'll see a link titled 'Download Udacity Certificate.' Click on that li… Monday Morning Digest: Quality is a Never-Ending Quest

Monday Morning Digest: Quality is a Never-Ending Quest
2013-02-11 18:21:33

Good Morning! We hope that your Monday morning is bright and sunny (and not, e.g., post-blizzardy). For this week, we look at the quality and value of getting a higher education. Recently, this quest has led to questions of what should count for credit. Some universities continue to add MOOCs (some accredited)  to their repertoire, [...]…