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Udemy: Windows 8 New Features That Will Help You Make The Leap

Windows 8 New Features That Will Help You Make The Leap
2013-04-11 18:40:03

With its fresh bold approach, Windows 8 has taken the technology world by storm as an innovative and genuinely different operating system.  It captures the best of previous versions of Windows while offering new ways of working.  This approach offers the best of both worlds.  For those who like the Windows 7 style interface, you’ll be happy to discover that you can keep working in that familiar interface in Windows 8.  And for those looking for what’s next in the... Continue reading »… It

2013-04-11 12:45:54

We’re taking a hiatus from the usual schtick because today and tomorrow we’ll all be on our best behavior at the Saylor Foundation Digital Education Conference 2013, known more generally around the world as DigEdCon. We’ll put through a couple of posts, but they’ll be probably, oh, say a “6″ rather than our usual “10″ (that’s on [...]…


Learning Solutions Magazine: eLearning Guild Research: Thinking (Guild) Research at LSCon 2013 with Some Very Smart Folks by Patti Shank

eLearning Guild Research: Thinking (Guild) Research at LSCon 2013 with Some Very Smart Folks by Patti Shank
2013-04-11 05:01:00

Imagine a breakout session with five opinionated Guild Research writers at the 2013 Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando, jam-packed with questions and laughter from both panelists and audience members. Here’s some of the fun (and information) from that session.


Udemy: Brand Visibility: Build Your Galactic Brand Like Batman

Brand Visibility: Build Your Galactic Brand Like Batman
2013-04-10 23:49:43

When someone opens Google and searches for you or your company name, what comes up? If they search for your type of business or industry, or by a keyword or phrase, does YOUR company come up? Brand visibility is not just being the answer to your name, but being the answer for what you do, and maintaining that first-page spot consistently. How is this accomplished and how do we attract our exact targeted audience so that we’re gaining new clients... Continue reading »…


Coursera: Stay on Track with the Deadlines Calendar Feature!

Stay on Track with the Deadlines Calendar Feature!
2013-04-10 22:04:00

Editor’s Note: Pamela Fox is Coursera’s Lead Student Team Engineer. Here is her post about a useful new Coursera feature called “Deadline Calendar”! I know it’s a matter of much debate, but I personally love that Coursera classes actually impose schedules and deadlines on students. I have a lot of things I want to get done in life, and if I don’t have a deadline for them, I don’t accomplish 99% of them. There’s always something else that needs to be done first, you know? But I hate the feeling of missing a deadline in a class, especially if I’ve been meeting all the deadlines for a few weeks and been feeling good about my steak of good-student-ness. It’s that sudden, sinking feeling of “Awww, man, why didn’t I remember that an hour ago?” that can throw off your motivation for the rest of the class. So we have been working on ways to make it easier for all of us to remember our deadlines, because…


edX: San Jose State University and edX Expand Course to CSU Campuses

San Jose State University and edX Expand Course to CSU Campuses
2013-04-10 21:04:33

By Ping Hsu Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering; San Jose State University In the fall of 2012, edX embarked on an experiment with San Jose State University (SJSU) and Professor Khosrow Ghadiri to test the impact the edX platform could have on traditional on-campus learning.  Using MITx 6.002x Circuits and Electronics to supplement and enhance his EE98 Circuits Analysis course at SJSU, Professor Ghadiri saw pass rates in his class improve from 55% to 91%. Impressive and inspiring, these results drove our desire to expand the edX collaboration with SJSU and the California State University (CSU) system. Our expansion of the blended course offering to a second section will help to refine our approach, engage with students, and improve learning outcomes. I am also particularly excited that SJSU and edX will be offering the new blended course to 11 other CSU campuses, as well as establishing a Center for Excellence In Adaptive and Blended Learning to train interested facu…


Udacity: Brian Bonus: Video Editor to Software Engineer

Brian Bonus: Video Editor to Software Engineer
2013-04-10 17:56:00

Meet Brian Bonus, a Udacity student who is an inspiring example for others who are interested in learning new technical skills and discovering new career paths! Brian Bonus graduated from UCLA Film School and since graduation has worked as a video editor. After 6 years in the business, he knew it was time for a change. Brian sampled our CS101 course and was blown away by the experience. Prior to finding Udacity, Brian had taken a Java class but did not find it interesting. This time around, taking a journey with Dave Evans to build his own search engine was “the gateway drug that lead to my self-directed learning of Java, HTML/CSS, and Javascript.” -- Udacity courses “got me to see how fun and stimulating programming is.” Based on his new found passion and knowledge of programming, Brian created InstaMemory and as a result was invited to participate in his first ever hackathon, sponsored by YouTube and GoogleTV.  In this 3 day hackathon, Brian and his te… What

2013-04-10 13:40:53

Want to let us know how you came upon Saylor? About what keeps you motivated to spread the way of free education? About your tricks of the trade, that help you study and learn? We’d like to feature you and your story! If you need some ideas on where to start, take a look at [...]…


Udacity: HTML5: Last Study Group

HTML5: Last Study Group
2013-04-10 00:09:00

This Monday was our final HTML5 Game Development study group session at Google’s San Francisco office. These eight weeks have taken our experience of the course to a whole new level. We laughed, we cried, we had dinner, we talked about HTML5. We’ll definitely have to do this again. Thank you to all of the amazing students who came out each week, both in person and through the livestream, to make this experience unforgettable! We were particularly touched when some surprise international visitors came to San Francisco to experience the study group in person. Our international guest list roster includes rock star students from Guatemala, South Korea, Vietnam and Finland! Jouni, from Finland, with Sean at Udacity!  Friends from Korea at the study group! Dennis and Edwin, from Guatemala, at Udacity! For those of you who took this class with us during this first release period, make sure to stay in touch with your new study pals! Now that the San Francisco… Course o

Course o
2013-04-09 18:35:11

Struggling to solve your engineering problems? Relax! ME 103 (Thermodynamics) has a solution, and it’s our iTunes U course o’ the week! That solution is energy analysis, in which you use the quintessential element of energy to help you solve your difficult problems — like how to create boilers that produce the most work. In this [...]…


Udemy: Five Tips for Saving Money in 2013

Five Tips for Saving Money in 2013
2013-04-09 17:46:47

Saving money seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, whether cutting back on lunches or turning the shampoo bottle upside down to salvage one more shampoo out of those last few drops. Having this extended “recession” impacting everyone in one way or another, whether worrying about keeping or getting a job, or managing today’s household budget on an income stuck in “yesteryear’s” salary, means a greater awareness of saving money whenever possible. Fortunately there are many tips for saving... Continue reading »… A Case Study in Obstacles to and Strategies for Negotiating the Relicensing of Third-Party Content

2013-04-09 16:31:51

Over the past four years, the Saylor Foundation has developed over 300* college level courses, made up of nearly 28,000 educational objects (essays, textbooks, videos, assessments, etc.).  Initially, our goal was to use the wide breadth of resources available online to build these courses.  We encouraged the use of openly licensed and public domain materials, [...]…


: CCBM by IIT-D is Awarded for Being Tech-Savvy

CCBM by IIT-D is Awarded for Being Tech-Savvy
2013-04-09 15:38:44

The ASSOCHAM (Associate Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) awarded IIT Delhi’s CCBM course conducted on WizIQ as the Best Use of Technology for Vocational Education and Skills Training. This award was given in the National Education Excellence Award 2013 ceremony held in New Delhi on April 9, 2013.… Read the rest…


Coursera: A Pilot Translation Collaboration with Digital October in Russia

A Pilot Translation Collaboration with Digital October in Russia
2013-04-09 15:07:00

Coursera’s mission is “learning without limits by connecting the world to a great education.” One way we are accomplishing this goal is by making select course lectures subtitles available in different languages. Since January 2013, Coursera has received more than 1.1 million unique visitors from Russia, and today, we’re excited to announce a collaboration pilot with Digital October, a center for new technology and entrepreneurship located in the heart of Moscow. We’ll be working with Digital October to bring more courses to Russian-speaking students, starting with University of Pennsylvania’s popular course on Gamification, taught by Kevin Werbach. The Digital October team has already begun translating subtitles for this course.  They will also translate a talk that Kevin Werbach is giving today called the “Shall We Play,” available on KnowledgeStream, an online distance-learning initiative run by Digital October. You can w…


Udemy: How to negotiate a raise or promotion

How to negotiate a raise or promotion
2013-04-09 10:00:44

In late 2010 Google did something pretty stunning. They announced to their 25,000 employees worldwide that effective January 1, 2011, every single one of them — no matter what their job title was, no matter what department they were in, no matter how good or bad their on-the-job performance was — would automatically receive a 10% raise and a $1,000 bonus. Google even paid the taxes on the bonuses so workers would get the full $1,000. Happy New Year. Raise... Continue reading »…


Udemy: Best DJ Software: Traktor, Serato, or Ableton Live?

Best DJ Software: Traktor, Serato, or Ableton Live?
2013-04-09 05:15:30

There are dozens of DJ softwares on the market: Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, Serato Itch, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, Virtual DJ, Algoriddim and more. It can be hard when you’re starting out as a DJ to know which is the best software to use, but once you have been DJing for a while, the choices become easier to make. Here we have laid out the pros and cons to the best DJ software on the market that we at Spin... Continue reading »…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Marc My Words: Practice Makes Mastery by Marc J. Rosenberg

Marc My Words: Practice Makes Mastery by Marc J. Rosenberg
2013-04-09 05:01:00

How do people become high performers? Here are three ideas from one of the keynote speakers at last month’s eLearning Guild Learning Solutions Conference. Plant these ideas into your programs and watch your learners grow!


Learning Solutions Magazine: Build a Dream Team for Your eLearning Project by Steven Loomis

Build a Dream Team for Your eLearning Project by Steven Loomis
2013-04-08 05:01:00

Do you long to have an eLearning Dream Team for your development projects? Because of the mix of skills and experience available to you, this may be a tall order to fill, so what can you do? The ideal and the real are often far apart, but here is an analysis to help you use the staff talent you have.


: A New Ambassador to WizIQ

A New Ambassador to WizIQ
2013-04-07 03:31:39

Guess who has just joined the team of ambassadors at WizIQ? The brainchild behind the Weekly English Workout (WEW) on WizIQ,  Mr. Fluency MC, Jason R. Levine, has  joined as the platform ambassador to WizIQ. The weekly English workouts (see Facebook page) are bringing joy to many families around the world as they practice their English language skills.… Read the rest… We Love Resources: 19 Computing Apps from m.r.androids

We Love Resources: 19 Computing Apps from m.r.androids
2013-04-05 19:59:53

If you want to learn a little about a lot and fast, you could do worse than these nineteen free apps from m.r.androids. It’s like the perfect nexus for us: technology! mobile! online! learning! open! Open? Yep. The content of these lightweight quiz apps is licensed CC BY 3.0. I heard about these from David Rose, [...]…