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Udacity: Q&A with Dale Stephens, Founder of

2013-01-04 19:10:00

A few weeks ago, Dale Stephens, founder of joined us at Udacity for lunch.  We had a great conversation that really reinforced the broad spectrum of options out there for learning and doing. Dale paraphrased it quite well when he said:“There's a bell curve of how people like to learn. At one end is unschooling, at the far end is the traditional system we currently have. And there’s a big opening in the middle where hopefully, one day, people can learn what they want and how they want.”We asked a lot of questions and made Dale do most of the talking (since he had so many interesting things to say)!  As I’ve reflected on the conversation, some key takeaways have crystalized for me that are highly relevant for Udacians: The lines between formal learning, personal interests, and career are blurring. There are tons of options for learning, from Udacity MOOCs to teaching yourself from self-created syllabi and used textbooks. Find what works bes…


: Everywhere at Once

2013-01-04 11:34:54

The Lament Being a multi-tasker is not easy. It is not only your calendar book that’s cluttered, but also your mind. The imagination takes on the form of a wild, untamed horse, whose reins just slipped through the hands of practicality and rationality.… Read the rest…


Udacity: Brief Look at the Interactive Rendering Course

Brief Look at the Interactive Rendering Course
2013-01-03 18:16:00

If you missed our announcement last week our Interactive Rendering course with Eric Haines will be available on March 11, 2013.  Here’s a quick taste of the technology and a program in the course.  This post originally posted on the Real-Time Rendering blog about the Interactive Rendering class. New Year’s TeapotI’ve been beavering away on my part of the Interactive Rendering course for Udacity and Autodesk. It’s a free MOOC – massive open online course – and I’ll talk more about what I learned from doing it when the course nears completion. For now, the main takeaway I have is “WebGL plus three.js is a pretty good combination for teaching graphics on the web.” The fact that WebGL is built into most browsers (sad slow head-shake to Microsoft Internet Explorer at this point) means you can point a student to an URL and they can immediately see and play with an interactive demo. Three.js is a scene graph library which si…


Learning Solutions Magazine: EMEA Reporter: Students Driving Change in Israel by Nic Laycock

EMEA Reporter: Students Driving Change in Israel by Nic Laycock
2013-01-03 06:01:00

Technology has disrupted many traditional relationships between providers and consumers, but much of what goes on in education has remained relatively unaffected. There have been few “top- down” initiatives to change this. But in Israel, a new approach driven by the student body is innovating collaborative methods of study enabled by the social media. Read about it here.


Learning Solutions Magazine: Nuts and Bolts: Happy New Year 2013 by Jane Bozarth

Nuts and Bolts: Happy New Year 2013 by Jane Bozarth
2013-01-02 06:01:00

Many of us start a new year with resolve to do better things and to do things better. Jane kicks off 2013 for Learning Solutions Magazine with three excellent resolutions and some concrete suggestions about how to make good on them.



2013-01-01 23:14:26

Online Research Computers and the Internet are enabling a change in the way we communicate, access and interact with information, and conduct research. Web technologies are facilitating the process of research by enabling researchers to reach a larger audience in a more economical way.… Read the rest…


: Online Interviews for Qualitative Research

2013-01-01 23:14:26

Online Research Computers and the Internet are enabling a change in the ways we communicate, access and interact with information, and conduct research. Web technologies are facilitating the process of research by enabling researchers to reach a larger and more geographically diverse sample in a more economical way.… Read the rest…


Coursera: Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
2013-01-01 22:16:08

Happy 2013 from all of us at Coursera! To help you set and proudly share your 2013 learning goals, we’ve created this nifty list maker. Browse our 2013 courses, select the ones that you want to take, and then share your list with friends and family. Perhaps you want to become more knowledgeable with your personal finances and investments, or maybe you want to improve your math skills, become a better musician, or become a data scientist, or maybe you want to learn more about food and nutrition. Here’s to 2013, may it be filled with love and learning! To create your own list, start here.


: Conferences with WizIQ

2012-12-31 11:24:51

You can organize a conference Do you want to have a conference, without having to organize hotel rooms, meals and airport pick-ups? With WizIQ, you can. Perhaps you are planning a convention and want to bring the information to as many people as possible, even if they can’t actually make it to the physical place.… Read the rest…


: New Year Resolutions for 2013

2012-12-30 18:14:45

New Year Resolutions It’s been a year since I last shared my new year resolutions for 2012 on WizIQ. I have been writing new year resolutions since I was in a kid. I find the process very empowering and fun. According to Wikipedia, the process of making promises and hoping to keep them in the year year has been going on since the Babylonian times.… Read the rest…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Candace Thille at UCLA for

Candace Thille at UCLA for
2012-12-29 02:28:20

OLI Director Candace Thille will be participating in a major event at UCLA in California on Tuesday, January 8. The event is titled “Rebooting Higher Education: Leveraging Innovations in Online Education to Improve Cost Effectiveness and Increase Quality,” and will ……


: English Weekly Workouts Fluency MC

2012-12-28 20:07:15

English Weekly Workouts with Fluency MC I am passionate about teaching English as a second (ESL) and foreign language (EFL) because I learn so much. Being an English teacher provides me with opportunities to learn about people and help them communicate in English.… Read the rest…


Coursera: Getting the most out of your Coursera experience

2012-12-28 18:08:37

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of guest posts from Laura Cushing, one of our amazing Coursera students. Laura is freelance writer and avid course taker (7 courses so far!). Welcome to the wonderful world of free education! When I started my first course at Coursera, I was so excited. I had no idea what it would be like! Would I be able to keep up? Would I be able to interact with my professor and my fellow students? I was a bundle of nerves waiting for the course to begin. And when that course opened - there was so much to do. So many things to discover, and keep straight. Now that I’m on my seventh or so class, I still feel that excitement of beginning a new learning experience - but a lot less anxiety. Now I know where everything is located, and how to use the Coursera system effectively. Here are some tips and tricks for how to get started on your education adventure! Choosing Classes There are so many classes to choose from! When I first saw the li…


Udacity: 2013 New Years Learning Resolutions

2012-12-28 16:45:00

The New Year is around the corner! And here at Udacity, we’ve been talking resolutions and learning goals for 2013.  As we challenged each other, we thought it would be fun to share some of our (wide ranging) learning goals with our fellow Udacians.  Everything from becoming better cooks, learning to be more artistic, pick up new sports, new instruments, new programming languages, new foreign languages, and becoming better teachers has come up.  Some excerpts from inside our company: “How to become a master baker” “Something artsy…like drawing or painting” “Memorize and apply the major system:” “Even more cool dance moves” “I want to finally learn how to whistle (motivated by my son who thinks this is the coolest skill ever)” “I want to complete CS101!” “How to find true, inner peace.” “One new programming language (Sca…


Udacity: December Updates

December Updates
2012-12-26 18:36:00

Happy holidays, Udacians!  For those who may have missed our December newsletter, we had a few quick announcements. We know many of you have been anticipating the start dates for some of our newest courses.  Well, mark your calendars! Intro to Parallel Programming - Feb 4, 2013  HTML5 Game Development - Feb 4, 2013 Interactive Rendering - Mar 11, 2013 We had a great 2012 and are looking forward to the challenges that 2013 has to bring. We want to thank all of our students for taking courses, participating in the Udacity community and sharing stories. You’ve truly made it an exciting year for us. With January around the corner, it’s time for New Years resolutions. We want to encourage you to make Udacity and lifelong learning part of your 2013 resolutions. Enroll in a course and share your goals with us at #UdacityGoals. We’ve put together some tips to help you stay motivated.  In 2013 we look forward to hearing more from our stude…


Learning Solutions Magazine: Research for Practitioners: How to Improve Knowledge Retention by Julie Dirksen

Research for Practitioners: How to Improve Knowledge Retention by Julie Dirksen
2012-12-26 06:01:00

In academic approaches to teaching and learning that focus on knowledge rather than skill, the activities often involve traditional studying that involves repetition of the content. There are other methods that may also support learning. Do you know which one works best? One study attempted to find an answer to that question.


Learning Solutions Magazine: Toolkit: The Tumultuous Year in Review by Joe Ganci

Toolkit: The Tumultuous Year in Review by Joe Ganci
2012-12-26 06:01:00

What happened this year? Historians will see 2012 as the tipping point for eLearning tools. Joe reviews the past 366 days (goodbye, leap year) and the highlights in the world of design and development software.


: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
2012-12-24 15:26:03

Seasons Greetings! May your holiday season be joyful and may your new year be prosperous! 2012 has been an eventful year at WizIQ, with more than 2 million people using our platform for online education, instruction and communication . Reaching this milestone would not have been possible without the support, feedback, and encouragement of our amazing teachers.… Read the rest…


: Finding Content that Works Well in the Digital Classroom

2012-12-21 02:42:21

How many nights do you spend thinking that the perfect article or video is just a click away? I find a sort of pathological- and perhaps pathetic- joy in the search for the perfect material. There is often some notion that I want to convey to my students.… Read the rest…


Udemy: 7 Steps to Launching Your Next Course on Twitter

7 Steps to Launching Your Next Course on Twitter
2012-12-19 21:38:10

Here’s a question: How can you use Twitter to launch your next course? Before we dive into the how to use Twitter for your next course launch, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about a couple things: Email is still, by far, the most effective marketing channel. If you are promoting your courses through your email list (assuming you have a list and are managing it the right way), you will see higher conversion rates than via Twitter.... Continue reading »…