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: Teaching languages online. How to promote your service

Teaching languages online. How to promote your service
2012-07-05 14:05:53

There are many ways to promote your teaching business online. Just google something like “How to promote online service” and you will find many articles  on this subject. One of most effective ways to promote online is using social networks. … Continue reading →…


: Personal trainer business marketing opportunity with CertificatesWall

2012-07-04 07:18:30

Are you a personal trainer? You know how important marketing is in this business. One of the best advertising practices is when your clients recommend you to their friends. Imagine, you trained one person. The person talks about new skills … Continue reading →…


Coursera: Pamela Fox is a Courserian!

Pamela Fox is a Courserian!
2012-07-04 00:28:46

Editor’s note: Pamela Fox is a newly hired Frontend Engineer. Before joining us, she went to USC for her Computer Science degree and spent 5 years in Google Developer Relations. To help you get to know her, we asked a few questions… What was the weirdest, most fun, or most inspiring course you ever took? When I was in high school, I spent many of my summers at CTY, a summer camp for teens like me that liked learning so much that we wanted to continue learning during the summer - plus doing other ridiculous activities like “Face scotch-taping” and “Funny walks”. My favorite summer was when I took the “Ethics” class. We learned a lot by reading, but I loved that we also learned by engaging in heated debates, watching Monty Python skits (“Argument vs. Contradiction”), and by putting on a mini-musical (“Utilitarrrrrrianism, it beats barbariannnnism, when you’re in a moral schism, you can use utilitarianismmmmmm!


: Udacity certificate on your Certificates Wall

Udacity certificate on your Certificates Wall
2012-07-02 12:45:53

We have added support of Udacity certificates. If you completed grate Udacity courses then you have good opportunity to share your certificate with many people. Use CertificatesWall to include Udacity certificate in your resume. Example of the certificate on the … Continue reading →…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Online Learning and Liberal Arts Colleges

2012-06-30 13:52:03

OLI is featured in the new article “Online Learning and Liberal Arts Colleges” at Inside Higher Ed. Many of the OLI’s current projects involve working to successfully usher more students through community college in less time. But the successful deployment ……


Coursera: An exciting time to be taking Penn's 'Health Policy' with Zeke

An exciting time to be taking Penn's 'Health Policy' with Zeke
2012-06-29 18:11:00

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel,  an oncologist and former White House adviser, and vice provost and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Emanuel is currently teaching “Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act.”  The class just started, so it’s not too late to sign-up if you haven’t already!  WOW!  What an exciting and unexpected ruling from the Supreme Court. No one predicted this decision. No one predicted Chief Justice Roberts would be the fifth vote upholding the Affordable Care Act and that it would be upheld on taxing grounds.    Everyone thought that if it were upheld it would be a 6 to 3 vote with Justice Kennedy voting with the more liberal justices.  But Justice Kennedy was squarely with the most conservative justices voting to throw out the entire law. What is the bottom line of the ruling?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is…


Udacity: Udacity's Career Team is here to help you

Udacity's Career Team is here to help you
2012-06-28 21:55:00

Udacity student, Sam Romano, recently thanked Udacity for helping him land his dream job as a software engineer at Google. Everyday students are motivated to take Udacity classes because they are fun! Not to mention that participating and brainstorming with other students helps you develop skills and can even make you a more marketable job candidate. Part of Udacity’s mission is to help our students find career opportunities that allow them to utilize their skills and pursue their passions. Already, Udacity has hired three of our students -- Gundega Dekena, Adam Sherwin and Sean Bennet -- as assistant instructors! Since Udacity cannot hire all of our amazing students, we are building relationships with other companies who are interested in hiring Udacity students. So who are the employers Udacity is working with? While we have been primarily working with companies in the United States, we are pleased to announce that we have extened our employer partnerships to incl…


: CertificatesWall. Roadmap

2012-06-28 12:37:38

We want to introduce the roadmap of the CertificatesWall project. In next couple of months we will work on new functionality to make the service more powerful and useful to our users – certified professionals and certificates issuers. 1. Multiple … Continue reading →…


Coursera: Meet your classmates...and us!

2012-06-28 00:09:00

Learning is inherently social.  More than that, building friendships has always been one of the best parts of school.  Already, we’ve seen tremendous activity in our forum, to the point where question response time averages as low as 22 minutes!  Students from around the world have also started meeting up with classmates to discuss material, form study groups, build friendships, and just hang out.  We’d like to help this process!  To join an existing group or create a new one, go to and type your location (if not automatically identified) in the box in the upper-righthand corner.  Coursera Meetups are a great way to meet your fellow “Courserians,” swap stories, share ideas, form study groups, and have a great time.  Find a meetup near you, or start a new one! These events are for you, by you, so meet wherever you like. You choose the topic, the time and the venue. Meetups could be course specific or be f…


Coursera: "Amazing talent can be anywhere. Maybe the next Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs is living in a remote..."

2012-06-27 18:39:49

““Amazing talent can be anywhere. Maybe the next Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs is living in a remote village in Africa.”” - Yesterday Daphne presented at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh. She pushed the audience to consider what would happen if we could offer the best education to anyone around the world and was met with a massive standing ovation. Here’s a terrific write-up from the TED blog:…


: CertificatesWall API 2. Easy issue certificates to students or listeners

2012-06-26 05:46:04

New version of CertificatesWall API is available. CertificatesWall API 2.0 . New version is extended and more easy to use. There is PHP example of the library to use the API easy. Use the API to integrate CertificatesWall with your LMS … Continue reading →…


Coursera: "All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in World of Warcraft."

2012-06-21 02:04:00

Chris Heather: Hi!, I work on the Coursera Development team and am excited to introduce one of my favorite professors, Kevin Werbach from UPenn, my university. We hope you can join us for his highly anticipated Gamification course coming this summer! CH: Tell us a little about yourself: Kevin Werbach: I’m an associate professor of Legal Studies at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  My research focuses on the legal, policy, and business implications of the Internet.  I think of myself as connector — I spend my time working between fields such as law and business, and pulling together networks of people and organizations to develop insights.  I’ve also worked in government as Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission, and later on the Obama Administration’s Presidential Transition Team.  Basically, I explore the constantly-evolving ways that technology is transforming our world.   &nbs…


Coursera: Three New Penn Courses Starting Next Monday, June 25th! Debate...

2012-06-18 21:39:00

Three New Penn Courses Starting Next Monday, June 25th! Debate the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act while the Supreme Court determines its constitutionality. Learn about vaccines, their benefits, risks and the controversies surrounding them. Or, dive into the world of pharmacology and learn how drugs affect the body. These three awesome University of Pennsylvania courses start next Monday, June 25, but you can sign-up now. If you like learning in groups, grab a friend or family member (or two!) to take the course with you. Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act Prof. Ezekiel Emanuel, University of Pennsylvania This course will explore the many problems of the American health care system and discuss the specific ways that the Affordable Care Act will impact access, quality, costs, as well as medical innovation. Sign-up: Vaccines Prof. Paul Offit, University of Pennsylvania This course will discuss issues regarding vaccines a…


: Show your certificates and badges on Moodle profile.

Show your certificates and badges on Moodle profile.
2012-06-15 04:24:01 has released the Moodle plugin CertificatesWall Profile. This plugin is used to display user’s achievements in a user’s profile on a Moodle site. The plugins pulls user’s data from and displays “Certificates Wall” for the user in his … Continue reading →…


: Show your Moodle Course Creator Certificate on the wall

Show your Moodle Course Creator Certificate on the wall
2012-06-13 04:59:51 extends list of supported certificates issuers. Today we added support of Moodle certification. Now it is possible to add Moodle Course Creator Certificate on the wall. If you are certified in Moodle then you can demonstrate this achievement on your … Continue reading →…


Coursera: Welcome to the Coursera blog!

Welcome to the Coursera blog!
2012-06-12 00:36:00

Hello! My name is Jiquan Ngiam, and I head up our engineering team at Coursera. In the Fall of 2011, I started working on the online machine learning class, one of the first massively open online courses. It was an incredible experience to see tens of thousands of students complete the class together, helping each other out through the challenging assessments. Since then, everything has moved so quickly.  We’re now offering even more awesome courses, ranging from Poetry to Vaccines, and we’re at over one million enrollments! I’m continually blown away by our students’ passion to learn, drive to make it through difficult problem sets, and willingness to help their peers in the forums and study groups. We all are building an amazing community of lifelong learners that bridges age, nationality, and language. What’s this blog all about?On this blog, we’ll be sharing exciting news and updates about Coursera, our partner universities,…


: Conference Certificates of Participation. Easy create for many participants.

Conference Certificates of Participation. Easy create for many participants.
2012-06-08 12:49:38 has nice tools for organizers of a conference. It is very easy to create and issue a certificate of participation to many participants. Register an issuer account Design the certificate template Add participants to the list of students Issue … Continue reading →…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: The Herb Simon Connection

The Herb Simon Connection
2012-06-06 17:31:24

If you’ve attended a presentation or seen a talk given by an OLI team member, you have no doubt seen this quote: “Improvement in post secondary education will require converting teaching from a solo sport to a community based research ……


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Summer 2012 Webinars on Using OLI

2012-06-06 17:04:43

Over the next few months we’ll offer two different webinars to help you make the most of OLI in your class, and each will be offered several times.  We hope you can join us for one or both of them; ……


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Welcome to our newly redesigned website!

2012-05-14 13:58:48

Open for business We at OLI would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website.  We have taken great care to update and improve all of the information on this site and will continue to work aggressively on updating ……