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Khan Academy: The Heart

The Heart
2012-10-25 18:43:00

Our Medical Fellow, Dr. Rishi Desai, has created three new video series on how the heart operates. Meet the heart! More new videos about The Heart: Flow through the Heart Lub Dub Layers of the Heart Arteries vs. Veins - What’s the difference? What is blood pressure? Learn how a stethoscope can help determine blood pressure Circulatory System and the Heart Also, learn about how nerves regulate your heart’s activity: Getting a New Heart More new videos about Nerve Regulation of the Heart: Changing the AV Node Delay - Chronotropic Effect Changing the Heart Rate - Chronotropic Effect Increasing Ventricular Contractility - Inotropic Effect Autonomic Nervous System Effects on the Heart And learn about heart muscles and what happens when they contract: Three Types of Muscle More new videos about Heart Muscle Contraction: Heart Cells Up Close! Myosin and Actin Tropomyosin and troponin and their role in regulating muscle contraction Calcium Puts Myosin to Work…


Udacity: Harvard Business Review: It's Time to Rethink US Education System

Harvard Business Review: It's Time to Rethink US Education System
2012-10-24 22:02:00

HBR and Tammy Erikson blogs about the US education system and how the next generation of students coming through the education system are demanding changes in how education and learning is delivered.  It articulates many of points we intuitively know about learning and how it's evolving.  Good food for thought on what a modern education system could look and feel like.  What do you think?HBR: It's Time to Rethink US Education System…


Khan Academy: Khan Academy in Idaho

Khan Academy in Idaho
2012-10-24 19:23:38

In early October, the School Implementations team headed to Boise, Idaho to deliver a workshop to 250 teachers.  The 2-day teacher workshop was generously sponsored by the J.A & Kathryn Albertson Foundation.  See what the teachers had to say during the second day of the workshop:The workshop carried an enthusiastic energy throughout both days as teachers discussed their visions of student-centered, self-paced classrooms, learned how to navigate the various data reports and features of our site, and created tactical plans tailored for their own classrooms.  Many teachers started using Khan Academy with their students the very next school day, and we saw the number of site visits more than double in the state of Idaho after the workshop!We were honored to work with such a fantastic group of teachers and a foundation that offered every support imaginable.  Soon we’ll be visiting Boston with the Lynch Foundation and Miami with the Morgridge Family Foundation.


Khan Academy: Discussion posts get fancy!

Discussion posts get fancy!
2012-10-24 16:28:00

Intern Drew Bent has added the ability to format discussion posts with bold, italics, and monospaced text (for software code snippets). You can apply these snazzy formatting features to your questions, answers, feedback, and even comments.


Udemy: The Udemy Learning Feed is here!

The Udemy Learning Feed is here!
2012-10-23 15:20:10

We’re very excited to unveil the Udemy Learning Feed! Quite a few of you have been asking us to add features that build the Udemy community and admittedly we know we could do more for you. So we created the learning feed — a place for you to communicate with each other and spread the power of learning. We hope the learning feed becomes your go-to learning destination. Just like the activity feed on Facebook, all your activity and the... Continue reading »…


Coursera: Changes to the ToS for Minnesota students

2012-10-23 02:00:00

There’s been a lot of news over the past few days regarding an addition we made to our Terms of Service (ToS) for Minnesota citizens in August. Last week, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on the modification to our ToS. It was picked up by Slate, and from there it quickly went viral. Over the past few days, we’ve been working closely with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, and have now removed the message from our ToS. In light of the recent events, we’d like to share some background and insight about what happened: In July, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education brought our attention to Minnesota Statutes 136A.61 to 136A.71, which state that a university cannot offer online courses to Minnesota residents unless the university has received authorization from the State of Minnesota to do so. Some states, like Minnesota, have laws to regulate higher education dissemination, mainly in the interest of protecting their citizens from sub-par e…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Candace Thille at Asia Faculty Summit 2012

2012-10-22 17:46:46

OLI Director Candace Thille will be attending Asia Faculty Summit 2012, organized by Microsoft Research Asia in partnership with Nankai University and Tianjin University, in Tianjin, China, October 26-27, 2012. Ms. Thille will participate in a panel discussion, The Edu-Tech ……


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: OLI at Open Education 2012

2012-10-22 17:42:05

Bill Jerome and Norman Bier presented at this year’s Open Education conference in Vancouver, BC on October 17. The presentation, Learning Data Visualization, covers some history of data collection at OLI, current tools that use this data to support instructors ……


Udemy: Does Twitter really work for course promotion?

Does Twitter really work for course promotion?
2012-10-19 14:59:17

Let’s get real for a second—Twitter is a tricky tool when it comes to driving more students to enroll into your courses. The reality is you’re competing with thousands of other people and their messages. The chances of potential students seeing your updates in their ever flowing stream of tweets is small. There are two ways to address this: Make every interaction someone has with your Twitter profile count Schedule tweets to go out more frequently. Make every interaction someone... Continue reading »…


Udacity: Four New Classes!

Four New Classes!
2012-10-18 16:23:00

Technologies change quickly. While savvy companies are quick to adapt to these changes, universities are sometimes slower to react. This discrepancy can lead to a growing gap between the skills graduates have and the skills employers need.  So how do you figure out exactly what skills employers are looking for? Our thinking: work with industry leaders to teach those skills!And that’s what we’re doing. We are working with leading academic researchers and collaborating with Google, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Autodesk, Cadence, and Wolfram to teach knowledge and skills that students will be able to put to use immediately, either in personal projects or as an employee at one of the many companies where these skills are sought after.The classes that are opening for enrollment include: HTML5 Game Development with Colt McAnlis and Peter Lubbers Introduction to Parallel Programming with John Owens and David Luebke Interactive Rendering with Eric Haines Functional Hardware Verificatio…


Udacity: Udacity's How to Build a Startup: Lean LaunchPad course going Spanish!

Udacity's How to Build a Startup: Lean LaunchPad course going Spanish!
2012-10-17 19:50:00

Thanks very much to our students and their grassroots effort to translate our courses into different languages.  We're looking into providing tools to better support your efforts on this front: stay tuned. In the interim, we're also excited to have gotten formal support from Colombia's Ministry of IT and Innovation. They will be translating Steve Blank's entire Lean LaunchPad course into Spanish, so look for a version with Spanish audio coming soon!


Udemy: How to: Convert new students with Course Announcements (scripts included!)

How to: Convert new students with Course Announcements (scripts included!)
2012-10-16 22:05:37

When you have a course on Udemy, you have the capability to send all enrolled students emails related to your course. We affectionately call these Course Announcements. Did you know Course Announcements have an open rate of 20%? That’s right—1 in 5 people who receive a Course Announcement from you, open it. That’s pretty good! Yet, only a small percentage of instructors ever send out a Course Announcement. Here are two things you can do today to drive course sales with... Continue reading »…


Udemy: Design Your Course for Completion

Design Your Course for Completion
2012-10-16 19:00:56

There are two basic ways to construct your online course. One option is to create all of the fundamentals of a topic, and present the material in an organized and logical way. This provides a strong fundamental understanding of the material, as well as a long-term reference guide for that material. The second approach is to create a task-based course. This sets up a common goal for all subscribers, and each part of the course builds on that premise until... Continue reading »…


Udemy: Creating a Case Study Course

2012-10-16 19:00:17

Resources for Creating a Case Study Course on Udemy This is a list of resources that I used to create my logo design course on Udemy that I talk about in the video. It also includes some alternatives that you can try out. Mind Mapping Software Mindmeister (Online and Mobile Devices):  Mindmeister is the software I use to do my mindmapping. It is a paid service, but if you look at the pricing page at the bottom there is a... Continue reading »…


Coursera: The birth of a MOOC: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

The birth of a MOOC: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
2012-10-16 17:22:00

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Professors Scott Rixner and Joe Warren from Rice University. Their class, “An Introduction to Interactive Programing in Python”, started yesterday, October 15th. Yesterday, October 15th, Rice University launched its first open course on Coursera, “An Introduction to Interactive Programing in Python”. We are still wondering exactly what we got ourselves into… But, let’s start at the beginning. Together, we have been teaching at Rice for almost 4 decades, and we are both interested and involved in introductory computer science education. This past June, Rice University decided to join Coursera. We immediately saw the opportunity to both improve our teaching and reach more students at the same time! Neither one of us was smart enough to pass up this opportunity. So, here we are on perhaps what has become the ride of our lives (in terms of teaching). Joe has been teaching an introductory game cours…


Udemy: Changing the Way We Create and Manage Courses

Changing the Way We Create and Manage Courses
2012-10-16 16:18:35

Over the past year, we’ve seen truly tremendous growth in our catalog of online courses & our community of expert instructors. Over 4,500 courses have now been published on Udemy (up from 2,000 one year ago) by an amazing range of experts, in topics like: business, programming, entrepreneurship, photography, self-help, design, yoga, and more. With so many new courses being published every month, we knew that we needed to invest even more energy in supporting our instructors and helping them... Continue reading »…


Udemy: How to: Promote your Udemy course on Facebook with just $7

How to: Promote your Udemy course on Facebook with just $7
2012-10-14 19:03:20

Have $7? That’s all you need to promote your next Udemy course on Facebook. Facebook recently released the ability for anyone with less than 5,000 friends and subscribers to promote their Facebook status updates on their personal profile pages. That means whenever you update your status on your personal profile page, you now have the option to pay $7 to have your update appear towards the top of your friends’ newsfeeds. Once you post your Facebook status update, you will... Continue reading »…


Udacity: Malala Yousafzai, Our Thoughts are with You!

Malala Yousafzai, Our Thoughts are with You!
2012-10-12 21:30:00

Malala Yousafzai lives in Pakistan.  In 2009, the Taliban regime in her region banned girls from attending school. As an eleven year old, she wrote a blog (under a pseudonym for fear of being attacked) about her life and her thoughts on education. On Tuesday, a gunman shot Malala in the head. She is currently in the hospital in critical condition.Malala’s commitment to educational equality runs so deep that she was willing to risk her life to expose the injustices she lived with. If you’d like to help Malala’s cause, please consider donating to Global Giving’s project to educate 1000 Pakistani girls.Our thoughts are with Malala and all of our Pakistani students. Thanks to Khadijah for posting about this in the physics forum. You are a true hero, Malala. We hope you get well soon.


Coursera: Gamification Wednesdays: pizza, laptops, and learning

Gamification Wednesdays: pizza, laptops, and learning
2012-10-12 18:28:00

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Naysawn Naderi, founder of Art Sumo and a student in Kevin Werbach’s recently finished Gamification course. He also blogs once a week on entrepreneurship on his personal blog. Naysawn took Gamification with five friends in Seattle, Washington. He stopped by the Coursera office recently, and we asked him to share with you why he decided to create a study group and what he learned from the study group experience. I’ve always been a big believer in the need for continuous education, having been self-taught in programming, foreign languages, and UX design. While I certainly have the motivation to learn new things, I find it particularly challenging to maintain the discipline and dedication in an online course. To combat this trend, I invited a few friends over to watch the Gamification lectures on a weekly basis with me. I thought it would make the lectures more fun, as well as give us a heightened social commitment to finish the c…


Khan Academy: How your heart beats

How your heart beats
2012-10-11 21:26:24

Medical Fellow Rishi Desai explains “heart depolariztion,” the flow of positive charge through the heart that happens every time your heart beats! Membrane Potentials - Part 1 Membrane Potentials - Part 2 Permeability and Membrane Potentials Action Potentials in Pacemaker Cells Action Potentials in Cardiac Myocytes Electrical System of the Heart Depolarization Waves Flowing through the Heart…