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Udacity: Udacity August Newsletter: All the latest updates straight to your inbox!

Udacity August Newsletter: All the latest updates straight to your inbox!
2012-08-23 22:02:00

Want to get updates on the latest Udacity news? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and receive the latest announcements from Udacity. This month's newsletter updates include: Four new courses are open for enrollment.  Yes, one more added since our last announcement!  We are excited to add Steve Blank's EP245: Entrepreneurship, the Lean LaunchPad -- How to Build a Startup course.  Based on Steve's famous Customer Development process, you will learn the key steps to build a successful startup (or at least reduce the risk of failure) by "getting out of the building" to iterate and build a viable product. And remember, all of our courses are always open for enrollment at any time so that you can take them at your own pace. Check out our course catalog for one that matches your interests. Udacity's first in-person proctored example through Pearson VUE will go live on August 24, 2012. For more information, check in with us tomorrow! With 11 more placements and more than…


Udacity: One more week left of the Secondary School Challenge; 10,000 units already completed

One more week left of the Secondary School Challenge; 10,000 units already completed
2012-08-20 20:33:00

There's just one more week left for students completing the Secondary School Challenge! It's been incredibly competitive with over 2,500 students participating on more than 400 teams around the world. As of last week, 10,000 Udacity class units had been completed and progress continues to mount in these final days of the challenge. The highest scoring team so far, Team Renaissance, has completed over 800 units since the start of the challenge on June 25.Kenny Song, one of the team leaders for Team Renaissance, has recruited about 147 students to join the team. Song has been ambitious this summer -- he has already completed four Udacity courses with highest distinction, and is currently working on two more."Udacity classes are a way to learn things I wouldn't be learning in school. Also, I have a summer internship that involved a lot of data analysis, statistics, and programming. I was actually using what I learned from Sebastian in Intro to Statistics in my work! I can't tell you how a…


Udacity: 3 ways to make your Global Meetup Day event amazing!

3 ways to make your Global Meetup Day event amazing!
2012-08-15 17:32:00

Kevin English is the Executive Director of Da Vinci's Lab, a non-profit start-up that provides unique education opportunities in math and science for high school students through public-private partnerships. Kevin is currently facilitating a seven-week Physics 100 Meetup called PubLearn. He is also organizing a New Frontiers in Online Learning symposium, to be held in early August for educators and key community leaders. He can be reached at KevinBEnglish at gmail dot com.September 15 is Udacity's first Global Meetup Day! Before your event there are three key things to do to make sure your Meetup is an amazing success.Step 1: PurposeFirst and most importantly, determine the purpose of your meetup. This may seem obvious (an maybe a little boring), but once you have  clear statement of what you are trying to accomplish, the probability that you accomplish it will be much, much higher.There are two types of meetups: A one-time gathering of Udacians A recurring gat…


Udacity: 3 new classes open for enrollment

3 new classes open for enrollment
2012-08-14 21:30:00

The tweets are true! Udacity is announcing three new classes, check them out below and enroll today!Classes starting September 3, 2012 Making Math Matter: Differential Equations in Action (CS222)In this course you will examine real world problems -- rescue the Apollo 13 astronauts, stop the spread of epidemics, and fight forest fires -- involving differential equations and figure out how to solve them using numerical methods. Enroll Now! Software Debugging: Automating the Boring Tasks (CS259)In this class you will learn how to debug programs systematically, how to automate the debugging process, and build several automated debugging tools in Python. Enroll Now!Class starting October 1, 2012 Intro to Theoretical Computer Science: Dealing with Challenging Problems (CS313)This class teaches you basic concepts of theoretical computer science -- such as NP-completeness -- and what they imply for solving tough algorithmic problems. Enroll Now!Note that all of our classes are open enroll…


Udacity: Download your organizer packet for Udacity's Global Meetup Day

Download your organizer packet for Udacity's Global Meetup Day
2012-08-11 23:25:00

Already, over 270 communities have been created on Udacity Meetup Everywhere! The largest Udacity community, Koyampattur, India, has held two study groups already, and their goal is to get 200 Udacians for Udacity's first Global Meetup Day!Live Broadcast on USTREAMOn September 15, Udacity students and friends around the world will meetup to celebrate in the spirit of "back to school" for Udacity's first Global Meetup Day. Since such a high volume of meetup communities have formed, we have decided to switch our dial-in platform from Skype to a brodcast format using USTREAM. Everyone can tune in to our broadcast LIVE at 1pm PST via USTREAM, as well as submit questions and comments via chat and Twitter. More details about our broadcast channel to come!Udacity will be the official organizers for Meetup sites in Palo Alto, CA, where the lovely folks at TrialPay have generously invited us to use their space, as well as in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY. There may be a few more locat…


Coursera: Coursera hits 1 million students across 196 countries

2012-08-09 17:51:00

It’s been nearly four months since we officially launched with our founding cohort of four universities, and only a few weeks since we announced the addition of 12 new universities, bringing our total up to 16 participating schools. Since we started Coursera in January, we’ve seen tremendous growth—from student enrollments to the range of courses we are able to offer these students (now at 116, across the range of disciplines). We feel incredibly humbled by all of the support we’ve gotten. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve hit 1 million enrolled students on Coursera across 196 countries. In light of this milestone, we thought we’d share some interesting statistics about our students: Here’s our students broken down by country: Our social media demographics also show some interesting trends: On Facebook, 42% of our fans are female, 57% are male. After the U.S., our most socially engaged students are coming from Brazil, Ind…


Udacity: Finished your final? Get an official Udacity certificate

Finished your final? Get an official Udacity certificate
2012-08-08 16:45:00

 So you've just finished your Udacity course final! Congratulations! Now, how do you tell the world?Follow these three easy steps:1. In the top right Welcome, (Student Name) menu, access the My Transcript page. 2. Click the Complete Course button next to the course. 3. Your certificate will be ready for download in a couple of minutes! NOTE: You can always return and continue taking a course if you feel like you need more time for mastery. Here at Udacity, we want you to succeed. Even after you have completed a course, all of your work from the class is saved. Therefore, you can improve the level of achievement on your certificate by re-enrolling and resubmitting your final. Course forums and all learning materials will be fully accessible to you even if you have already completed the course.  Also, even if you've finished a course, you can always go back and review the material without enrolling.


Udacity: Tips for organizing your Udacity study group

Tips for organizing your Udacity study group
2012-08-06 18:12:00

Organizing a Udacity Study Group using Meetup Everywhere Last week Udacity launched our Meetup Everywhere page! If you set up a Meetup group on our Meetup Everywhere page, ( you probably noticed that the Udacity Global Meetup Day was set up automatically as your group's first scheduled meetup.  You should also know that in addition to worldwide meetup events, you can also set up additional meetup groups through Meetup Everywhere anytime for your local community. To do so, simply click on your community and click the "+ SCHEDULE A NEW MEETUP" text (image below). In between global events, organize study groups or social meetups and keep in touch with your Udacity community! Looking for tips on starting a local study group meetup? This week Kimberly Spillman writes about best practices for organizing and executing a great study group using!  How to Plan a Stellar Study Group Kimberly Spillman is a Meetup study group l…


Udacity: High school offers credit for Udacity classes; Challenge expands winning teams

High school offers credit for Udacity classes; Challenge expands winning teams
2012-08-03 16:58:00

Udacity's Secondary School Challenge has been receiving a lot of great positive feedback from students taking courses this summer. In fact, 99% of students who responded to a recent survey said that they would like to continue taking Udacity classes, even during future summer vacations!Fueled by student momentum, the STEMx network of high schools and Ohio's eSTEM Academy in Reynoldsburg have announced that they will be enrolling 41 students in Udacity's Intro to Statistics class and 49 students in Udacity's Intro to Physics class for fall semester credit. This will allow eSTEM to tap into off-site teaching talent and help drive high school students to excel in college-level courses.With just one month left before the winners of Udacity's Secondary School Challenge are determined, we are excited to announce that we have expanded the number of winning teams from five to seven! Also, stay tuned because in the next two weeks we will announce the rankings for units completed per team,…


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: CC-OLI Information Sessions

2012-08-02 17:28:06

We are holding two different types of information sessions for the Community College Open Learning Initiative (CC-OLI) research project. You are welcome to attend any and all sessions, regardless of the roles described below.… The CC-OLI Overview session is intended…


Udacity: Study together with Udacity Meetup Everywhere

Study together with Udacity Meetup Everywhere
2012-08-01 20:31:00

Organized by Udacity students, Udacity Meetups are the best way to find other local students motivated by curiosity and a love of learning. Get together to study, hang out, ask questions, share ideas or even build the next "big thing!"Start organizing and studying together TODAY! Here are three simple steps for finding or organizing a Meetup in your area:1. Find or organize a Meetup. Check out our Meetup page, where you can view a list of Meetups that have already been organized. If you see a Meetup in your area, click the red button to show your interest.If you do not see a Meetup in your area, add your city by entering it in the location field below the map.2. Let everyone know. Post comments on the Meetup events page, Udacity's Facebook Page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #MeetUdacity. Comments posted to the Meetup events page will be sent to those who show interest.3. Confirm the event. Once all of the event details are ironed out, the organizer should confirm the event.For upda…


Coursera: Daphne's TED talk: what we're learning from online education

2012-08-01 16:26:33

Daphne’s TED talk, which she delivered about a month ago in Edinburgh, was released today. In it she shares the story and motivation behind Coursera, as well as some of our basic design principles.


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: CC-OLI Pilot Evaluation

2012-07-27 18:03:12

This Fall, I’ll be leading a pilot evaluation on the effectiveness of several OLI online courses in community colleges across the United States. Unlike the free online courses that institutions of higher education are rushing to produce right now, the ……


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: August Webinar Dates

2012-07-27 12:32:12

Our next set of webinars in August have now been scheduled. Visit Webinars on Using OLI for the full schedule. From now on, you can bookmark that page for the most current listing of upcoming webinars. We look forward to ……


: Update on Template Editor released.

Update on Template Editor released.
2012-07-26 06:36:36

CertificatesWall released Template Editor. This is the tool for certificates issuers to edit certificate template settings. Using the Template Editor allows to change the template design quickly and easy. It has intuitive interface. The editor allows to edit: background image … Continue reading →…


Coursera: Introduction to Finance hits 100k enrollments!

2012-07-25 20:11:37

Taught by University of Michigan’s popular professor, Gautam Kaul, Introduction to Finance hit 100,000 enrollments today. This ten-week course exposes students to the fundamentals of finance and opened on Monday, July 23, along with Fantasy and Science Fiction: the Human Mind, the Modern World, Internet History, Technology and Security, both also from University of Michigan, and Listening to World Music from the University of Pennsylvania. There’s still time to join if you haven’t already! -Anne Trumbore, Course Operations…


Udacity: Students gain skills, confidence, and career advancement through Udacity

Students gain skills, confidence, and career advancement through Udacity
2012-07-25 19:46:00

Over the past few weeks, Udacity students have been busy applying, interviewing, and landing job offers from companies around the world. Most recently, nine Udacity students received and accepted job offers from companies that include: Spotify, Cisco, Kaplan Testing, Square, TrialPay, and IDEO.Udacity's Career Placement Program is helping students through our employer partnerships. However, students are also finding that classes alone are giving them a leg up when it comes to finding employment. Students have shared that finding jobs has been an organic result of multiple factors: an education that also links to new skills, an ability to solve challenges and build projects to showcase, and the confidence that comes from gaining new knowledge.One student, Tejas Bubane, recently wrote, I got a job! Thanks to Udacity! on his personal blog. He shared, "My knowledge of Python (CS101) and web-applications (CS253) helped me a lot. I was asked to write down codes for a few algorithms in the te…


Udacity: 2 more days: Rock-paper-scissors tournament

2 more days: Rock-paper-scissors tournament
2012-07-24 18:56:00

If you are enrolled in Perter Norvig's Design of Computer Programs (CS212), you may have noticed that there is a rock-paper-scissors tournament going on in the forums! Students in CS212 are encouraged to submit two programs using the web form developed by students in Steve Huffman's Web Applications Engineering (CS253) course by this Thursday, July 26 at 17:00 UTC.On Saturday, July 28 at 17:00 UTC there will be a live tournament hosted on Cloud 9 IDE. Stay tuned in to the forums to get the links and instructions you need to join the tournament.Good luck and have fun!


OLI. Carnegie Mellon University: Study of OLI in the Wall Street Journal

2012-07-21 20:14:48

Columnist David Wessel wrote for The Wall Street Journal about technology and its role in managing costs of higher education. Wessel featured the recent Ithaka study of the OLI statistics course. “The most important single result of our study: It ……


Coursera: News recap from an exciting week

2012-07-21 06:48:00

[View the story ” ” on Storify] Storified by Coursera · Fri, Jul 20 2012 19:51:55 Consortium of Colleges Takes Online Education to New LevelEven before the expansion, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, the founders of Coursera, said it had registered 680,000 students in 43 courses w… Terrific progress getting college courses online Technology is game-changing here - need more pioneers like @CourseraBill Gates The Single Most Important Experiment in Higher EducationOnline education platform Coursera wants to drag elite education into the 21st century. Now, it’s getting buy-in from the academy. As of … Excited and a little bit scared to be teaching a massive open online course on Scala with Coursera Odersky Is Coursera the Beginning of the End for Traditional Higher Education? - ForbesIn the New York Times story today about the dramatic expansion of online higher education v…