John Smith

Personal Education Path

There is My Path. I am goping to complete couple courses during Spring 2013 semester

Semester 1 Spring 2013

OpenLearning 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
8 1 0

Discover the world of computing, learn software design and development while solving puzzles with world renowned lecturer Richard Buckland. UNSW Computing 1 is presented by OpenLearning with original content derived from UNSW COMPUTING's first year…

ALISON 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
16 1 0

French is spoken by millions of people in many countries around the world and is a very popular second language to learn. ALISON's free online course is a series of engaging video lessons for beginners that introduces the learner to various aspects o… 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
3 1 0

Geography is the study of the physical features of the Earth and its atmosphere including landscape development, weather and climate, and geologic concepts as well as the influence of human activity including cultural, economic, and political acti…

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
13 1 0

This course provides practical instruction in the fundamentals of analog and digital SLR and medium/large format camera operation, film exposure and development, black and white darkroom techniques, digital imaging, and studio lighting. This semester…

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
9 1 0

This class introduces students to the rudiments of Western music through oral, aural, and written practice utilizing rhythm, melody, intervals, scales, chords, and musical notation. The approach is based upon the inclusive Kodály philosophy of… 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
7 1 0

This course is designed to introduce students to the writing, reading, and thinking skills necessary for success at the college level. Upon completing this course, students will be able to: A. Compose essays demonstrating proficiency in developing an… 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
18 0 0

In this course, we will study the emergence of the major civilizations of the ancient world, beginning with the Paleolithic Era (about 2.5 million years ago) and finishing with the end of the Middle Ages in fifteenth century A.D. We will pay special…

Coursera 24 Feb 2013 - 03 Jun 2013 Completed
290 0 0

This course will examine the ways in which the world has grown more integrated yet more divided over the past 700 years.

Coursera 24 Feb 2013 - 22 Apr 2013 Completed
26 0 0

This course is all about you ... your mind, your behavior, and what underlies them both. It will be a fast paced tour of the most important experiments in psychology, one that is intended to fascinate, inform, and provoke deep thought. Come learn a…

Coursera 24 Feb 2013 - 15 Apr 2013 Completed
110 0 0

In this class we will cover the essentials of sociology, to help you better understand your own life and situations far from your experience. 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
3 0 0

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic understanding of the principles of microeconomics.  At its core, the study of economics deals with the choices and decisions that have to be made in order to manage scarce resources available… 24 Feb 2013 - 26 May 2013 Completed
8 0 0

This course will serve as an introduction to American government and politics. We will focus on several major themes in the course’s five constituent units. In the first unit, “American Political Foundations,” we will consider the core concepts…

Excelsior College 01 May 2013 Completed
1 0

This examination measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in an introductory undergraduate course in macroeconomics. The content of the examination corresponds with course offerings such as Principles of Macroeconomics or Int…

Excelsior College 31 May 2013 Completed
1 0

Measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in a one-semester course in the physical sciences, natural sciences, and environmental sciences. The content of the examination corresponds with introductory course offerings with titl…

Semester 2 Fall 2013 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
22 0 0

This course examines the social, political, and economic development of the United States since the end of the Civil War. It traces the rise of an industrial and urban social order, the emergence of the U.S. as a world power, social and political ref…

Udemy 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
19 0 0

Basic course for engineering students on Introduction to Information Technology and Introduction to Computer Sciences…

edX 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
274 0 0

Looking to get started with computer science while learning to program in Python? This computer science course provides an introduction to computer science that’s both challenging and fun. It takes a broad look at the field of computer science thr…

Udacity 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
41 0 0

We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. You'll learn how to use statistics to interpret that information and make decisions. San Jose State University…

Udemy 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
18 0 0

Lectures by Prof. Kamala Krithivasan,rnDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering,rnIIT Madras… 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
13 0 0

Digital Media One is a four-week online course designed for students who want to learn digital media. This may include artists, designers, or photographers who would like to build a Web site or Web portfolio to showcase their work, as well as student…

Coursera 01 Aug 2013 - 15 Nov 2013 Completed
84 0 0

Calculus One is a first introduction to differential and integral calculus, emphasizing engaging examples from everyday life.

Udacity 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
281 1 0

Study physics abroad in Europe -- virtually! Learn the basics of physics on location in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, by answering some of the discipline's major questions from over the last 2000 years.

edX 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Oct 2013 Completed
44 0 0

Explore the secret of life through the basics of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, genomics and rational medicine.

Excelsior College 01 Sep 2013 Completed
1 0

Corresponds to an introductory, two-semester course in English Composition. Measures the ability to persuade a reader; to understand and compose an extended argument; to analyze and respond appropriately to written texts including literary texts; to…

Semester 3 Spring 2014 01 Jan 2014 - 02 Apr 2014 Completed
12 2 0

Great managers are made, not born. Learn about the qualities and skills of great managers in this Business 101 course. Instructor Sherri Hartzell holds both an MBA and Ed.D., so she's an excellent choice to teach you about principles of management. S…

Coursera 01 Jan 2014 - 13 Mar 2014 Completed
98 1 0

The Internet is a computer network that millions of people use every day. Understand the design strategies used to solve computer networking problems while you learn how the Internet works.

Coursera 01 Jan 2014 - 13 Mar 2014 Completed
92 0 0

Investigate the basic concepts behind programming languages, with an emphasis on the techniques and benefits of functional programming. Use the programming languages ML, Racket, and Ruby to learn how the pieces of a language fit together to create mo…

Class2Go 01 Jan 2014 - 02 Apr 2014 Completed
15 0 0

Learn about Databases, one of the most prevalent technologies underlying internet and computing applications today. 01 Jan 2014 - 02 Apr 2014 Completed
6 0 0

Software engineering is a discipline that allows us to apply engineering and computer science concepts in the development and maintenance of reliable, usable, and dependable software. The concept of software engineering was first discussed at the 196…

Udemy 01 Jan 2014 - 02 Apr 2014 Completed
11 0 0

From idea extraction to launch, start turning your ideas into a software business. 01 Jan 2014 - 02 Apr 2014 Completed
6 0 0

What images come to mind when you think of the term professional?  Do you picture an executive in a fancy suit strutting into a boardroom?  Or, perhaps you envision a supervisor walking among cubicles and issuing orders to employees.  While it is…

Excelsior College 15 Jan 2014 Completed
1 0

The Excelsior College Examination in Financial Accounting measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in a lower-level undergraduate course in financial accounting. This examination tests for comprehension of basic financial acc…

Semester 4 Fall 2014

Coursera 01 Aug 2014 - 11 Oct 2014 Completed
87 0 0

This course is about learning to program well: building programs that are elegant, well tested and easy to maintain. The course is designed for students with no programming experience at all. Nonetheless, former students who already knew how to prog…

Udacity 01 Aug 2014 - 31 Oct 2014 Completed
91 0 0

Understanding how to approach programming problems and devise a solution is an essential skill for any Python developer. In this course, you’ll learn new concepts, patterns, and methods that will expand your coding abilities from programming expert…

Coursera 01 Aug 2014 - 18 Oct 2014 Completed
123 0 0

This course will discuss the major ideas used today in the implementation of programming language compilers. You will learn how a program written in a high-level language designed for humans is systematically translated into a program written in low-…

Udacity 01 Aug 2014 - 31 Oct 2014 Completed
98 0 0

Learn the fundamentals of parallel computing with the GPU and the CUDA programming environment! In this class, you'll learn about parallel programming by coding a series of image processing algorithms, such as you might find in Photoshop or Instagram…

Udacity 01 Aug 2014 - 31 Oct 2014 Completed
92 0 0

When writing software, destruction can be just as valuable as creation. Learn how to catch bugs and break software as you discover different testing methods that will help you build better software.

Coursera 03 Oct 2014 - 05 Dec 2014 Completed
369 0 0

The course covers the basics: representing games and strategies, the extensive form (which computer scientists call game trees), repeated and stochastic games, coalitional games, and Bayesian games (modeling things like auctions).