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Coursera - Learn To Program : The Fundamentals by Paul Gries and Jennifer Campbell

by Soumabha Roy Chaudhuri

After taking the CS101: Building a Search Engine course in Udacity I grew a special fondness for Pythonscripting. It seemed much easier and less complicated than the other two languages I had learnt - Java and C, but as I didn't have any formal education I decided to take up Learn To Program : The Fundamentals class by Paul Gries and Jennifer Campbell.

The course was spread across 7 weeks with lecture videos, weekly quizzes, biweekly assignments and a final exam. To get a certificate one needs to clear the coursework with a minimum of 70%. This, I felt was much easier than the other courses as the final exam was of only 25% and the quiz questions didn't change much so by the 3rd try, one generally knew all the correct answers or atleast enough to get a 70% in that.


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