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Starts : 2017-05-25
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edX Free English Data Analysis & Statistics Economics & Finance EdX Environmental Studies IDBx

As a consumer, you know the price of the food that you consume daily. However, do you know why your food costs this amount and why it is different from the price it’s sold for in other countries? Well, agricultural public policies determine, among other things, the price you have to pay for your food. In fact, did you know that these policies also impact food security and climate change?

Do not miss this chance to compare agricultural policies in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to describe their influence in food security, climate change and regional competitiveness. For you to achieve this, we will introduce you to ‘AGRIMONITOR’, a database created by IDB that contains information about 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. AGRIMONITOR will be your ‘right-hand tool’ in the analysis of all these relevant topics.

In addition to the use of AGRIMONITOR, in the course you will find content videos in which specialists from several organizations (IDB, FAO and OECD) will share their knowledge about the topics covered in the course, readings, IDB case studies in which we promote public policy analysis, suggested readings, practical activities that allow you to apply the content you have learnt, and discussion forums where you and your classmates will discuss several topics starting with guiding questions.

Furthermore, if you obtain 90 points out of 100 in the course, you will have the chance to participate in the “Researching with AGRIMONITOR” competition. The winner (or winners) will work on a research project for the IDB Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Division, under the conditions stipulated by the Bank. US$10,000 will be available to finance research projects related to MOOC topics.

Join the course and examine which are the best agricultural public policies in your country.

AGRIMONITOR is waiting for you!

*The AGRIMONITOR course is also available in Spanish. To access the Spanish version, click here.

NOTE: We consider the English version and Spanish version of the course to be different courses. Subscription to the Spanish course does not mean that you will also have access to the English version. If you want access to both versions, you will have to subscribe to both versions. The same rule applies to obtain the course certificate. If you obtain the certificate in the Spanish version of the course, it does not mean that you will also obtain the certificate for the English version of the course.

Starts : 2017-05-18
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edX Free English Economics & Finance EdX IDBx

Las Asociaciones Público Privadas (APPs) se han convertido en un instrumento esencial para el crecimiento productivo, económico y social de los países de América Latina y el Caribe. Al desarrollar e implementar las APPs, se han observado restricciones en las capacidades técnicas en los responsables, particularmente en el sector público.

Para cubrir este vacío, IDBx ha desarrollado este curso, el primer MOOC disponible en español para aprender a planear, diseñar e implementar APPs para proyectos de desarrollo en América Latina y el Caribe.

Este curso busca compartir las experiencias de instituciones internacionales líderes con el fin de ayudar a cerrar brechas de conocimiento en la utilización efectiva de APPs, proporcionando ideas, soluciones y lecciones aprendidas para hacer frente a los retos o restricciones en capacidades técnicas y administrativas en el sector público de la Región. Las lecciones contenidas en el MOOC son aplicables a diferentes sectores como infraestructura, salud, educación, banda ancha, y sector fiscal, y toma en consideración los contextos nacionales de varios países de la región, incluyendo Perú, México, Colombia y Brasil.

Para tal efecto, el curso pone a disposición de los participantes lecturas seleccionadas, videos, casos de análisis y otros recursos de aprendizaje.

El curso se basa en los contenidos de la Guía de Referencia sobre Asociaciones Público-Privadas (APPs) Versión 2.0., desarrollada y publicada en el 2014 por el BID, el Banco Mundial (WB) y el Banco Asiático de Desarrollo (ADB).

La preparación de este curso fue financiada por el Programa Especial para el Desarrollo Institucional (SPID) del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Mayor información en la página web del SPID.  

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have become an essential instrument for productive, economic, and social growth in Latin American countries and the Caribbean. However, when developed and implemented, those responsible for PPPs' implementation have had limited technical capacity, particularly in the public sector.

In order to address this need, IDB has developed the first MOOC available in Spanish, to learn how to plan, design, and implement PPPs for development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

This course seeks to share the experiences of leading international institutions to contribute to close the knowledge gaps for the effective use of PPPs, providing ideas, solutions, and lessons learned to face the challenges or limitations of technical and administrative capacity in the region's public sector. 

The lessons from this course are applicable to different sectors such as infrastructure, health, education, broad band, fiscal sector, and take into consideration national contexts from various countries in the region, including Perú, México, Colombia and Brasil.

The course is based on the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Reference Guide Version 2.0, developed and published in 2014 by the IDB, World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The preparation of this course was financed by the Special Program for Institutional Development (SPID) of the Inter-American Development Bank. For more information visit the SPID website.