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No votes Free Closed [?] Education Math

Algebra is incorporated into a lot of daily activities even when you don’t realize you are using it. Whether you are planning a vacation, deciding on a job, shopping, building something, planning a party, monitoring your heartbeat, or dieting, algebra can help you get a job done or make successful decisions. This course includes 10 units that will help you in this endeavor. This course is a continuation of the development of concepts and problem-solving methods learned in pre-algebra courses. Topics in this course include expressions, functions, equations and inequalities, exponentials, quadratics, piecewise and absolute value functions, systems, and statistics. The purpose of this course is to build a strong algebra background that is needed to be successful in the upper level mathematics courses, as well as to gain the logic needed to solve real-world applications. In Unit 1, you will build on your skills with activities that will help with the modeling and graphing in all future units. You will also…

No votes Free Closed [?] Education Math

The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the fundamentals of algebraic expressions, including adding, multiplying, factoring, and simplifying; solving equations and inequalities; performing operations on functions; and performing graphing and basic functional analysis. This course is intended to extend your knowledge beyond the foundational information learned in Algebra I and prepare you for more advanced topics, leading toward trigonometry and calculus. Among the benefits that you will gain from learning the material contained here are adding tools for critical thinking, improving skill sets for use in the sciences, and improving your competitiveness in preparation for college applications. A strong understanding of mathematics is critical toward earning scholarships and gaining admission to many top universities, and the knowledge gained here will help in that regard.

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OLI. Carnegie Mellon University Free Education Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

The STEM Readiness course provides a refresher of core skills related to STEM careers. The core skills covered are Mathematics from arithmetic to beginning algebra, Workplace Communications and Professionalism. The topics of the course are presented through workplace scenarios to show learners how these skills apply to their potential careers. In reviewing these core skills students will be better prepared to be successful in post-secondary STEM related technical programs and ultimately in STEM related careers.

3 votes Free Closed [?] Education K-12 Electives

The SAT is a timed standardized test, taken by most students in their junior or senior year of high school, often required for college admission.  In the increasingly competitive college admission process, students today are looking for any and all ways to improve their candidacy.  One element of your college application that can definitely be improved on to help your chances of admission is your SAT score. The test is made up of 10 sections, drawn from three subjects: reading, mathematics, and writing.  All of these subjects review topics you have already learned in school: critical reading skills, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, grammar, and essay writing.  You already have basic knowledge on these subjects.  However, you can gain an extra edge and improve your score by reviewing the specific material that will be covered on the test and by becoming familiar with the rules and strategies specific to correctly answering SAT questions. Doing well on the test provides important information about you as…