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Starts : 2004-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Closed [?] Physical Sciences Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduate MIT OpenCourseWare

The Acoustics of Speech and Hearing is an H-Level graduate course that reviews the physical processes involved in the production, propagation and reception of human speech. Particular attention is paid to how the acoustics and mechanics of the speech and auditory system define what sounds we are capable of producing and what sounds we can sense. Areas of discussion include:

  1. the acoustic cues used in determining the direction of a sound source,
  2. the acoustic and mechanical mechanisms involved in speech production and
  3. the acoustic and mechanical mechanism used to transduce and analyze sounds in the ear.

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Starts : 2015-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Physical Sciences MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering OpenCourseWare Undergraduate

This course provides an introduction to nuclear science and its engineering applications. It describes basic nuclear models, radioactivity, nuclear reactions and kinematics; covers the interaction of ionizing radiation with matter, with an emphasis on radiation detection, radiation shielding, and radiation effects on human health; and presents energy systems based on fission and fusion nuclear reactions, as well as industrial and medical applications of nuclear science.

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