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ALISON Free Course Type: course Free to Access Mime Type - Scorm 1.2

For learners who have completed the free online introductory yoga course titled &quot;Yoga for a Healthier Lifestyle&quot; available on ALISON, this new yoga course will be a welcome follow-up as it teaches you new yoga exercises and techniques that will help you improve your core strength and flexibility. This free online yoga course teaches you in a step-by-step manner more advanced yoga techniques such as how to fine tune your bodily alignment, improve your balance and posture, yoga techniques for the neck, hips and lower back, and very important breathing techniques for inner calm and stress relief. This free online yoga course will be of great interest to learners who have some knowledge and experience of yoga techniques and would like to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of more advanced techniques that will strengthen the inner core and improve flexibility.<br />

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Udemy $30 Closed [?] Health & Fitness

Learn simple tips, techniques and tricks to instilling healthy eating habits in babies and toddlers.

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ALISON Free Course Type: course Free to Access Mime Type - Scorm 1.2

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of the &quot;explosive&quot; spread in the number of Zika virus infections given the wide geographical distribution of the mosquito vector and that there could be 3-4 million Zika infections in the Americas over the next year. Scientists are working on potential vaccines but have warned that they do not expect to have a vaccine available in 2016. This free online course about the Zika virus covers key information points about the disease and its health implications, especially in relation to pregnant women as it has been linked to thousands of birth defects in South America. The course covers topics such as the current geographic spread of the disease, important aspects of symptoms and diagnosis, potential treatments in relation to the development of vaccines against the virus, methods for prevention, and also information about the disease for pregnant women. This course will be of great interest to any learner who lives in or near regions where an outbreak of the Zika virus has occurred and who would like to learn more about the virus and how to avoid becoming infected. It will also be of great interest to all health workers who would like a free resource to help individuals and communities better understand the Zika virus and how an outbreak of it can be controlled.<br />

Starts : 2015-05-11
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edX Free English EdX Medicine PekingX


《健 康评估》不仅包括理论知识的学习,更重要的是实践技能的训练。通过10周的学习,你将能够学习到如何运用交谈技巧全面系统地收集护理对象的健康史;运用 视、触、叩、听、嗅等身体评估方法进行全面系统的身体评估;成年人身体评估的正常表现、常见异常体征及其临床意义;如何对所收集的资料进行分析,以明确可 能存在的健康问题;如何进行护理病历的书写等。




Starts : 2014-09-15
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edX Free English EdX Medicine PekingX




"Menopausal women go through physiological processes. About 50% of women at this time will encounter a variety of discomfort, affecting the quality of work life, and because of repeated, multidisciplinary treatment and increase the burden on family and society; menopause are also a variety of age-related diseases germination period, is to prevent and delay these diseases Progress in the critical period. Introduction and effective exercise, specific measures to reasonable diet, hormone treatment and non-hormone treated; through this course, learners can fully understand that menopause-related knowledge, from the physical, psychological changes, to early prevention, diagnostic criteria related diseases, treatment strategies . Speakers from the obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, cardiology, breast surgery, orthopedics, nutrition, pharmacy and other clinical experts from many angles in-depth explanation of menopause-related issues, to provide efficient, comprehensive, concrete solutions to the problems. Walking learners can learn the specific methods of pelvic floor function training exercise, food exchange copies and menopause proper diet plan, specific recommendations scientific medication, hormone laboratory test interpretation, gynecologic cancer prevention and early screening, vaginal microflora analytical results etc., highlighting practical. 

This course introduces the Peking University First Hospital's first "integrated management of the 1st menopause clinic" model, by doctors, nurses, nutritionists, clinical pharmacists a team, group therapy and one on one counseling to combine to provide patient as the center of general services, and make full use of medical resources, to provide the necessary specialist referral is recommended for patients. This feature clinic, founded in July 4, 2012, run so far has been widely praised. This course, the most important is to have a healthy middle-aged women caring heart. There are of course good medical background, non-medical people are also welcome, because this course is around improving the health status and settings menopausal women, highlighting the essence and practical features, will promote the health measures implemented in daily life, and to be able to help those who carry out medical menopause related medical services. Each class has a job to evaluate the degree of knowledge to grasp. Require work to achieve an average 60 percent accuracy rate, and at least one statement, party deemed qualified among the entire course of study in the forums, and grant certificates. If the completion of the "flip the classroom," i.e., completion of the Mu Course, Peking University First Hospital, "Integrated Management of the 1st menopause clinic" experience, and forums to speak at least ten times, considered excellent.