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Udemy Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences Programming Programming guide Technology

Are you looking to get started with PHP and MySQL? These videos will show you step by step how to do it!

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Udemy $120 Closed [?] Php PHP Programming Technology

Learn how to create an advanced search form with PHP and MySQL

Starts : 05 Aug 2013
No votes 200 Computer Sciences Database EClasses.Org

Dreamweaver has the ability to add PHP or ASP code to your pages that lets them communicate with a database. Dreamweaver code can display dynamic data from the database on a Web page. It can also use forms to add data to the database or to update the data that is already there. Dreamweaver can also create login pages that restrict access to administrative pages. A Web designer can use Dreamweaver to create dynamic pages by completing simple dialog boxes. Its not necessary to know how to write the code.Knowing how to use the dynamic functions of Dreamweaver opens up an whole new realm of possibilities in Web design. You can display a product catalog with list and display pages, and provide a backend for the site owners to update the product information themselves. Using data driven Web pages can save a countless hours in the creation and maintenance of a Web site. For instance, you could have a site on golf courses in Southern California. If you were building a static site, the site would would have hundreds of pages. If there were 400 courses, you would need a information page for each one, and also several list pages that listed courses in different areas. However, if you build this site with a database, you would have a home page, where the visitor could select the area he wanted to know about. A list page that listed golf courses in the chosen area, and page that listed the details about the particular course the visitor chose on the list page. Thats 3 pages, instead of over 400. You can do other things with databases, as well. You can create forms for Web visitors to fill out. They can RSVP to event invitations and choose their meal preference or T-Shirt size. They can add items to their wish lists or vote on an important issue. The possibilities are endless. Once you see how easy this is to do, youll be finding ways to use it in almost every site you build.

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Udemy $15 Closed [?] Mysql Php Technology

Video Tutorial For Beginner to Advanced In PHP & Mysql

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ed2go $149.00 Ed2go

Learn how to create a dynamic, interactive online store using advanced PHP techniques and a MySQL database server.

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ed2go $149.00 Closed [?] Ed2go

Learn Ajax programming and discover how to use the technologies that comprise Ajax (HTML, JavaScript, XML, PHP, and more) to create Web applications with desktop-like performance.

Starts : 05 Aug 2013
No votes 200 Drupal EClasses.Org

Drupal is a free and open source Content Management System written in PHP. With Drupal you can create a simple personal homepage, a company website, a blog, an ecommerce site, etc. Hundreds of modules are available for use with Drupal. You can create slide shows, events calendars, a contact form, product catalogs, polls or surveys, guestbook, a forum or blog, or newsletter signup. The possibilities are endless. Basically, there are no limits with Drupal, you really can make any type of website you want.

Starts : 05 Aug 2013
No votes 220 EClasses.Org Php

PHP is the most popular server-side language used to build dynamic websites, and though it is a very extensive language, this class will take it step-by-step. The stateless web HTML, CSS and JavaScript can only do so much without a dynamic language such as PHP to add the ability to interact with the web server. You will learn how to make your pages dynamic based upon user interaction, interacting with HTML forms and store and retrieve information from local data sources which include a database.

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ed2go $149.00 Ed2go

Learn how to create dynamic, interactive Web sites using PHP and a MySQL database server.

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ALISON Free Closed [?] Course Type: course Free to Access Mime Type - Scorm 1.2

PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. It can be easily integrated with HTML and SQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is often used to process the contents of a Web page form as it is more secure and reliable than JavaScript. This free online PHP programming course gives an overview of how PHP programming works in the Web environment and you will learn what certain commands and lines of code infer within a .php file and review the resultant effect on client side machines. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system which uses structured query language requests for working with data. You will learn how PHP can be combined with MySQL to create a very powerful online database engine. This free online PHP programming course will be of great interest to IT and Web development professionals who would like to learn more about using PHP and MySQL to integrate database functions into Websites, and to learners who would like to learn more about the functionality of PHP and MySQL.<br />

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Beginner Computer Science Databases Software Engineering Systems & Security Technology

I quick set of videos that show you how to use phpMyAdmin to build an online MySQL database.

5 votes $200 Computer Sciences Php PHP Programming Web Design Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the web, making it easy for anybody to post their ideas, pictures, and audio/video. WordPress can be used for not only blogging posts but also to store static information that can be easily updated like a content management system (CMS). This class teaches the new user how to get their blog up and started quickly while teaching students to fully understand the right way to install, administer, customize and market their blog. One of the main advantages of WordPress is the use of themes and plugins which can dramatically change the look and functionality of your blog website. Students will learn how to find and install various themes and plugins as well as learn how themes work behind the scenes using template tags with PHP. Each weekly lecture will give explanations, illustrations, resources, and practical scenarios of setting up your own Wordpress blog.

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Php PHP Programming Technology

Learn the fundamentals of the MVC pattern with PHP, and build your own MVC framework including database support.

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Udemy $89 Closed [?] Mysql Php Technology

Over five hours of video instruction that shows how to build dynamic, database-driven web sites

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Php PHP Programming Technology

Learn Object Oriented PHP while building a secure & scalable authentication system with validation & database handling.