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Udemy $49 Closed [?] Technology

Now create classified website without knowledge of HTML - Java script - Css - Php

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Udemy $19 Closed [?]

An easy to follow guide to create a simple PHP search engine, from scratch.

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Udemy $29 Closed [?] Technology

Create a simple User Registration Login Membership System using PHP and MySQLi.

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Udemy $20 Closed [?] Technology

Learn how to build a dynamic multi-part data driven search engine in PHP from absolutely scratch for your website.

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Udemy $17 Closed [?] Technology

Learn all the fundamentals and many of the not-so-obvious aspects of coding WordPress plugins for fun or profit.

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Udemy $80 Closed [?] Technology

¡Desde cero, Adquiera los Fundamentos y Aprenda a Programar en PHP! Incluye los proyectos realizados en el curso!

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Udemy $35 Closed [?] Technology

Get to know the basics of Laravel PHP framework(ver 3), how to get started and how to develop simple web applications.

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Udemy $50 Closed [?] Technology

Discover how image filters work and how they can spice up your images.

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Udemy $25 Closed [?]

Aprende a hacer paginas dinamicas y ha conectarlas con Dreamweaver CS6, PHP y MySQL,

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Udemy $99 Popular Closed [?] Technology

Learn to build robust data-driven web solutions for desktop and mobile devices with PHP mySQL, XML, jQuery & javascript

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Udemy $5 Closed [?] Technology

An introduction to the programming world through PHP for complete newbies. Learn the foundation & build your own Blog!

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Technology

Take your PHP further & learn how to develop professional apps using objects & frameworks on this PHP course.

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Udemy $10 Closed [?] Technology

Aprende a programar de forma sencilla y amena en el lenguaje de servidor más extendido y poderoso del mundo: PHP y PHP

Starts : 2013-02-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Graduate MIT OpenCourseWare Sloan School of Management

This course pairs faculty-mentored student teams with enterprises on the front lines of health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. To tackle specific barriers identified by each partnering organization, the course is built around custom-designed projects in strategy, business model innovation, operations, marketing, and technology. Class sessions include interactive cases, practical exercises, and lively conversations with experts, all designed to support project work before, during, and after the intensive two-week onsite collaboration with entrepreneurs, leaders, staff, and stakeholders in the setting. Course assignments include a portfolio of host deliverable, a foundational toolkit designed to support each project, and a distillation of learning from the field.


Special thanks is given to Imperial Health Sciences, Unjani Clinic and php">L V Prasad Eye Institute for allowing their organizations to be featured in the sample student projects on this course site.

Starts : 2014-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Graduate Mathematics MIT OpenCourseWare

This is a literature seminar with a focus on classic papers in Algebraic Topology. It is named after the late MIT professor php">Daniel Kan. Each student gives one or two talks on each of three papers, chosen in consultation with the instructor, reads all the papers presented by other students, and writes reactions to the papers. This course is useful not only to students pursuing algebraic topology as a field of study, but also to those interested in symplectic geometry, representation theory, and combinatorics.

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Udemy $25 Closed [?] Technology

Use your PHP skills to build your own content management system!

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Udemy $79 Closed [?] Technology

Leverage your PHP skills and create a slick login system.

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Technology

Create a complete CMS back-end content management system with little to NO hand coding use simple DW point & click steps

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Udemy $49 Closed [?] Technology

Learn how to build a fully functional social network. Impress your friends with your own custom social network!

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Udemy $15 Closed [?] Mysql Php Technology

Video Tutorial For Beginner to Advanced In PHP & Mysql