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Udemy $19 Closed [?]

Learn the basics of PHP programming.

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Beginner Computer Science Databases Software Engineering Systems & Security Technology

I quick set of videos that show you how to use phpMyAdmin to build an online MySQL database.

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Technology

Learn to develop a complete application from scratch using Symfony2, the most complete PHP framework.

5 votes $200 Computer Sciences Php PHP Programming Web Design Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the web, making it easy for anybody to post their ideas, pictures, and audio/video. WordPress can be used for not only blogging posts but also to store static information that can be easily updated like a content management system (CMS). This class teaches the new user how to get their blog up and started quickly while teaching students to fully understand the right way to install, administer, customize and market their blog. One of the main advantages of WordPress is the use of themes and plugins which can dramatically change the look and functionality of your blog website. Students will learn how to find and install various themes and plugins as well as learn how themes work behind the scenes using template tags with PHP. Each weekly lecture will give explanations, illustrations, resources, and practical scenarios of setting up your own Wordpress blog.

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Udemy $9 Closed [?] Technology

Kodla PHP MYSQL kullanarak eticaret sitesi yapma eğitimimizin 33-34.kısımlarının videolarını içerir.

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Udemy $29 Closed [?] Technology

A PHP course for total beginners. I assume you know nothing about PHP and programming.

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Udemy $47 Closed [?] Technology

Are you ready to take your web dev skills to the next level? Includes 6 hours of training with exercise files.

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Udemy $149 Closed [?]

Master web technologies like PHP, MYSQL, JSON,XML,AJAX,CSS3 and Yii framework

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Udemy $39 Closed [?] Technology

Learn the Most Advanced & Fastest PHP Framework & become a Master Developer.

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Udemy $49 Closed [?]

A Complete Step by Step Course for Learning PHP and MySQL

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Udemy $97 Closed [?] Technology

Learn PHP and MySQL and get ready to take your web development skills to the next level!

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Technology

A Short Course on PHP Basics

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Php PHP Programming Technology

Learn the fundamentals of the MVC pattern with PHP, and build your own MVC framework including database support.

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Udemy $47 Closed [?] Technology

Learn the basics of PHP programming. Includes exercise files.

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Udemy $299 Closed [?]

Over 40 hours of PHP programming goodness.

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Udemy $99 Closed [?]

Learn Dynamic Web Design with PHP / MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS. Course comes with Certificate of Completion.

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Udemy $50 Closed [?] Technology

Mongo Db - json - jsonp - python - Nosql - non relational databases - c charp - c - c++ - mongodb - asp- php - mysql

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Udemy $49 Closed [?] Technology

Aprende de forma práctica a montar tu servidor web con Linux en el que publicar tus páginas web sobre PHP y MySQL.

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Udemy $135 Closed [?]

Learn how to build a multi page online form, which retains the values moving back and forth with PHP, MySQL and Sessions

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Udemy $380 Closed [?]

Learn how to build a Multilingual Content Management System with PHP, MySQL and jQuery.