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Starts : 2015-04-13
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Coursera Free Closed [?] BabsonX Evaluation Nutrition Website Development

《Java程序设计》课程是使用Java语言进行应用程序设计的课程,针对各专业的大学本科生开设。课程的主要目标有三: 一、掌握Java语言的语法,能够较为深入理解Java语言机制,掌握Java语言面向对象的特点。 二、掌握JavaSE中基本的API,掌握在集合、线程、输入输出、图形用户界面、网络等方面的应用。三、能够编写有一定规模的应用程序,养成良好的编程习惯,会使用重构、设计模式、单元测试、日志、质量管理工具提高代码的质量。 对于学过“计算机基础、计算概论或C语言的学生”尤为适用。

Starts : 2015-01-13
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Education English BabsonX Business & Management Nutrition Sap fico online training

This course introduces teachers and interested adults to K12 blended and online learning. Participants will design a blended or online unit and develop one module to use with K12 students.

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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English BabsonX How to Succeed Multiplying+and+factoring+expressions Nutrition

Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) that covers: 1) Informatics needs driven by Big Data generated from current biomedicine and health care (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging population, etc.) 2) Informatics challenges and common methodologies 3) Progress made in BHI and opportunities.

Starts : 2015-04-26
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English & Literature English BabsonX Bodawala Bonding systems Business & Management Chemokines History of Math

Shakespeare in Community will introduce a broad audience of learners to Shakespeare, as we collectively read, watch, and engage four plays: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and The Tempest.

Starts : 2013-03-18
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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English BabsonX Multiplying+and+factoring+expressions Nutrition

This course reviews current scientific knowledge and clinical approaches to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and examines its impact on development, functioning and health outcomes.

Starts : 2014-09-15
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Coursera Free Visual & Performing Arts BabsonX Bodawala Bonding systems Chemokines History of Math Limits

基于20世纪西方音乐,什么是音乐、什么是20世纪西方音乐及什么是有效聆听为全课核心线索,引导学生发展美感能力,促进其全面聆听能力的培养。The course aims to provide a clear view of the historical development of music and emphasizes the training of aural skills.

Starts : 2013-10-20
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Public Affairs & Law English BabsonX Nutrition Udemy

What is American foreign policy? Who makes it? Why is it the way it is? How does it affect the rest of the world? Professor Bruce Jentleson has taught the subject for over 30 years, written one of the leading books on it, and has served in numerous U.S. foreign policy positions.

Starts : 2014-03-11
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English BabsonX Biology Book distribution Chemokines Curriculum Interest and debt

Behavioral economics couples scientific research on the psychology of decision making with economic theory to better understand what motivates financial decisions. In A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior, you will learn about some of the many ways in which we behave in less than rational ways, and how we might overcome our shortcomings. You’ll also learn about cases where our irrationalities work in our favor, and how we can harness these human tendencies to make better decisions.

Starts : 2014-08-10
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Social Sciences English BabsonX Chemokines Fine Arts Nutrition Undergraduate.htm%25252525253Fstart%25252525253D60&limit%25252525253D20.htm%252525253Fcategoryid%252

The course surveys the entire length of human history, from the evolution of various human species in the Stone Age up to the political and technological revolutions of the twenty-first century.

Starts : 2013-09-16
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Coursera Free Popular Closed [?] Social Sciences English BabsonX Chemokines Nutrition

This course will examine the ways in which the world has grown more integrated yet more divided over the past 700 years.

Starts : 2015-06-15
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Coursera Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies English BabsonX Book distribution Chemokines Nutrition Udemy

Do you ever wonder why you aren’t as happy and fulfilled as you should be, given everything you have? Or perhaps you are about to graduate and want to know what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Or maybe you are already as happy as happy can be, but are just curious about the latest findings from the science of happiness. Whatever your situation, this course is for you. By taking it, not only will you learn about “7 deadly happiness sins,” you will also learn how to overcome them through the “7 habits of the highly happy.” .

Starts : 2014-03-03
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Coursera Free Engineering English BabsonX Calculus I Diencephalon How to Succeed Nutrition

This course will focus on the theory, design and operation of commercial nuclear power reactors. The course will also touch on contemporary issues regarding nuclear power generation including: the nuclear fuel cycle, the economics of nuclear power, and nuclear non-proliferation.

Starts : 2013-02-25
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Education English BabsonX Business & Management Chemokines Nutrition

This course will explore indigenous ways of knowing and how this knowledge can inform education to the benefit of all students.

Starts : 2014-10-13
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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English BabsonX Brain stem Multiplying+and+factoring+expressions Nutrition

Abortion is a common experience for women around the world; yet, abortion is often excluded from the curricula of health professionals. This course, geared toward clinicians, health care workers, and students, aims to address this gap and will contextualize abortion care within a public health framework from both clinical and social perspectives.

Starts : 2013-09-08
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Coursera Free Popular Education English BabsonX Business & Management Nutrition Sap fico online training

Designed for teachers and learners in every setting - in school and out, in formal learning environments or at home - this course is an introduction to the theory and practice of well-structured talk that builds the mind.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English clive lewis Abnormal sexual function American Government Amnesty InternationalX BabsonX Biology

This course examines the underlying concepts, processes, and accountability function of accounting and the scientific foundation for why accounting fulfills such an important role in both ancient and modern societies.

Starts : 2014-01-27
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Education English BabsonX Diencephalon Free.htm%2525253Fdatetype%2525253Dadded&.htm%25253Fcategoryid%25253D10.htm%3Fcategoryid%3D8.htm?cate Nutrition

This course is designed to look at the topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. Engaging instruction and supplemental video demonstrations are designed to help prepare students for college level chemistry.

Starts : 2014-06-20
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English BabsonX Biology Book distribution Nutrition

In seven brand new modules, you will learn necessary tools to examine complex competitive situations and find solutions for them. This course is designed for those who are eager to find out more about how companies choose strategies to obtain competitive advantage.

Starts : 2014-10-27
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Engineering English BabsonX How to Succeed Nutrition

This course is an exciting look at the advanced study of rigid bodies in motion (dynamics) as applied to engineering systems and structures.

Starts : 2015-09-28
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Education English BabsonX Nutrition

Learn how to elevate your teaching by studying what some of the most successful virtual teachers are doing to propel their students forward. We will investigate what teaching strategies make the biggest impact in virtual education, connect with innovative and experienced teachers, and apply core strategies to the key areas of K-12 virtual instruction.