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Starts : 2014-08-26
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Coursera Free Business English Business & Management Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

In this course, you will explore several structured, risk management approaches that guide information security decision-making. 

Starts : 2014-08-26
42 votes
Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Business & Management Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

This course provides you with opportunities to integrate and apply your information security knowledge.

Starts : 2014-10-26
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences German Business & Management Information Tech & Design

Computer haben unser Leben tiefgreifend verändert. Um die heutige Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft und deren stetigen Veränderungen zu verstehen, muss man wissen, wie Computer funktionieren. Das Ziel der Vorlesung Informatik für Ökonomen ist es, Ihnen eine Basis zu vermitteln, um unsere informationstechnisch gesteuerte Welt zu verstehen und darin erfolgreich zu sein.

Starts : 2014-08-26
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Coursera Free Business English Business & Management Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

Learn to defend and protect vital company information using the latest technology and defense strategies. Analyze internal and external threats to proactively prevent information attacks. Gain experience by solving real-world problems and leave the class equipped to establish and oversee information security.

Starts : 2013-09-03
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Artificial Intelligence Business & Management Computer Science Information Tech & Design

This course introduces the concepts, applications, algorithms, programming, and design of recommender systems--software systems that recommend products or information, often based on extensive personalization. Learn how web merchants such as personalize product suggestions and how to apply the same techniques in your own systems!

Starts : 2017-03-07
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edX Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Business & Management Computer Science Data Analysis & Statistics EdX Engineering Humanities

How do you design a mobile app that truly changes people's lives? How can you understand how a new service is being used, both quantitatively and qualitatively? How can you use all of the rich sensing and I/O capabilities of mobile devices to create experiences that go far beyond what's possible on a traditional computer?

Mobile devices are changing the ways that we interact with each other and information in the world. This course will take you from a domain of interest, through generative research, design, usability, implementation and field evaluation of a novel mobile experience. You'll finish the course with a working, field-tested application suitable for release in the app store as well as a deep understanding of human interaction with mobile devices and services.

Based on a popular MIT class that has been taught since 2006 by Frank Bentley of Yahoo Labs and Ed Barrett, a Senior Lecturer at MIT, this course will explore what makes mobile devices unique. A primary focus will be on studying existing behavior and using key findings for design. While writing the code for an app is a part of the class, the majority of the topics will cover designing and evaluating a unique mobile experience. Along the way, you will have opportunities to share your work with other students from around the world! Java experience (or Objective C for iOS users) and a smartphone are required.

All required readings are available within the courseware, courtesy of The MIT Press. A print version of the course textbook, Building Mobile Experiences, is also available for purchase. The MIT Press is offering enrolled students a special 30% discount on books ordered directly through the publisher’s website. To take advantage of this offer, please use promotion code BME30 at The MIT Press site.

4 votes $240 Business Business & Management Project Management Web Development

The topics in this course cover all the essential concepts from the Project Management Institute (PMI)'s book 'A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, Fourth Edition'. The course teaches topics ranging from beginner-thru-advanced level Project Management concepts. In the course students will learn about: projects versus operations, choosing a team, scheduling, budgeting, controlling cost, measuring and controlling project performance, and much more. Students who are preparing for the PMI Certification (PMP or CAPM) can use this course to help fulfill the training requirement. If you already have your PMP certification, you can also use this toward your CCRs (Continuing Certification Requirements). It will count as 20 hours of Project Planning and 15 hours of Project Controlling.

Starts : 2014-10-06
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Business & Management Economics & Finance Information Tech & Design

Few people who “just Google it” to find an answer to their every question understand just what the company does (and why). Through this course, you'll join the minority that really gets it.

Starts : 2014-04-01
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences Business & Management Social Sciences Statistics and Data Analysis

本课程讨论人、媒介、信息在社会化媒体环境下的新规律。The course introduces students to regular patterns of interaction among people, media and information under our surrounding social media .