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Starts : 2017-07-19
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX RWTHx

Addressing real customer needs is the core factor of managing innovation successfully. Exactly this is the task of the first stages of an innovation project, also called the Frontend of Innovation (FEI). In this course, you will learn about key concepts and methods of generating customer-centric business ideas and innovative concepts.

Often, the first stages of an innovation project are called "fuzzy", as they are considered to be less structured and less predictable. However, after studying this course, you will get a different perspective: The Frontend of Innovation indeed can be managed by skill and dedicated methods and does not need to rely on luck.

You’ll study sources of information on customer needs as well as different approaches to market research and customer co-creation. In addition, the course reviews the latest methods for generating market insights and how to turn them into promising concepts prior to entering the formal product development process.

You will learn screening activities and how to evaluate concepts based on concept testing with customers or rapid experimentation. This course will also connect theories of innovation and various models, explaining innovation success with actionable knowledge for industry practice.

Besides the online lectures, participants will engage in a series of individual and group exercises that will help deepen their understanding of the topic at hand. Real-life case studies and examples from companies will be used to help participants better prepare for actual situations. In addition, the concepts will be discussed in relation to their theoretical grounding in academic literature.

This course is part of the "Managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change" MicroMasters program designed to teach the critical skills needed to be successful in this exciting field. In order to qualify for the MicroMasters Credential, you will need to earn a Verified Certificate in each of the six courses of the RWTHx MicroMasters program.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Computer Science Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

Learn about the ten domains of cybersecurity through the lens of subject area experts from companies such as Coca Cola, SAP, and Macy's.

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Business Business & Management Entrepreneurship Small business Start Your Own Business

Learn entrepreneurship and thought leadership from professors at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business

Starts : 2017-03-20
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Data Analysis & Statistics EdX ImperialX

Want to study for an MBA but unsure of the basic data analysis still required? This online course prepares you for studying in an MBA program.

Data analysis appears throughout any rigorous MBA program and in today’s business environment understanding the fundamentals of collecting, presenting, describing and making inferences from data sets is essential for success.

The goal of this course is to teach you fundamental data analysis skills so you are prepared for your MBA study and able to focus your efforts on core MBA curriculum, rather than continually playing catch-up with the underlying statistical knowledge needed.

We also hope that learning these data analysis skills will equip you with the ability to understand, to a greater degree, the data you encounter in your working lives and in the world around you - an essential life-skill in today’s data driven environment

This course assumes no prior knowledge of data analysis. Concepts are explained as clearly as possible and regular activities give you the opportunity to practice your skills and improve your confidence.

Starts : 2018-01-04
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Data Analysis & Statistics EdX GTx

Please note that the verified certificate option is not currently open for this course. Please enroll in the audit track and you will be emailed when the verified certificate option is open for enrollment.

Businesses, consumers, and societies leave behind massive amounts of data as a by-product of their activities. Leading-edge companies in every industry are using analytics to replace intuition and guesswork in their decision-making. As a result, managers are collecting and analyzing enormous data sets to discover new patterns and insights and running controlled experiments to test hypotheses.

This course, part of the Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program, prepares you to understand data and business analytics and become a leader in these areas in business organizations.

It covers the methodologies, algorithms, issues, and challenges related to analyzing business data. It will illustrate the processes of analytics by allowing you to apply business analytics algorithms and methodologies to real-world business datasets from finance, marketing, and operations. The use of real-world examples and cases places business analytics techniques in context and teaches you how to avoid the common pitfalls, emphasizing theimportance of applying proper business analytics techniques.

In addition to cases, this course features hands-on experiences with data collection, analysis, and visualization using Python programs and analytics software such as SAS.

This course includes a significant analytics project.

Starts : 2016-11-03
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Computer Science EdX KULeuvenX Medicine

Many people talk about the promise of “big data” to health care. But how can the application of data analytics to big data actually improve health and health care? We will show that novel data analytics based solutions can result in better diagnosis, better care and better curing. This provides fertile ground for entrepreneurship and the development of new businesses.

In our course we’ll start from the very basics of data analytics, look at different real world approaches and help you to see entrepreneurial opportunities and develop a business plan.

We will cover three important fields:

  • Health care expertise: We will present medical approaches to data and give an overview of challenges where big data based solutions have been developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in medicine.
  • Data analytics: We’ll explain the basics of data mining within the context of a wide variety of health care settings, and the types of data and data analysis challenges that you will likely encounter in each. We’ll start with gathering the data, move on to classifying, analyzing and finally visualizing it.
  • Entrepreneurship: You will learn how to assess when data sciences based improvements in health care represent entrepreneurial opportunities. The development of a rigorous business plan is used to help you make that assessment.

Participants with prior experience in the medical field will learn how novel data science applications can improve healthcare, create societal value and how to spot entrepreneurial opportunities.

Participants with experience in data science or mathematics will learn about medical approaches to data and why healthcare is an exciting area to apply and develop data analytics.

Participants interested in launching their startup will learn how big data solutions in health care can provide a solid basis to build great ventures.

Whatever your motivation to enrol in this course, we care about your project and your success - that’s why we will guide you through all parts of this learning journey step by step!

Enter now to see how you can engage in data driven innovation and make an impact on improving care, outcomes and the quality of life.

Starts : 2017-09-18
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management ColumbiaX EdX

In today’s world, managerial decisions are increasingly based on data-driven models and analysis using statistical and optimization methods that have dramatically changed the way businesses operate in most domains including service operations, marketing, transportation, and finance.

The main objectives of this course are the following:

  • Introduce fundamental techniques towards a principled approach for data-driven decision-making.
  • Quantitative modeling of dynamic nature of decision problems using historical data, and
  • Learn various approaches for decision-making in the face of uncertainty

Topics covered include probability, statistics, regression, stochastic modeling, and linear, nonlinear and discrete optimization.

Most of the topics will be presented in the context of practical business applications to illustrate its usefulness in practice. 

Starts : 2017-05-18
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX IDBx Math

En esta era de la información, los datos están disponibles en todos lados y crecen a una tasa exponencial. ¿Cómo podemos darle sentido a todos los datos? ¿Cómo aprovechamos los datos en el momento de tomar decisiones? ¿Cómo utilizamos los datos para que nos ayuden a guiar la gestión y planificación de nuestras políticas? Tanto si eres ciudadano como planificador de políticas, deberías poder responder a estas preguntas.

En este curso podrás fortalecer tus capacidades de uso, comprensión e interpretación de datos, utilizando la plataforma desarrollada por el BID “Números para el Desarrollo”, que presenta datos e indicadores socioeconómicos de la región de América Latina y el Caribe. A través de estas herramientas, podrás comprender cómo mejorar el proceso de toma de decisiones en la gestión pública.

Al finalizar el curso, contarás con instrumentos para navegar entre los datos, realizar e interpretar visualizaciones y comprender los diferentes tipos de análisis de datos según la política a implementar.

Tranquilo, no se trata de un curso de estadística, sino de adquirir los conocimientos necesarios para interpretar gráficas, reportes estadísticos y comprender su lenguaje. Y, lo más importante: adquirirás las bases para fundamentar tus decisiones en datos comprobables, más allá de tu intuición.

El curso está basado en ejemplos para que puedas ir comprendiendo los diferentes conceptos y metodologías de una manera sencilla, práctica y amena. Encontrarás diferentes actividades prácticas, en las que podrás aplicar los conocimientos adquiridos y practicar con datos y gráficas. Además, te mostraremos casos reales del BID para promover el análisis y presentar las realidades a las que están expuestos los expertos de la región. También te enfrentarás a algunos retos creativos, con los que podrás medir tus capacidades en un nivel de dificultad más elevado.

Finalmente, el curso tiene lecturas y videos que permiten generar una mejor compresión de temas del curso y participar con fundamento en los foros de discusión; en los que se abren espacios para la discusión con tus compañeros alrededor de los temas y retos planteados durante el curso.

Este MOOC ha sido certificado por Quality Matters (QM), organización sin ánimo de lucro reconocida como líder en el aseguramiento de la calidad de la educación en línea. QM ha desarrollado un conjunto de estándares de calidad para el diseño de cursos cuyo cumplimiento ha sido certificado en este MOOC a través de un riguroso proceso de revisión de pares expertos para garantizar la efectividad del aprendizaje.

Starts : 2017-09-25
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX LouvainX

Vous allez découvrir les mécanismes à l’œuvre derrière les grandes décisions qui relèvent du marketing opérationnel :

  • la conception d’un produit
  • la fixation du prix auquel celui-ci sera vendu
  • la sélection des canaux de distribution pour la vente
  • le choix des moyens de communication par lesquels l’entreprise va informer ses clients.

Ces décisions s’appuient bien sûr sur des analyses mobilisant des concepts importants que nous vous présenterons. Tout au long du MOOC, vous aurez l’occasion d’appliquer la théorie à une étude de cas réel qui vous placera dans la peau d’un décideur marketing. Vous bénéficierez aussi d’interviews d’experts et d’échanges privilégiés et interactifs avec les professeurs lors de conférences en direct.

Tous les jours, consommez-vous des biens ou des services ? Ce MOOC vous permettra de saisir la logique du marketing et de devenir un consommateur plus responsable.

Etes-vous un praticien non encore averti en marketing ? Ce MOOC vous permettra de comprendre le pourquoi des décisions du marketing opérationnel et de les mettre en œuvre dans un cas concret.

Etes-vous étudiant et curieux ? Ce MOOC vous permettra de vous familiariser avec les pratiques du marketing, dans les secteurs marchands et non marchands.

Etes-vous un étudiant en gestion ? Ce MOOC vous offrira un complément aux cours de stratégie et de marketing stratégique. Il vous permettra d’opérationnaliser les décisions dans quatre composantes classiques à savoir le produit, la distribution, le prix et la communication (les « 4 P »).

Que vous soyez consommateur, praticien ou étudiant, ce MOOC vous offrira un regard éclairé sur l’éthique du marketing.

Avec le partenariat des éditions Dunod pour l'ouvrage Lambin, J.-J., & de Moerloose, C. (2012). Marketing stratégique et opérationnel. Du marketing à l'orientation-marché (8ème édition).

This class will provide you with an overview of the various dimensions of operational marketing (marketing decisions). These decisions concern product development, setting of a price for this product, selecting one or several distribution channels and finally communication tools in order to promote this product. Of course, these decisions rest on conceptual concepts that we will also present. You will have the opportunity to concretely apply course content through weekly case studies for which you will play the role of a manager. This MOOC provides content through videos, quiz, expert interviews, a forum, discussion (hangouts) and additional readings.

To consumers, this class will offer you an understanding of the logic behind marketing and it will enable you to become a more aware and responsible consumer.

To practitioners with no marketing background, this MOOC will enable you to understand the reasoning behind marketing decisions and to apply this reasoning in real situations.

To students with no business background, this MOOC will help you to become familiar with marketing practices both in commercial and non-profit marketing and to understand and analyze important operational decisions in marketing.

To business students, this MOOC will be complementary to strategy and marketing strategy classes. It will enable you to operationalize decisions using the 4 ‘P’s’: Price, Product, Place and Promotion.

To everybody involved in this MOOC, the ethical issues in Marketing will be highlighted.

Ce cours est enseigné en français. This course is taught in French.

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Business Business & Management Entrepreneurship Small business Start Your Own Business

Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, defines entrepreneurship by looking to the roots of the F

Starts : 2017-07-01
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Computer Science EdX Microsoft

This computer science course from Microsoft provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and load a relational data warehouse. In this four week course, you’ll learn how to analyze business requirements, design dimension and fact tables, index and partition the data for performance, and create ETL solutions for ongoing loading of the warehouse.

This course is taught with short-form lectures, demonstrations, and interviews with industry experts. Quizzes and hands-on labs, using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database, will help to reinforce your knowledge, practice skills, and solve problems.

Note: To complete the hands-on elements in this course, you will require an Azure subscription and a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X client computer. You can sign up for a free Azure trial subscription (a valid credit card is required for verification, but you will not be charged for Azure services). Note that the free trial is not available in all regions. It is possible to complete the course and earn a certificate without completing the hands-on practices.

Starts : 2017-05-02
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edX Free Closed [?] English Biology & Life Sciences Business & Management Chemistry Computer Science Data Analysis & Statistics Economics & Finance

This overview course is designed to show new students how to take a course on You will learn how to navigate the edX platform and complete your first course! From there, we will help you get started choosing the course that best fits your interests, needs, and dreams.

Starts : 2015-01-05
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business Spanish Business & Management Economics & Finance

Entender las metodologías para la innovación de productos para mercados emergentes. Las metodologías son: 1) megatendencias sociales, tecnológicas y del comportamiento del consumidor 2) JTBD y 3) Matriz Morfológica.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management DelftX Design EdX

Are you a design practitioner eager to become more strategic? Are you a business professional who wants to become more innovative? In this course, made by the world’s first strategic design school, you’ll follow the lead of big successful companies who already create new business opportunities and spark innovation by practicing design.

This course will introduce you to a hands-on design approach for finding new business opportunities. You will experience first-hand how design can be of value for your organisation. You’ll be challenged to create your own concepts that generate new business opportunities.

This course is produced by the same team that created the Strategic Product Design master programme at TU Delft, one of the oldest and most established programmes of strategic design in the world. Moreover, industry experts will help bridging design practice and business theory in a way that is unique in the present educational landscape.



The course materials of this course are Copyright Delft University of Technology and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) 4.0 International License.

Starts : 2015-02-16
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Business & Management Education Health & Society Information Social Sciences Tech & Design

This course provides an overview of the Design Thinking process and tools used for business innovation.

Starts : 2015-04-20
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Coursera Free Popular Visual & Performing Arts English Arts Business & Management Engineering Information Tech & Design

Combine fundamental concepts with hands-on design challenges to become a better designer.

Starts : 2014-08-26
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Business & Management Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

This course provides you with opportunities to integrate and apply your information security knowledge.

Starts : 2014-09-14
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Engineering English Business & Management Information Tech & Design

The course explores visionary and practical concepts of city design and planning, past and present, and how design can address such looming challenges as urban population growth, climate change and rising sea levels. Participants will be encouraged to make proposals for city design and development, starting with their own immediate environment.

Starts : 2018-01-10
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management BUx Computer Science EdX

Learn how to create a culture of experimentation, where data is swiftly gathered to assess business value and drive innovation.

In this course, you will learn how to use Object and Service Oriented design principles and your development team to increase system flexibility so you can efficiently run experiments at the technical level and also refine business processes and models.

Good design enables a capability for experimentation that would otherwise be infeasible as it speeds up learning and decreases the development time needed to realize the necessary technical changes to drive the next experiment. This capability produces an increase in optionality and paths for innovation; and so overall increases business value.

The course, part of both the Digital Product Management and Digital Leadership MicroMasters programs, addresses both the digital (technical) and social (people) infrastructures and the essential interfaces between them. Managing these interfaces requires designing varying capacities to transfer, translate or transform the knowledge being used to develop experiments. This course focuses on two aspects of the social infrastructure:

  1. the capacity of the technical infrastructure to engage user and identify their needs;
  2. the ability to manage the interfaces between the development team and the technical infrastructure over time.

We will focus on how modular design is essential to project, process, and business model experimentation. Most importantly, you will learn how the synthesis of design, management and experimentation can create real business value.

Starts : 2015-10-12
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Business & Management

Explore how to identify and develop great ideas into great companies. Learn how to identify opportunities based on real customer needs. Take the first steps to creating a successful company.