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Starts : 2014-10-06
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Business & Management Economics & Finance Information Tech & Design

Few people who “just Google it” to find an answer to their every question understand just what the company does (and why). Through this course, you'll join the minority that really gets it.

Starts : 2017-04-01
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edX Free English Business & Management Computer Science EdX Microsoft

Fundamental knowledge of how people work and interact together can make collaboration exponentially more effective. This course is designed to give you a greater understanding of collaboration and ways it can be managed in business today.

As cloud technology increasingly becomes the backbone of collaboration experiences, it is imperative to understand how people collaborate and exchange information. By understanding how people collaborate, you can best select technological tools to support those collaboration efforts across organizations.

You will learn foundational principles for interacting with others, how to define your collaboration style, effective methods for building virtual teams, and the methods to lead within teams. 

Starts : 2016-03-23
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance EdX New York Institute of Finance

What is the structure and purpose of the FED? How does its action impact not just the US economy, financial institutions, but individual investors and savers alike? Are you aware of the relationship between the federal government and the Federal Reserve (FED)? Are you familiar with the federal open market committee (FOMC) and know what distinguishes it from the FED. This is the course for you!

The Federal Reserve is more than a 100 years old today and is the central banking system of the United States. As an institution, the FED’s decisions and policies impact our economy and our lives every single day.

With Europe and other countries now imitating and initiating Quantitative Easing measures that the US Fed has ALREADY implemented, the FED's impact and influence are truly global is nature.

By the end of this course, you should:  

  • Recognize the role and structure of the Federal Reserve (FED).
  • Recognize the role and structure of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).
  • Define interest rate terminology:
    • FED Fund Rate
    • Discount Rate (Window)
    • London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
  • Identify the economic initiatives undertaken by the FED:
    • Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)
    • Quantitative Easing I, II, and III
  • Recognize how the FED controls, owns, and manipulates the short end of the Yield Curve.
  • Get familiarized with the product called Repurchase Agreement (Repo) and Reverse Repo.
  • Recognize the process by which the Federal Reserve facilitates the fine-tuning of cash in the market using Repurchase Agreement (Repo).

Starts : 2015-04-27
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Coursera Free English Business & Management Humanities Social Sciences Statistics and Data Analysis

Learn about the UK's 2015 general election: how does the system work, what is at stake, and how will it affect you? Whether or not you have a vote, if you want to gain a better understanding of UK polls and political issues, join us for discussion and up-to-date insight before and after polling day.

Starts : 2017-02-13
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX RWTHx

Being an entrepreneur and creating a startup requires money. This money is essential to building a prototype, hiring a great team, and launching a new product or service. How do you raise money for your startup? Venture capitalists.  

Introduction to Venture Capital will teach you how to get the money needed to run your startup. You will learn who venture capitalists are, how they think and gain an understanding of their motives, investment strategies, and what they’ll expect from you.

In addition to lectures you will get first hand inside knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on what it takes to successfully acquire money for your startup!

Starts : 2015-05-18
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX Engineering Law NotreDameX

Interested in learning how mobile smartphones and tablets convert digital information to and from electromagnetic signals in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum? Curious how radio designers and spectrum regulators avoid harmful interference within a network or among different wireless services? Debating whether television (TV) band spectrum or cellular spectrum is more valuable to society?  Want to build a radio transmitter and receiver, or develop a business plan for a wireless network deployment in your hometown?  Then sign up for "Understanding Wireless" today!
This survey style course offers an opportunity to gain understanding of the technical, regulatory, and economic aspects of the mobile wireless revolution and its impact on society.  The course is intended for a broad audience, from engineers to business majors to aspiring lawyers, but students will be most comfortable if they are not intimidated by early-college mathematics.
The instructors aim to expose the intricate physics, infrastructure, industry segments, markets, and radio frequency (RF) spectrum challenges behind today's popular smart phones and tablets, and to challenge students to participate in fueling the future growth of these technologies as well as their applications. The course will include such topics as the electrical transmission of information, the physical propagation of radio signals, the principles and challenges of sharing a common medium, standards and patents, spectrum licenses and auctions, privacy and security issues, and societal impact of wireless communication services and applications.

In addition to directed readings, video sessions, and learning exercises, students taking the course for a certificate will be required to take several quizzes and, in the last two weeks of the course, to develop a project selected from one of several options. We are excited to introduce you to the myriad aspects of the wireless revolution and to explore with you how wireless is changing today’s society.

The University of Notre Dame's Office of Digital Learning is sponsoring a final project competition for "Understanding Wireless" learners located in the United States and Canada. Qualified participants will design and submit a project plan to use wireless technology to improve their local community (town, school, local government, etc.), applying the knowledge and experience they have gained in the course.

Finalists will be chosen from the projects submitted according to the potential impact, feasibility, and creativity of the proposal. Students from the U.S. and Canada interested in partaking in this competition must enroll in the Verified Certificate. We regret that the competition is only available to students in the US and Canada at this time. Please note that edX is not involved with sponsoring or administering any aspect of this competition.

Three finalists will be flown to the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana to present their projects in person to the course faculty and a jury of industry experts in September or October of 2015. The winning finalist will receive a budget of $5000 to implement their design.

Starts : 2015-09-15
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Business & Management Humanities Social Sciences

This course 'Unethical decision making in organizations : A seminar on the dark side of the force' will teach you how strong organizational contexts push good people towards unethical decisions. You will also learn how to protect yourself and your organization against such forces lurking in the dark.

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Coursera Free English Business & Management

Learn the strategic approach to management with a flexible, online MBA curriculum. A high-quality and affordable program from the University of Illinois, built on Coursera Specializations.

Starts : 2017-02-01
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX Humanities Social Sciences UQx

A degree is necessary to secure a graduate role, but employers are looking for much more.

The key is showing a potential employer what you can offer BEYOND your credentials.

This is not a standard business course on writing job applications and practicing interview techniques.

We’ve thought deeply about what actually matters to employers and how you can develop the skills and qualities they value.

This course will show you how to take your experiences, extract what you’ve learned from them and present them in a way that would be attractive to an employer. 

We’ll help you develop your employability - the capabilities, skills, and personal attributes that make you attractive to an employer - so that you can successfully navigate the recruitment process and be effective in your job.

You’ll hear from:

  • Employers discussing what they value when hiring new graduates
  • Current students who have maximized their university experience
  • Graduates who have transitioned successfully into the workplace

We’ll also share our knowledge and the perspectives of other experts in this area.

Starts : 2016-07-01
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edX Free Closed [?] English Business & Management EdX MITx

We’ll let you in on a secret. Innovation isn’t confined inside the walls of research labs swarming with PhDs. More often than not, innovation is about ordinary people solving problems that matter to them personally. This could be you.

First, think about what you need. Next, find out whether others want the same thing. If they do, you can start a venture – for profit or non-profit - to supply others with the novel product or service you first developed for yourself.

The examples of user innovation are infinite. A surfer created the GoPro to take “selfies” while surfing. A student came up with Dropbox after forgetting his flash drive. Two broke entrepreneurs rented out their living room to help pay rent, and Airbnb was born. They’ll share their paths to startup success.

Taught by Eric von Hippel, the founding scholar of user innovation, this course will help you think about what problems you should choose to solve and how to share your innovations with others.

You can innovate.

Starts : 2017-04-25
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX UPValenciaX

¿Quieres ser capaz de valorar de forma analítica a Cristiano Ronaldo o a Fernando Torres usando el Proceso Analítico Jerárquico (AHP), método empleado a nivel mundial para la valoración de todo tipo de activos?

El mundo del deporte mueve miles de millones de euros, muchos de los cuales se invierten en los traspasos de deportistas entre equipos. La valoración de futbolistas es tema complejo en el que influyen muchas variables con relaciones complejas.

En el curso aprenderás a utilizar herramientas que permiten seleccionar de una forma objetiva el mejor jugador para una posición dada o estimar el valor del traspaso de un jugador utilizando las cantidades pagadas por jugadores similares en operaciones recientes.

El contenido del curso es el siguiente:

Unidad 1: El mundo del deporte y la valoración
Unidad 2: El proceso analítico jerárquico (AHP)
Unidad 3: Aplicación de AHP a la valoración de deportistas
Unidad 4: Ejemplos

Este curso está actualmente en modo autónomo o “self-paced”. ¿Qué significa esto? Que puedes empezarlo cuando quieras y seguirlo a tu ritmo ya que no hay fecha prevista de cierre y cada 6-8 semanas se generarán certificados a aquellos que lo hayan superado. Por otro lado los profesores participarán algo menos en los foros, seguirás teniendo soporte por su parte pero es posible que tarde algo más en contestar tus dudas.

This course is taught in Spanish with English subtitles.

Starts : 2016-05-02
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance

This is Capstone Project that is the natural culmination of the Specialization and offers qualified learners to apply their knowledge to analyze a real company or complex project. It will reflect the most salient features of the real world that you are likely to confront.

Starts : 2016-01-04
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance

This course is a rigorous introduction to alternative methods of valuation and will enable the learner to conduct analysis of most projects and companies. This course will also serve useful to anyone interested in, or required to, critically evaluating project and company analyses conducted by experts.

Starts : 2016-03-07
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance

This course is a theoretically sound and practical exposure to valuation. As the final course of the Specialization, it will be useful to anyone in understanding, conducting or critically evaluating project and company analyses conducted by experts.

Starts : 2014-05-26
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Coursera Free Social Sciences English Business & Management Economics & Finance Health & Society

This course will examine current conditions and trends in water and sanitation services in low and middle income countries. Within it we will take a critical look at the underlying political, economic, social, and technical reasons why almost a billion people lack access to improved water supplies and almost 2 billion still do not have improved sanitation services.

Starts : 2015-10-19
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Economics & Finance

Wharton's Applied Knowledge Capstone Project enables you to apply your analytic skills to real business challenges – including your own. You’ll use your newly earned business skills to thoughtfully evaluate a real situation or opportunity from Wharton-governed companies like Shazam and SnapDeal.

Starts : 2014-10-06
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Business & Management Economics & Finance

Whether your interest lies in solving the world’s biggest problems, creating the next commercial success or addressing something closer to home, this course will give you a toolbox to vet your ideas and test them in the real world.

Starts : 2016-01-04
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Education Social Sciences

This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes—to lead change with more conviction and confidence—and improve our workplaces and communities for all.

Starts : 2015-04-06
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management

You will be able to gain and apply your knowledge and understanding of personal and professional awareness, organization and commitment, and use the tools, methods and techniques that you have learned in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity.

Starts : 2017-01-23
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edX Free English Business & Management EdX Humanities Social Sciences UQx

Teamwork is an essential component of most professional activities in the modern world. But what makes an effective team?

This course is an introduction to teamwork skills for all disciplines that will help you improve your own performance and that of your team.

It covers why teams are important, the roles of individuals in a team, systems and processes for effective teamwork and communication, and methods for addressing team conflict.

Throughout the course you will be provided with a range of tools and templates that you will be able to use with any team.

Join us and learn how to make teams work for everyone.