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Starts : 2017-02-27
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This course, also known as BlendKit2017, guides faculty and instructional designers in designing and developing blended learning experiences via consideration of key issues related to blended learning and practical step-by-step guidance in producing actual materials for a blended course.

Starts : 2017-07-10
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This short course will provide an introductory, hands-on introduction to statistics used in educational research and evaluation. Participants will learn statistical concepts, principles, and procedures by building Excel spreadsheets from scratch in a guided learning approach using very short video-based tutorials.

Starts : 2015-10-05
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TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design -- three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. TED talks are riveting talks by remarkable people and are free to the world. This course is designed to introduce participants to the wide variety of resources available on the TED website and how to use them in the classroom.

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This course is designed to encourage educators to develop new creative habits that foster personal learning networks, content creation, and innovative learning practices that embrace curiosity, failure and reflection. Each week a new creative habit is explored through the examination and understanding of one’s own relationship to creativity. The goal of this class will be to increase awareness of personal creativity, to encourage new learning connections in an online environment, to enhance self- expression, and to increase confidence in the use of digital tools through project based activities. Participants are encouraged to share and interact to facilitate a connectivist attitude, get feedback from their peers, and to forge meaningful and personalized ideas about what living a creative life is all about. Educators will be encouraged to tap into their own creative potential while drawing on the synergy created by participating in a creative learning community. Join us in exploring the power and richness of creativity in our lives. Our hope is that participants will not only draw new meaning and strength from this process, but in turn will provide active and empowering contributions in their own learning communities.

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The New York Times said 2012 was "the year of the MOOC" and EDUCAUSE said MOOCs have �the potential to alter the relationship between learner and instructor and between academe and the wider community.� Many elite universities are offering Massive Open Online Courses, but most colleges and educators are unsure about what MOOCs are and if they are worthwhile. Can an "open" course offered at no cost to a very large number of participants who receive no institutional credit be a worthwhile venture for a college? And can a course be effective if participants and course materials are distributed across the Web? In this class, we will briefly cover the history and development of MOOCs. Participants will engage in discussions about why institutions offer these courses, and the possible benefits to both schools and students. This four-week course will examine MOOCs from four perspectives: as a designer building a course, as an instructor, as a student, and as an institution offering and supporting a course.

Starts : 2015-09-14
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If you have a passion for teaching and learning, and want to be an awesome educator now and in the coming decades, this course is for you! We will begin the journey of becoming a dynamic educator for the digital age.

Starts : Jun 2, 2014/strong br
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This course provides prospective college students with a primer in college level reading, writing, and mathematics. Whether a student is preparing to take a standardized placement test, or simply wishing to determine and improve his or her readiness to handle college-level work, this course can help to build mastery and confidence. Students may choose to work at their own pace across all three subject areas, or to select individual content areas. Pretests will determine any learning deficits, which can then be mastered through self-paced learning modules. Not forgetting the importance of the human touch, this course is overseen by a trio of reading, writing, and mathematics professors who will be available to assist and encourage students along their journey to college readiness.

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Do you have a dream for an online course you have been meaning to develop? If you can dream it, you can build it! The goal of this course is help you look at the course design process from a different perspective using a backwards design approach to address your specific disciplinary needs. This 8-week course is designed for instructors, graduate students, and instructional designers regardless of their level of online teaching experience. Students will be guided through a practical process of designing online instruction or redesigning current instruction. You will design the structure of an online course, build active and engaging teaching and learning activities, and learn strategies for developing online community. The content of this course will include learning how to write measurable objectives, designing teaching and learning activities, and facilitating online community and evaluating your online course.

Starts : 2015-04-20
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What’s in your digital teaching toolbox? Do you have the tools you need to reach 21st century learners? This course will introduce you to digital technologies and show you how to integrate them into your classroom/webspace.

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Ready to explore web-based tools to ignite student engagement in your K-12 classroom? This course examines various web tools and teaches the basics for integrating them into the classroom. Each week we will explore different instructional methods and utilize emerging technology tools to develop presentations, posters, binders, stories, and scavenger hunts. We will investigate the uses and good practices for both teacher-led and student-driven activities through the use of free web-based tools like Prezi, Animoto, Glogster, and many more.

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Ready to explore Web-based tools to ignite student engagement in your K-12 classroom? This course examines various Web tools, reasons for using these tools in the classroom, and encourages you to experiment with the tools. Each week we will explore different instructional methods and utilize emerging technology to develop presentations, posters, organization tools, stories, and scavenger hunts. We will investigate uses and good practices for both teacher-led and student-driven activities through the use of free Web-based tools like Prezi, Wordle, Padlet, Voki, and more!

Starts : 2017-07-10
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This self-paced course provides participants with the opportunity to explore, assess, and document learning mastered through a variety of life experiences.

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Project-based lab course on advanced skills and strategies for integrating technology into the PreK-16 classroom. Optional credit offered.

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Gamification is the integration of game elements into a non-game setting

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Students want to know their instructor. This challenges online faculty to integrate technologies, such as avatars, video, and social media, to introduce their digital personalities and enhance learners’ experiences. This is called “humanizing,” which, according to DuCharme-Hansen, Dupin-Bryant, 2005 “reduces the psychological distance between the students and the instructor.” As online learning initiatives continue to expand, so does the need to leverage new learning technology to ensure students feel connected and engaged with the instructor and the course material. Course Objectives: Learn how to integrate educational technology tools into an online course with an emphasis on technology that can create an instructor presence or increase personal interaction. Share insights and suggestions about how to “humanize” online courses by maximizing the use of flexible educational technology tools. Demonstrate how technology-facilitated interactions can make instructors and learners more "real" online and how this correlates with student learning and retention. DuCharme-Hanson, R. and Dupin-Bryant, P. (2005). Course Planning for Online Adult Learners. Tech Trends March/April 49 (2), 31-39.

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Are you an educator? Double your impact by taking advantage of both the classroom and online environments. Explore methods to effectively combine the two formats and build a class community that engages students and supports active learning in any subject area. For educators both new and experienced. To receive a certificate of completion from the instructor the students must complete one of two options for the final project.

Starts : 2015-05-04
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This course introduces participants to instructional design principles for teaching with mobile technology. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend virtual events facilitated by mobile learning designers and practitioners.

Starts : Mar 24, 2014/strong br
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The Cloud Institute’s Education for Sustainability (EfS) online course is designed to increase participants’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the core concepts, content, and habits of mind that characterize Sustainability and Education for Sustainability (EfS). This online learning community has been designed to provide a foundation in EfS, and the six-week course engages participants in activities that combine systems thinking, sustainable economics, and the science of sustainability, and is open to anyone interested in gaining awareness and new ways of thinking about prosperity, responsible citizenship, and the restoration of our living systems. Course content will be delivered via video, podcasts and handouts – and we will host 3 live chats with Jaimie Cloud. We have optional recommended resources in the form of access to our online portal Cloud Commons. The fee is $39 for a six week subscription to the EfS Content Library of Cloud Institute units and lessons, templates, assessment protocols, enduring understandings, and workshop materials.

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Introduction to Openness in Education provides a broad overview of the ways in which openness impacts many areas of education

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This course will provide a generally non-technical introduction to learning analytics and how they are being deployed in various contexts in the education field. Additionally, the tools and methods, ethics and privacy, and systemic impact of analytics will be explored, presenting a broad overview of the current state and possible future directions of the field. Capturing and analyzing data has changed how decisions are made and resources are allocated in the fields of business, journalism, government, military, and intelligence. Through better use of data, leaders are able to plan and enact strategies with greater clarity and confidence. Data is a value point that drives increased organizational efficiency and a competitive advantage. Analytics provide new insight and actionable intelligence. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon are investing heavily in technologies and techniques to help individuals and organizations make sense of and unlock the value within big data. In education, the use of data and analytics to improve learning is referred to as learning analytics. Software companies, researchers, educators, and university leaders are starting to recognize the value of data in improving not only teaching and learning, but the entire education industry. The growth of online learning and open online courses generates new sources of data for researchers and educators to better understand the learning experience.

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