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Starts : 2017-01-23
22 votes Free Closed [?] Business

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the subject of ethical behavior in business. While the course includes some ethical theory, it is designed to be approachable by the seasoned manager, the novice businessperson, and students in business schools.

Starts : Jan 7, 2013/strong br
22 votes Free Closed [?] Social Sciences History History of the United States I History of the United States II United States History

This course examines the social, political, and economic development of the United States since the end of the Civil War. It traces the rise of an industrial and urban social order, the emergence of the U.S. as a world power, social and political reform movements, and recent transformations. Readings and written assignments focus not only on the major political events and economic developments of the period, but also the experiences of diverse groups, including women, African-Americans, immigrants, workers, and others.

Starts : Jan 7, 2013/strong br
18 votes Free Closed [?] Social Sciences

In this course, we will study the emergence of the major civilizations of the ancient world, beginning with the Paleolithic Era (about 2.5 million years ago) and finishing with the end of the Middle Ages in fifteenth century A.D. We will pay special attention to how societies evolved across this expanse of time

18 votes Free Closed [?] Foreign Languages

Do you want to sound like a native Spanish speaker? Get started by improving your accent. This course provides a practical introduction to Spanish pronunciation for students at all levels. It is taught in English and designed to provide an auditory and visual approach to learning pronunciation. Students will listen to audio files recorded by native speakers and then record themselves pronouncing the same words or phrases. In addition to playing back both recordings to compare the auditory differences, students will have an opportunity to view and compare visual sound waves of both audio recordings. These techniques will help learners assess and improve their pronunciation. Although it will be necessary to some extent, discussion of theoretical issues will be kept to a minimum with the emphasis being on accent reduction.

18 votes Free Closed [?] English & Literature

Writing History is a survey of historical thought, philosophy, and historiography. This course will survey the questions, methods, and debates historians have engaged in over the years and around the world. The course will also address best practices to researching and writing history.

17 votes Free Closed [?] Mathematics

This course is a review of Basic Arithmetic skills that serve as a prerequisite for placement into and success in pre-college and college-level algebra courses. In this course, primary emphasis will be placed on fundamental operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers. Other topics covered include proportions, percentages, representations of data, geometric figures, and measurement. Students who should take this course include: those that have an interest in brushing up on arithmetic skills prior to taking an upcoming placement test or those that have not had math in many years and want to review foundational skills and concepts. This course provides free digital access to all required materials including a student workbook, lesson videos, and online homework practice and assessment. A certificate of completion will be awarded by the instructor to students who complete required activities. The course instructor recommends purchase of a textbook or other course materials. Please see the details below. Required materials: Basic Arithmetic Student Workbook Purchase Info: Hard copy at or access via free digital download. Approximate cost for hard copy: $15

Starts : 2016-04-04
16 votes Free Closed [?] Engineering

Are you considering a career in engineering? Are you fascinated by what engineers do? In this pre-college course, you will gain an understanding of the various fields of engineering and explore the engineering design process, from conceptual design and optimal choice evaluation to project construction.

16 votes Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare

This course will explore the different dimensions of sustainability in healthcare and ways to incorporate those ideas into the managerial and quality improvement processes of healthcare organizations. Then it will compare how those issues have been addressed in different healthcare systems around the world. The course will analyze and discuss the key elements of the five pillars of sustainability of healthcare organizations, which are: environmental, socio-cultural, institutional capacity development, financial, and political. We will review critical issues such as recycling medical waste; sustainable energy solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations in countries with different levels of development; how to improve community health through sustainable healthcare; and many other issues equally relevant to large and small healthcare organizations in developed or developing countries. As the participants review and exchange lessons learned in different corners of the world, they will discover and exchange ideas and tools to assess the sustainability efforts of their organizations and to implement feasible strategies to advance their initiatives.

16 votes Free Closed [?] Mathematics Math Precalculus Precalculus Algebra

Algebra+ is a 10-week online course designed for students who have successfully completed high school algebra but who placed into pre-college level mathematics at their local college or university. This course is for refreshing their math skills with a review of pre-college level algebra. After successfully completing this course, the goal would be to retake your college

16 votes Free Closed [?] Business

Strategy, innovation, ideas. You need all three to be successful in the global economy. But how do you connect your innovative ideas with a winning strategy? Enroll in this course to find out. You’ll learn about the “Innovation and Ideation Process” that will help guide you in decision-making, business sustainability, and organizational change. You’ll gain a competitive advantage (and earn a certificate to prove it). A certificate of completion is available. To qualify and receive certificate of completion for course, individuals must participate in the discussion each week and score at least 85% on weekly mastery exercises. Cost of enrollment: $75.00 OpenLearn™ courses at CSU-Global are not credit bearing. However, students who wish to get credit for their coursework after successfully completing the course can sign up for the online proctored exam. The proctored exam costs $250 and can be attempted twice within a 12 month period. Students who successfully complete the exam will receive three (3) upper division undergraduate college credits for MGT475ex - Strategic Innovation and Ideas. This exam credit may apply towards an undergraduate degree at CSU-Global and may be transferable to other institutions (CSU-Global is a regionally accredited university; however, the amount of transferrable credit accepted by other institutions is at their sole discretion).

15 votes Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences

This course familiarizes students with creating instructionally focused interactive media. The tool used in the class currently is Adobe Flash. Topics to be covered include fundamental programming concepts (variables, variable types, code re-use, commenting code, and basic control structures) in addition to the fundamentals of the flash environment (animation or

Starts : 2013-05-13
15 votes Free Closed [?] Mathematics

The key learning objectives of this MOOC are: 1. Review, develop, and demonstrate their conceptual understanding and procedural skills with selected fundamental mathematical topics 2. Collaborate with peers to solve problems that arise in mathematics and other contexts 3. Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas 4. Reflect on the process of problem solving 5. Justify results using mathematical reasoning 6. Communicate mathematical thinking clearly to peers and to the instructor The learning objectives and course content align with on?campus versions of this type of course. We are building this MOOC around key concepts and skills in the nationally recognized Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the ACT College Readiness Standards, and the SAT Skills Insight. Students successfully completing our MOOC will find their subject matter knowledge to be in alignment with the "typical" course offered by other U.S. colleges and universities. By using Common Core standards, ACT College Readiness Standards, and the SAT Skills Insight, we can also begin to develop post?test instruments that will assess the students' levels of proficiency

15 votes Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences

This course provides students with a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the field of game design, along with practical exposure to the process of creating a game. Topics covered include iteration, rapid prototyping, mechanics, dynamics, flow theory, the nature of fun, game balance, and user interface design. Primary focus is on non-digital games. The course instructor recommends purchase of one or more textbooks or other course materials. Please see the details below. * Challenges for Game Designers, by Brathwaite & Schreiber. [Required; estimated cost $16.50] This book covers a lot of basic information on both practical and theoretical game design. It will be referenced heavily throughout the course. * Tabletop: Analog Game Design, edited by Costikyan [Required; free as PDF download] This is a collection of essays on tabletop game design and analysis. * Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by McCloud. [Recommended; estimated cost $12.50] While this book refers to comics, many of the lessons within it can be applied to game design and other forms of art. It also is written in a comic book format (which makes it fun to read). * A Theory of Fun for Game Design, by Koster. [Recommended; estimated cost $15.50] This book shows the similarities between game design and education. It also incorporated good discussions regarding the concept of Flow.

Starts : 2015-06-01
15 votes Free Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts

This course explores the noir aesthetic as it emerged in the post-World War II era as a major style of Hollywood filmmaking. The course also brings together many digital projects that involve deepening our critical and popular understanding of film noir.

14 votes Free Closed [?] Social Sciences

Gender Through Comics: A Super MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) coming Spring 2013 that examines how comic books can be used to explore questions of gender identity, stereotypes, and roles. This highly engaging learning experience is designed for college-age and lifelong learners. The course, led by Christina Blanch of Ball State University, uses a study of comic books incorporating highly interactive video lectures, online discussions between students, and real-time socially driven interviews. Interviews with the comic industry's biggest names such as Terry Moore, Brian K Vaughan, Mark Waid, as well as others address questions of gender representations and constructions involving both men and women. To purchase the required materials for this course, please visit the Comixology page for Gender and Comic Books. View a video teaser about Gender Through Comic Books

14 votes Free Closed [?] Education

Introduction to Openness in Education provides a broad overview of the ways in which openness impacts many areas of education

14 votes Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare

In Marathon Training 101, 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, exercise physiologist, and author of Running a Marathon For Dummies, Dr. Jason Karp, shows you how to take 26.2 miles' worth of steps to run a marathon, whether it's your first one or fastest one. This unique, four-week online course, which runs January 21 to February 18, includes videos, downloadable podcast workouts, "homework" training runs, and active discussions with other people just like you. It gives you everything you need to know to run a marathon, including: * The fundamentals of marathon training * The knowledge you need to select the right resources for your training * How to structure your very first 20-week marathon training plan * Shoe selection * Ten things you must do on marathon race day * Secrets of long runs * How to avoid injuries The course instructor recommends purchase of a textbook or other course materials. Please see the details below. Recommended materials: Running a Marathon For Dummies, by Jason Karp Where to purchase: or Approximate cost: $18

14 votes Free Closed [?] Public Affairs & Law American Law American Law

This online course will introduce you to American laws related to terrorism and the prevention of terrorism. My approach to the topic is the case-study method. Each week, we will read a case study, along with the statutes, regulations, and other law-related materials relevant to the case. We’ll see how the case was handled in court and what reforms were enacted following the trial. Each week’s assignment will include copies of the relevant laws and court rules, a glossary of terms, background readings, and other supplementary materials. The course will commence with the first attempt by Islamic militants to bring down the World Trade Center towers with a truck bomb in 1993. From there, I'll take you through the major terrorist incidents of the past 20 years, including acts perpetrated by homegrown terrorists, such as the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the trial of the SHAC Seven (animal rights) terrorists in Trenton (NJ) in 2006. Required materials: The textbook for this course is Counter Terrorism Issues: Case Studies in the Courtroom, by Jim Castagnera (estimated cost: $100) Find it at CRC Press

14 votes Free Closed [?] Business

Effective social media policy protects an organization from risk at the same time as it enables employees to develop more effective ways to accomplish work. Driving the implementation of social media policy is a great way for Human Resources (HR) and business leaders to demonstrate value with executive leadership.

13 votes Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences

Digital Media One is a four-week online course designed for students who want to learn digital media. This may include artists, designers, or photographers who would like to build a Web site or Web portfolio to showcase their work, as well as students who would like to learn more about the curriculum of Peninsula College