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Solid writing skills are valuable in boosting your career trajectory. In this course you will focus on how to compose common workplace documents – emails and interoffice memos – that fit your audience, purpose, and context.

Starts : 2016-06-06
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This free five-week course is dedicated to the life and work of U.S. food writing giants Judith Jones, Craig Claiborne, MFK Fisher, Clementine Paddleford, and Michael Batterberry and their work, from restaurant criticism to cookbooks and magazines.

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Using appropriate style and grammar improves the clarity of your writing and helps you communicate clearly and persuasively. In this course you will explore grammar and usage rules so that you can create powerful workplace communications.

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Writing History is a survey of historical thought, philosophy, and historiography. This course will survey the questions, methods, and debates historians have engaged in over the years and around the world. The course will also address best practices to researching and writing history.

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Intended for English language teachers and students, world language teachers and students, and everyone else wishing to understand the structure of English, this course explains English holistically by describing the fixed order of the sentence and the interrelationship of its parts. This course is not a series of independent lessons, but a deeper, more focused, unified look into the structure of English. Participants quickly discover that all English sentences follow the same principles by identifying the places contained in every sentence and the types of relationships and phrases found in those places. From day one, participants describe English sentences in a simple, straightforward manner and are able to apply this information for editing purposes. These skills facilitate the teaching and learning of other languages as well. Course content is taken from linguistics and adapted to language teaching and learning. Course content is cumulative, applies directly to every sentence, and becomes the method for describing how words and phrases are combined into sentences to create meaning. X-words (traditionally called auxiliary verbs or helping verbs) are our keys for unlocking and revealing the hidden structure of every sentence. Class content is provided through the X-Word Grammar online video series available at the X-Word Grammar Store. Subscription cost is $15. The philosophy of X-Word Grammar: The simple sentence is a unique approach and quite different than any other grammar you have ever studied. It is logical, useful, and interesting! If you want to learn about the structure of the English sentence, this class is for you. Try it. You will like it!

Starts : 2015-04-20
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This course is taught in Catalan. Menjar bé a una volta al món no és tasca fàcil . Apreneu com equilibrar alta nutrició amb practicitat mentre navegava al voltant del món .

Starts : 2017-11-13
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This interactive course explores the lived experiences of people with intellectual disabilities and the roles others play in facilitating their hopes and aspirations.

Augmented Reality should not be limited to capturing creatures in fields, malls, or even mountain tops. Instead, it belongs where young learners hang out most-- the classroom.

Starts : 2017-02-27
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Представленные в этом курсе примеры математических моделей реальных процессов помогут слушателям понять определения и эффективность дифференциальных уравнений и их симметрий.