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Starts : 2016-10-17
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If you are interested in developing an understanding of the challenges, level of growth, human resources, logistic support, and the many opportunities for advancement in the global MRO industry, then this course is for you.

Starts : 2017-06-12
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El álgebra nos permite organizar información a través de variables para representar de forma abstracta situaciones de la vida real y por esto es importante conocer cómo se comportan dichas variables.

16 votes Free Closed [?] Mathematics Math Precalculus Precalculus Algebra

Algebra+ is a 10-week online course designed for students who have successfully completed high school algebra but who placed into pre-college level mathematics at their local college or university. This course is for refreshing their math skills with a review of pre-college level algebra. After successfully completing this course, the goal would be to retake your college

Starts : 2015-09-28
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Did you know that allied healthcare careers are some of the United States most in-demand fields? In this introductory course, you will get an idea for what's involved in both clinical and administrative careers with a focus on Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology, Patient Care Technicians, Surgical Processing Technicians and other Administrative positions.

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This online course will introduce you to American laws related to terrorism and the prevention of terrorism. My approach to the topic is the case-study method. Each week, we will read a case study, along with the statutes, regulations, and other law-related materials relevant to the case. We’ll see how the case was handled in court and what reforms were enacted following the trial. Each week’s assignment will include copies of the relevant laws and court rules, a glossary of terms, background readings, and other supplementary materials. The course will commence with the first attempt by Islamic militants to bring down the World Trade Center towers with a truck bomb in 1993. From there, I'll take you through the major terrorist incidents of the past 20 years, including acts perpetrated by homegrown terrorists, such as the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the trial of the SHAC Seven (animal rights) terrorists in Trenton (NJ) in 2006. Required materials: The textbook for this course is Counter Terrorism Issues: Case Studies in the Courtroom, by Jim Castagnera (estimated cost: $100) Find it at CRC Press

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This six-week New School course, which expands on the content of the short free course Innovators of American Cuisine 1, is dedicated to culinary giants Craig Claiborne, MKF Fisher, Edna Lewis, Marion Cunningham, Clementine Paddleford, and Michael Batterberry. As we examine their lives and work, we will explore aspects of the food world ranging from restaurant criticism to food writing, looking in particular at cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers. Each unit focuses on one of the six innovators and draws on panel discussions and interviews with food writers, researchers, and practitioners who knew or worked with them. During the six weeks, you will interact with other students and an instructor, contribute to a blog, and share your writing and images. You will also have the option to submit your own research and reflections to the New School Web magazine, The Inquisitive Eater, a forum for food lovers, professionals, artists, and academics to discuss the role of food in our lives, and its impact on the environment, politics, economics, nationalism, poverty, inequality, and family. We hope this course will encourage you to deepen your exploration of food. With this in mind, we have provided a space for you to discuss your ideas, practice and improve your investigative and analytical skills, and experiment with your ability to communicate through word and image. As we noted in Innovators of American Cuisine 1, we do not aim to create a canon by identifying a set of founding fathers and mothers, but rather to draw attention to the cultural and social dynamics that have brought American cuisine to its present flourishing and popularity. We invite you to look beyond current trends and celebrities to reflect on the contributions of these luminaries to the history of U.S. culinary arts. We do not intend to set U.S. culinary arts as a model. Through the close examination of the American experience and the contributions of innovators to its gastronomy, we want to help you acquire critical tools you can adapt and use to explore your own food culture, wherever you are. This is an open and burgeoning field with much to observe and learn.

Starts : 2017-09-11
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Comprender el sentido y fundamento de la dignidad humana, las dimensiones fundamentales del ser humano, la evolución de las distintas antropologías a lo largo de la historia y sus implicaciones prácticas.

Starts : 2017-05-15
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Learning economics through short video clips, classic readings, podcasts, and innovative assignments makes learning the science of choice fun, exciting and relevant. The “read, watch, listen, and do” approach is used to make learning both engaging and effective. The reading assignments are compact and the videos, podcasts, and assignments re-enforce each other in a manner that assures mastery of key learning objectives in economics and personal finance. Even if this is your first online course, you will find this one informative and user-friendly.

Starts : 2017-06-05
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This course provides theoretical and practical training for epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and professionals of related disciplines in statistical modeling with particular emphasis on logistic regression.

Starts : 2017-04-03
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Regression modeling has long been the standard method for analysis of continuous response data in the health sciences. This course provides training in statistical modeling with particular emphasis on linear and multiple regression.

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Effective communication in a global workplace involves writing concise business emails for specific business and cultural contexts. This competency helps you establish best practices that allow cultural awareness and appropriate use of language, tone, and formality.

Starts : 2017-02-06
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El aprendizaje se invierte cuando realizamos de manera diferente el proceso, cuando vamos en dirección contraria a lo establecido, en este curso te ayudamos a hacerlo de manera autogestiva y colaborativa a partir de tus pasiones.

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This course is taught in French Vous voulez comprendre l'arithmétique ? Vous souhaitez découvrir une application des mathématiques à la vie quotidienne ? Ce cours est fait pour vous ! De niveau première année d'université, vous apprendrez les bases de l'arithmétique (division euclidienne, théorème de Bézout, nombres premiers, congruence). Vous vous êtes déjà demandé comment sont sécurisées les transactions sur Internet ? Vous découvrirez les bases de la cryptographie, en commençant par les codes les plus simples pour aboutir au code RSA. Le code RSA est le code utilisé pour crypter les communications sur internet. Il est basé sur de l'arithmétique assez simple que l'on comprendra en détail. Vous pourrez en plus mettre en pratique vos connaissances par l'apprentissage de notions sur le langage de programmation Python. Vous travaillerez à l'aide de cours écrits et de vidéos, d'exercices corrigés en vidéos, des quiz, des travaux pratiques. Le cours est entièrement gratuit !

Starts : Jan 7, 2013/strong br
12 votes Free Closed [?] Social Sciences Engaging with Art

This course is an exploration of visual art forms and their cultural connections for the student with little experience in the visual arts. The course includes a brief study of art history and in depth studies of the elements, media, and methods used in creative process and thought. This course will teach students to develop a five-step system for understanding visual art in all forms based on description, analysis, meaning, context, and judgement. The Open Course Library (OCL) is a project to create 81 openly-licensed high-enrollment general education college courses & lower textbook costs for students. The Art Appreciation course was developed by Christopher Gildow (Cascadia Community College), published originally with OCL, and is showcased here with his permission.

Starts : Aug 30, 2013
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A key skill for HR practitioners or hiring managers is the ability to attract talent to the organization. Today, the availability of social media tools has changed this process, although the end result is the same. Because the tools change so quickly, this course offers a framework for using social media to your advantage, rather than discussing specific social media platforms in detail. This course addresses a key aspect of attracting talent—the employer brand.

Aviation 101 is a free online Introduction to Aviation Course. Are you interested in aviation? Have you thought you might like to become a pilot? Proceed at your own pace to learn fundamentals that will give you a head start to your aviation career.

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Here is your chance to learn about digital badges and micro-credentialing, a great new way to engage students by recognizing their achievements at various stages in the learning process. This course will include a brief history of digital badges (or “badging”), an introduction to planning your badging system, and an introduction to creating and displaying badges. It will prepare you to make considerations for federal student information policies to develop internal procedures that support micro-credentialing programs. Participants may include educators and learning specialists who are already using badges; those who are aware of badges but have not been using them; anyone considering using badges; and anyone who knows nothing about digital badges and micro-credentialing but who wants to learn! Participants will have the opportunity to earn badges through class discussions and course assignments. “Learn-by-doing” is essential in this four-week course.

17 votes Free Closed [?] Mathematics

This course is a review of Basic Arithmetic skills that serve as a prerequisite for placement into and success in pre-college and college-level algebra courses. In this course, primary emphasis will be placed on fundamental operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers. Other topics covered include proportions, percentages, representations of data, geometric figures, and measurement. Students who should take this course include: those that have an interest in brushing up on arithmetic skills prior to taking an upcoming placement test or those that have not had math in many years and want to review foundational skills and concepts. This course provides free digital access to all required materials including a student workbook, lesson videos, and online homework practice and assessment. A certificate of completion will be awarded by the instructor to students who complete required activities. The course instructor recommends purchase of a textbook or other course materials. Please see the details below. Required materials: Basic Arithmetic Student Workbook Purchase Info: Hard copy at or access via free digital download. Approximate cost for hard copy: $15

Basic Life Support (BLS) will prepare you to respond to life-threatening emergencies in multiple populations with life-saving interventions.

Starts : 2016-01-11
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As an animation artist, why do you need to know physics? Chuck Jones once said, “We must all start with the believable. That is the essence of our craft.” This course will show you how to create believable motion and when to break the laws of physics.