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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English Engineering Medicine

Introduction to Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI) that covers: 1) Informatics needs driven by Big Data generated from current biomedicine and health care (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging population, etc.) 2) Informatics challenges and common methodologies 3) Progress made in BHI and opportunities.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Accounting Accounting and financial statements Business & Management Business Administration Economics & Finance Finance and capital markets

This course examines the underlying concepts, processes, and accountability function of accounting and the scientific foundation for why accounting fulfills such an important role in both ancient and modern societies.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Physical & Earth Sciences Physics

Por que os corpos se movem? Entenda como ocorreu a evolução da ideia do movimento dos corpos e aprenda a prever e a analisar o movimento de um objeto de forma moderna e interessante.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare French Health & Society Social Sciences

L'objectif du cours est de permettre une compréhension pluridisciplinaire du dopage. Ce cours est une opportunité d'observer comment diverses disciplines abordent un même objet, selon différents angles et de manière complémentaire. Il s'agit également de donner des repères permettant d'appréhender le dopage dans sa complexité.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare English Biology & Life Sciences Medicine

This course will survey fundamental principles of cognitive and behavioral neurology. The emphasis of the course will be on the neural mechanisms underlying aspects of cognition and on diseases that affect intellect and behavior. No prior background in neurology, medicine, or neuroscience is required.

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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English Engineering Medicine

We introduce the characteristics and related analytic challenges on dealing with clinical data from electronic health records. Many of those insights come from medical informatics community and data mining/machine learning community. There are three thrusts in this course: Application, Algorithm and System

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare English Biology & Life Sciences Health & Society Medicine

Learn how advances in biomedicine hold the potential to revolutionize drug development, drug treatments, and disease prevention: where are we now, and what does the future hold? This course is intended for healthcare providers 5+ years out of training--a lot has changed!! Other providers, medical/health sciences students, and members of the public may also be interested.

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Coursera Free Health and Welfare English Education Information Social Sciences Tech & Design

This course will survey fundamental principles of language acquisition and learning to read. We will explore the possibility of becoming literate without formal schooling and instruction. No prior background in behavioral science, neuroscience, or technology is required.

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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Computer Science Systems & Security

Learn how to design secure systems and write secure code.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare English Engineering Medicine

A non-technical introduction to the contemporary application of computing to healthcare delivery, public health and community-based clinical research.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Business & Management Computer Science Computer Science Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

Learn about the ten domains of cybersecurity through the lens of subject area experts from companies such as Coca Cola, SAP, and Macy's.

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Coursera Free English Engineering Information Tech & Design

Designing technologies that facilitate learning. Beyond usability, technology for learning has to engage, trigger prior knowledge, prompt for reflection, maintain a balance between too much cognitive load and too little challenge, and scaffold the development of skills.

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Coursera Free Social Sciences French Humanities

Ce cours propose de dresser en premier lieu un état de la planète en termes de répartition de la richesse sur terre et de problèmes environnementaux globaux. A partir de là d'envisager les scénarios possibles et d'approfondir la notion de durabilité.

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Coursera Free Education English Teacher Professional Development

Founded in more than 25 years of research, this course will engage students in various forms of cooperative learning including STAD (Student-Teams Achievement-Divisions) which continues to empower students to work together to improve their understanding of mathematics concepts through a collaborative learning approach.

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Coursera Free English Biology & Life Sciences Engineering Health & Society

Learn about the ethics and policy issues that arise in the science and application of synthetic biology, from bioremediation to medicine.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Humanities Social Sciences

To explain how globalization rebuilt public policy and social behavior, we study the different political, economic, and social actors - public or private, individual or collective - and the exchanges and interactions between them that are remaking international relations. This course is inspired by a French sociological and historical approach to international relations.

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Coursera Free English Biology & Life Sciences Economics & Finance Food and Nutrition Health & Society

Over the next 40 years, food production must double to meet the growing needs of the world population, which is estimated to exceed 9 billion by the year 2050. But, how do producers provide the growing human population with the needed food while maximizing the efficiency of production and minimizing impacts on the environment to ensure a sustainable future for us all?

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Coursera Free English Business & Management Economics & Finance

This course provides an introduction to basic financial planning topics and is targeted towards young adults. General topics include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing, and credit. In addition, the course includes content which introduces students to career opportunities in financial planning.

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Coursera Free Business & Management Economics & Finance

Este curso busca estimular os participantes a compreender e refletir sobre organizações e ambiente de negócios, apoiar compreensão de terminologia contábil, de contabilidade e seus relatórios básicos e inspirar uma reflexão sobre carreira e desenvolvimento profissional na área.

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Coursera Free Social Sciences English Biology & Life Sciences Health & Society Humanities Medicine

Learn about the ethical issues that arise when conducting human subjects research, as well as the history that grounds policies and debates in this area of biomedicine.