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Starts : 2014-03-03
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts English Arts Education Engaging with Art Humanities Teacher Professional Development

Explore how to integrate works of art into your classroom with inquiry-based teaching methods originally developed for in-gallery museum education.

Starts : 2015-10-19
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Arts Audio Education Film Humanities Music

Join thousands around the world in this free, six-week online course that is also a work of public art. Designed by artist and Duke University professor Pedro Lasch, and co-taught by Creative Time chief curator Nato Thompson, the course includes creative exercises and dozens of presentations by key figures in the field of art and social politics.

Starts : 2015-01-12
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Artificial Intelligence Computer Science

The course aims to provide a foundation in artificial intelligence techniques for planning, with an overview of the wide spectrum of different problems and approaches, including their underlying theory and their applications.

Starts : 2014-11-10
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts English Arts Business & Management Economics & Finance Humanities Social Sciences

Arts and culture leaders have a rewarding but tough task: creating sustainable organizations that deliver real social value. There is a lot of competition out there. Being an effective leader means constantly adapting, cleverly using the best tools to reach as many people as possible. This course is designed to help leaders at any level do just that.

Starts : 2015-04-20
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Coursera Free Education English Teacher Professional Development

Did you miss the course when it ran in 2014? Now you can join up for the next offering. Learn about ways to assess and teach new and emerging 21st century skills: we cover the nature of these skills, methods of assessment, interpretation and reporting of assessments, and their implications for teaching.

Starts : 2015-06-08
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Coursera Free Education English Business & Management Economics & Finance Mathematics

This course is part one of a two-part introductory survey of graduate-level academic asset pricing. We will focus on building the intuition and deep understanding of how the theory works, how to use it, and how to connect it to empirical facts. This first part builds the basic theoretical and empirical tools around some classic facts. The second part delves more deeply into applications and empirical evaluation.

Starts : 2015-06-08
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Coursera Free Business English Business & Management Economics & Finance Mathematics

This course is part two of an introduction to graduate-level academic asset pricing. This second part uses the theory and elaborates empirical understanding. It explores some classic applications including the Fama-French three-factor model, consumption and the equity premium, and extends the theory to cover options, bonds, and portfolios.

Starts : 2015-01-12
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Life Sciences English Biology Biology & Life Sciences College Biology Human biology Physics Science

Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth.

Starts : 2015-02-15
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Physical Sciences English Biology & Life Sciences Energy & Earth Sciences Physical & Earth Sciences Physics

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries while also providing support at an introductory level for those who have no background in science.

Starts : 2015-05-18
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Coursera Free Physical Sciences English Physical & Earth Sciences Physics Statistics and Data Analysis

How astronomy really works - an overview of the technology that astronomers use to collect and measure light from the universe, and how it is used in practice to make scientific discoveries.

Starts : 2015-09-21
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts English Audio Engineering Film Information Music Tech & Design

In this course you will learn about audio signal processing methodologies that are specific for music and of use in real applications. You will learn to analyse, synthesize and transform sounds using the Python programming language.

Starts : 2018-12-31
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Foreign Languages English Education Humanities Social Sciences

By the end of this course you will have developed a spoken and written profile in German that reflects your backgrounds, customs and the cities you live in. Through the medium of a foreign language, we will learn about each other and exchange our reactions to contemporary German life and lifestyles.

Starts : 2015-03-02
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Coursera Free Ethnic Studies English Arts Humanities

This course is a short introduction to the rich and distinctive world of Australian literature, a world of ancient and modern forms of writing about a vast and varied continent. Explore the work of writers who have responded imaginatively to the unique landscapes of Australia and to its remarkable human history.

Starts : 2015-09-12
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Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Computer Science Theory

This course covers finite automata, context-free grammars, Turing machines, undecidable problems, and intractable problems (NP-completeness).

Starts : 2015-12-01
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Coursera Free Closed [?] English Biology & Life Sciences Health & Society Medicine

This course will give you an introduction to bacteria and chronic infections. Leading experts in the field will make you familiar with the fundamental concepts of microbiology and bacteriology such as single cell bacteria, biofilm formation, and acute and chronic infections.

Starts : 2016-06-20
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Spanish Energy & Earth Sciences Physical & Earth Sciences

Es evidente que si no tomamos medidas para combatir el cambio climático el mundo será 4 grados centígrados más cálido a finales de siglo. Este incremento de temperatura amenaza nuestra sociedad tras décadas de desarrollo y nos encontramos actualmente en un punto de inflexión decisivo para el futuro de la humanidad. Este curso presenta las últimas evidencias científicas sobre el cambio climático y algunas de las alternativas e iniciativas que debemos empezar a implementar lo antes posible para poder revertir la situación.

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Coursera Free Closed [?] Health and Welfare English Biology & Life Sciences Medicine

This course will survey fundamental principles of cognitive and behavioral neurology. The emphasis of the course will be on the neural mechanisms underlying aspects of cognition and on diseases that affect intellect and behavior. No prior background in neurology, medicine, or neuroscience is required.

Starts : 2015-02-23
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Computer Science Software Engineering

Start learning how to program video games using the C# programming language. Plenty of practice opportunities are included!

Starts : 2015-02-08
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Coursera Free Business English Business & Management Education Health & Society Social Sciences

The Total Leadership approach will help you become a better leader by having a richer life and have a richer life by becoming a better leader. Learn a practical, proven method for how to articulate your core values and vision; build trust with your most important people; and achieve "four-way wins" -- improved performance at work or in school, at home with your family, in your community, and for your self (mind, body, spirit). It's not about "work/life balance"; it's about creating harmony among the different parts of your life as a leader in all of them.

Starts : 2015-05-01
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Business & Management Economics & Finance Social Sciences

Explore how communities in transitioning economies around the world are working to enable the growth of entrepreneurship when the resources from the private sector alone are limited.