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Do you see yourself as a non-creative individual? Do you want to learn to effectively design and create sharper and more successful websites and graphics from the ground up? This course will teach the basics plus a whole lot more to help get you on the road to creating, designing and implementing solid designs for the web! In this introductory course, basic design thinking, theory and practice will be explored in an easy to absorb, fun and relaxed environment. Students will begin by understanding and implementing the foundations of design: the basic elements and principles of design. These elements and principles are applicable to all design mediums such as architecture, art, graphic design, photography, print and web design. Special emphasis will be given to the application of these principles and elements, along with color and typography, to the medium of web design. For students who have not had formal training in design, this course will bring them up to speed with the fundamentals of design, while learning how to apply these concepts to web and graphic design. For students who have received previous design training, this course will offer new techniques, tips and tricks, and new ways of thinking of design fundamentals while applying these concepts to the electronic mediums of web design and graphics for the web.