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Starts : 2016-01-08
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Coursera Free Closed [?] Mathematics English Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Computer Science Economics & Finance Theory

This advanced course considers how to design interactions between agents in order to achieve good social outcomes. Three main topics are covered: social choice theory (i.e., collective decision making), mechanism design, and auctions.

Starts : 2015-06-01
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Coursera Free Mathematics English Business & Management Economics & Finance

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance covers topics from calculus and linear algebra that are fundamental for the study of mathematical finance. Students successfully completing this course will be mathematically well prepared to study quantitative finance at the graduate level.

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Khan Academy Free Closed [?] Business Business Administration Economics Economics & Finance Introduction to Microeconomics Microeconomics

Topics covered in a traditional college level introductory microeconomics course. Production Possibilities Frontier. Opportunity Cost. Increasing Opportunity Cost. Allocative Efficiency and Marginal Benefit. Economic Growth through Investment. Comparative Advantage Specialization and Gains from Trade. Comparative Advantage and Absolute Advantage. Law of Demand. Price of Related Products and Demand. Changes in Income, Population, or Preferences. Normal and Inferior Goods. Inferior Goods Clarification. Law of Supply. Factors Affecting Supply. Market Equilibrium. Changes in Market Equilibrium. Price Elasticity of Demand. More on Elasticity of Demand. Perfect Inelasticity and Perfect Elasticity of Demand. Constant Unit Elasticity. Total Revenue and Elasticity. More on Total Revenue and Elasticity. Cross Elasticity of Demand. Elasticity of Supply. Elasticity and Strange Percent Changes. Demand Curve as Marginal Benefit Curve. Consumer Surplus Introduction. Total Consumer Surplus as Area. Producer Surplus. Rent Control and Deadweight Loss. Minimum Wage and Price Floors. Taxation and Dead Weight Loss. Percentage Tax on Hamburgers. Taxes and Perfectly Inelastic Demand. Taxes and Perfectly Elastic Demand. Marginal Utility. Equalizing Marginal Utility per Dollar Spent. Deriving Demand Curve from Tweaking Marginal Utility per Dollar. Budget Line. Optimal Point on Budget Line. Types of Indifference Curves. Economic Profit vs Accounting Profit. Depreciation and Opportunity Cost of Capital. Fixed, Variable, and Marginal Cost.. Visualizing Average Costs and Marginal Costs as Slope. Marginal Cost and Average Total Cost. Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost. Marginal Revenue Below Average Total Cost. Long Term Supply Curve and Economic Profit. Perfect Competition. Monopoly Basics. Review of Revenue and Cost Graphs for a Monopoly. Monopolist Optimizing Price (part 1)- Total Revenue.. Monopolist Optimizing Price (part 2)- Marginal Revenue. Monopolist Optimizing Price (part 3)- Dead Weight Loss.avi. Optional Calculus Proof to Show that MR has Twice Slope of Demand. Oligopolies and Monopolistic Competition. Monopolistic Competition and Economic Profit. Oligopolies, Duopolies, Collusion, and Cartels. Prisoners' Dilemma and Nash Equilibrium. More on Nash Equilibrium. Why Parties to Cartels Cheat. Game Theory of Cheating Firms. Negative Externalities. Taxes for Factoring in Negative Externalities. Positive Externalities. Tragedy of the Commons. First Degree Price Discrimination. A Firm's Marginal Product Revenue Curve. How Many People to Hire Given the MPR curve. Adding Demand Curves.

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