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Starts : 2015-05-22
352 votes
Coursera Free Popular Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Engineering Mathematics

This course provides a brisk, challenging, and dynamic treatment of differential and integral calculus, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and applications to the engineering, physical, and social sciences.

Starts : 2015-04-20
317 votes
Coursera Free Popular Visual & Performing Arts English Arts Business & Management Engineering Information Tech & Design

Combine fundamental concepts with hands-on design challenges to become a better designer.

Starts : 2016-06-28
141 votes
edX Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English EdX Electronics Engineering MITx Science

Want to learn how your radio works? Wondering how to implement filters using resistors, inductors, and capacitors? Wondering what are some other applications of RLC and CMOS circuits? This free circuit course, taught by edX CEO and MIT Professor Anant Agarwal and MIT colleagues, is for you.

The third and final online Circuits and Electronics courses is taken by all MITElectrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) majors.

Topics covered include: dynamics of capacitor, inductor and resistor networks; design in the time and frequency domains; op-amps, and analog and digital circuits and applications. Design and lab exercises are also significant components of the course.

Weekly coursework includes interactive video sequences, readings from the textbook, homework, online laboratories, and optional tutorials. The course will also have a final exam.

This is a self-paced course, so there are no weekly deadlines. However, all assignments are due by June 15, 2019, when the course will close.


Student Testimonials

“Brilliant course! It's definitely the best introduction to electronics in Universe! Interesting material, clean explanations, well prepared quizzes, challenging homeworks and fun labs.” - Ilya.

“6.002x will be a classic in the field of online learning. It combines Prof. Agarwal's enthusiasm for electronics and education. The online circuit design program works very well. The material is difficult. I took the knowledge from the class and built an electronic cat feeder.” - Stan 

Starts : 2015-02-02
118 votes
Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Computer Science Engineering Systems & Security

A modern VLSI chip has a zillion parts -- logic, control, memory, interconnect, etc.  How do we design these complex chips?  Answer: CAD software tools.  Learn how to build these tools in this class.

Starts : 2016-01-04
116 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Engineering Mathematics

In this class you will look behind the scenes of image and video processing, from the basic and classical tools to the most modern and advanced algorithms.

Starts : 2014-09-20
115 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Computer Science Engineering Systems & Security

In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors.

Starts : 2013-03-11
114 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Engineering English

Learn how MOS transistors work, and how to model them. The understanding provided in this course is essential not only for device modelers, but also for designers of high-performance circuits.

Starts : 2014-03-03
111 votes
Coursera Free Engineering English Chemistry Physics

This course will focus on the theory, design and operation of commercial nuclear power reactors. The course will also touch on contemporary issues regarding nuclear power generation including: the nuclear fuel cycle, the economics of nuclear power, and nuclear non-proliferation.

Starts : 2014-01-20
106 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Engineering

Learn about how to make mobile robots move in effective, safe, predictable, and collaborative ways using modern control theory.

Starts : 2015-08-03
104 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Engineering English

PLEASE NOTE that all content and materials in this course are the property of Georgia Tech and Dr. Wayne Whiteman, and are protected by copyright, patent and/or other property intellectual property rights under the United States and foreign laws. The terms and conditions of this course are that individuals may download and use materials in this course for your own personal, non-commercial use. Universities and other entities may not use these materials in an organized, group, or classroom-type setting without obtaining licensing permission from Georgia Tech. You may contact Dr. Wayne Whiteman directly for information regarding the licensing procedures.

Starts : 2014-01-20
101 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Engineering English

This course probes fundamental ideas in electrical engineering, seeking to understand how electrical signals convey information, how bits can represent smooth signals like music and how modern communication systems work.

Starts : 2015-10-19
100 votes
Coursera Free Engineering English Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Mathematics

Learn the fundamentals of digital signal processing theory and discover the myriad ways DSP makes everyday life more productive and fun.

Starts : 2014-01-06
98 votes
Coursera Free Computer Sciences English Computer Science Engineering Information Systems & Security Tech & Design

The Internet is a computer network that millions of people use every day. Understand the design strategies used to solve computer networking problems while you learn how the Internet works.

Starts : 2013-11-11
97 votes
Coursera Free Engineering English Biology & Life Sciences Chemistry Health & Society Physical & Earth Sciences Physics

Nanotechnology is an emerging area that engages almost every technical discipline – from chemistry to computer science – in the study and application of extremely tiny materials.  This short course allows any technically savvy person to go one layer beyond the surface of this broad topic to see the real substance behind the very small.

Starts : 2015-05-01
93 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Computer Sciences English Artificial Intelligence Biology & Life Sciences Computer Science Engineering Mathematics Medicine

Understanding how the brain works is one of the fundamental challenges in science today. This course will introduce you to basic computational techniques for analyzing, modeling, and understanding the behavior of cells and circuits in the brain. You do not need to have any prior background in neuroscience to take this course.

87 votes
Coursera Free Engineering English Biology & Life Sciences

Step into the world of Tissue Engineering, a rapidly expanding field of applied biology aiming to create artificial organs for transplantation, basic research, or drug development.

Starts : 2014-09-01
38 votes
Coursera Free Engineering English

The course is an introduction to switched-mode power converters. It provides a basic knowledge of circuitry for the control and conversion of electrical power with high efficiency.

Starts : 2013-08-31
32 votes
Coursera Free Mathematics Engineering


Starts : 2014-07-14
30 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Business English Artificial Intelligence Arts Audio Biology & Life Sciences Business & Management Chemistry

Let’s make history together - again! 让我们再一次创造历史!

Starts : 2014-02-03
29 votes
Coursera Free Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts English Audio Engineering Film Music

In this course students learn the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics and how they can applied to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments. Topics include: sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and applications of these basic principles in amplifiers and speaker design.

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