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Starts : 2017-05-01
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Understanding the ocean is paramount to protecting the Earth. Learn the seven principles of ocean literacy to heighten your awareness, build on your understanding, and take action to protect our most important resource.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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This introductory course is for people who are interested in studying economics or business management. Unlike research universities, study in economics at UAS focuses on how you can understand real-life business cases, apply knowledge to daily business operations, and use the knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Heighten your workplace awareness of social patterns and the communication needs of your coworkers to immediately improve your working environment. This course is for anyone who wants to communicate better with coworkers, supervisors, or subordinates.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Curso dirigido a profesores en ambientes bilingües (español y otro idioma) para establecer la relación entre el lenguaje oral y el aprendizaje de la lectoescritura.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Los estudiantes podrán comprender el papel del personalismo en la política del país, el de los militares como poder de facto, del factor petrolero como eje del sistema político, económico y social, y el del activismo internacional.

Starts : 2017-05-01
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Preventive security and reducing privacy threats are global issues in the 21st century. This world first course investigates the biological traits that uniquely identify individuals such as fingerprints, irises and signatures and the biometric technologies that safeguard against identify theft and electronic fraud.

Starts : 2017-10-11
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edX Free English DelftX EdX Engineering

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your train on the right platform at the scheduled time every day?

Understanding the complexity behind today’s sophisticated railway systems will give you a better insight into how this safe and reliable transportation system works. We will show you the many factors which are involved and how multiple people, behind the scenes, have a daily task that enables you to get from home to work. Journey with us into the world of rail - a complex system that connects people, cities and countries.

Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced technical and operational solutions, dealing with continuously changing demands for more efficient transport for both passengers and freight every day. Each system consists of many components that must be properly integrated: from trains, tracks, stations, signaling and control systems, through monitoring, maintenance and the impact on cities, landscape and people. This integration is the big challenge and the source of many train delays, inconvenient connections and other issues that impact our society.

This engineering course attempts to tackle those issues by introducing you to a holistic approach to railway systems engineering. You will learn how the system components depend on each other to create a reliable, efficient and state-of-the-art network.

We will address questions such as:

  • How do railways work and how did they evolve over time?
  • What factors give rise to everyday issues?
  • How do different components of the railway system interact?
  • What is the effect of train stations and the network from an urban, social and economic point of view?
  • What can be done to improve the monitoring and maintenance of tracks?
  • How are timetables designed in a way that balances passenger demand with the capacity of the railway and is adaptable to handle unexpected disturbances?
  • What can be done to prevent and deal with disturbances caused by external factors and how do they affect the whole rail system?
  • How does the design of railways influence their performance over time?

A new serious game has been designed for this course to guide you through the process of decision making while building a rail network and maintaining it. Cities have to be connected in an ever-changing setting, dealing with wear, capacity, developments and disturbances. What choices do you make and how do they affect the performance of the system?

For this MOOC, our very own TU Delft Measurement Train will be used to give you insights of the track and vehicle design, real-life monitoring and pantograph/catenary interaction. Together with the game this will give you the opportunity to see real-life examples and implement the knowledge you learn in a simulated environment.

This first ever MOOC on railway systems engineering is delivered by the renowned experts of TU Delft and leading professionals working in the industry. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical examples, with the main objective to maintain a high degree of reliability under predictable and unknown circumstances.

If you want to learn about the science behind the exciting world of railway systems - whether train, metro or tram - this course will set you on the right track!

Starts : 2017-05-17
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edX Free English Chemistry EdX HarvardX Physics Science

In Part 2 of Science and Cooking (Part 1 is available here), we will be visited by more world-famous chefs who use a number of different styles and techniques in their cooking.  Each chef will demonstrate how he or she prepares delicious and interesting creations, and we will explore how fundamental scientific principles make them possible.

Topics will include:

  • How cooking changes food texture
  • Making emulsions and foams
  • Phase changes in cooking

You will also have the opportunity to become an experimental scientist in your very own laboratory — your kitchen! By following along with the recipes of the week, taking precise measurements, and making skillful observations, you will learn to think like both a chef and a scientist.  This practice will prepare you for the final project, when you will design and perform an experiment to analyze a recipe of your choice from a scientific perspective.

The lab is certainly one of the most unique components of this course — after all, in what other science course can you eat your experiments?

This course focuses on the physical changes that occur during cooking.  If you are interested in signing up for “Part 1,” which focuses more on the chemistry of cooking, you can do so here.

Starts : 2017-04-25
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX SorbonneX UPMCx

Savez-vous que les machines les plus puissantes au monde sont massivement parallèles ? Saviez-vous que les objets les plus courants de notre vie quotidienne, comme les voitures ou les smartphones, sont de véritables ordinateurs parallèles ?

En effet, les voitures les plus simples embarquent une trentaine de capteurs et processeurs sur lesquels s'exécutent différents programmes qui coopèrent. Les véhicules les plus sophistiqués dépassent d'ailleurs la centaine de capteurs et processeurs... et ne parlons pas des véhicules autonomes qui se profilent dans un avenir proche. D'ailleurs, vous savez tous qu'internet peut également être vu comme un système massivement parallèle ?

Bref, les systèmes parallèles ont déjà envahi notre vie quotidienne et sont présents dans tous les secteurs. La principale conséquence est que l'informaticien d'aujourd'hui se doit de maîtriser ce type de programmation, qui est loin d'être trivial. En effet, tôt ou tard, il ne pourra qu'être confronté à ce type de problèmes.

L'objectif du MOOC « Programmation Concurrente » est de vous donner un aperçu de ce domaine. Nous y présenterons les problèmes posés par la concurrence, les solutions algorithmiques proposés (moniteurs, sémaphores, etc.) et illustrerons nos propos à l'aide du langage Java, qui, dans sa version 8 (en fait depuis la version 7), intègre de nombreux mécanismes permettant au programmeur désireux de comprendre la programmation concurrence, de s'y focaliser sans avoir à manipuler des mécanismes de bas niveau, comme ceux que l'on trouve dans de nombreux langages (par exemple, C avec les bibliothèques Posix).

Ce cours est principalement destiné à des personnes maîtrisant déjà au moins un langage de programmation, objet si possible. Il est dérivé d'une unité d'enseignement de troisième année dispensée à l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie, le premier établissement universitaire à avoir proposé en France, en 1967, un diplôme d'informatique.

Afin que vous puissiez mieux suivre ce MOOC, il est nécessaire de connaître le langage Java. À ce titre, des ressources de préparation sont à votre disposition via le lien suivant :

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A quick, one-lesson introduction to the Unix-style command-line environment. This course is intended to get you up to speed on the shell — using a terminal, managing files and directories, and running command-line programs.

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This course is intended for budding full-stack web developers to master the basics of HTTP, the protocol that underlies all web technology. In this course, you'll explore HTTP directly, talking with web servers and browsers by hand. You'll write and deploy low-level web applications in Python. And you'll learn more about how HTTP connects with other web technologies.

Starts : 2017-05-16
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edX Free English Business & Management DelftX EdX Engineering Science WageningenX

Are you an entrepreneur, or do you have a passion for building your own technology startup? This course will help and encourage you to start a successful technology-based venture.

If you always wanted to become an entrepreneur, or if you are simply interested in putting a new technology to innovative use, this course is for you.

This course helps you understand the process of entrepreneurship from a technology-oriented background.

The course is made up of modules that are presented by experts in the field of entrepreneurship and technology. Modules include:

  • Team Building
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Financing
  • Customer Acquisition

You will work on your idea in a team environment and examples of founders and start-ups will be used during the course to initiate insightful discussions. The course closes with the creation of a two-page business plan and a video pitch. Selected students will be eligible to participate in a Masterclass at one of the participating universities:

  • TU Delft
  • TU Eindhoven
  • University of Twente
  • Wageningen University & Research

Starts : 2017-05-09
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Engineering IMTx

4G is the cutting-edge network technology that links millions of smartphones to the internet. But how does it actually work?

Ideal for network engineers, sales engineers, application developers, and many other telecoms pros, this course will help you to understand the technology behind the apps and devices we use every day.

You’ll get a solid overview of LTE/EPC (Long Term Evolution / Evolved Packet Core) 4G networks, how they work, how the network architecture is designed, and which protocols are used.

First, you’ll gain exposure to the global architecture of the network, how the radio interface works, and how security is guaranteed.

Then you’ll dive into the operational side. What is a bearer? How is it quickly configured and released? How does 4G handle millions of terminals that are on the move all the time?

Over the next few years, the advent of 5G will see over 20 billion mobile terminals go online.

By mastering the key concepts of 4G, you can be ready for the next chapter in mobile networking—and the jobs of the future.

Whether you’re a graduate student or already in a professional role, targeting a career move or just building your skills, you’ll gain plenty of detailed, practical knowledge that you can put into practice immediately.

This course is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation.

Starts : 2017-03-22
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Microsoft

In this course, you will learn about how to manage and troubleshoot a Skype for Business Server deployment.

You will learn how to plan and deploy conferencing in Skype for Business 2015 Server. Conferencing is one of the key reasons why many organizations deploy Skype for Business. Conferencing includes Web conferencing, dial-in conferencing and planning for large conferences. Finally, you will also learn how to provide external access to your Skype for Business Server deployment for employees and users from other organizations.

This is the second in a series of three courses that will prepare you for 70-334 “Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015” exam.

Starts : 2017-03-27
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edX Free English Computer Science EdX Microsoft

In this course, you will learn how to design and configure the core components of an on-premises Enterprise Voice deployment, implement enhanced calling features, and manage IP Phones. You will also learn how to implement emergency dialing and optimize your network for Enterprise Voice. Finally, you will learn how to monitor and maintain voice quality.

This course is the third in a series of three courses designed to help you prepare for the 70-333 “Deploying Enterprise Voice with Skype for Business 2015” exam.

Starts : 2016-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate Urban Studies and Planning

This course explores the evolution of poverty and economic security in the United States, within a global context. It examines the impact of recent economic restructuring and globalization, and reviews the current debate about the fate of the middle class, sources of increasing inequality, and approaches to advancing economic opportunity and security. In this class, students will study the topic of poverty and economic security through the lens of the lived experience of Americans: individuals, families, and households; exploring the history, geography, and forces shaping the likelihood of being poor in America.

Starts : 2016-09-01
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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) Free Architecture MIT OpenCourseWare Undergraduate

This class is developed around the concept of disobedient interference within the existing models of production of space and knowledge.

Modeling is the main modus operandi of the class as students will be required to make critical diagrammatic cuts through processes of production in different thematic registers – from chemistry, law and economy to art, architecture and urbanism – in order to investigate the sense of social responsibility and control over the complex agendas embedded in models that supports production of everyday objects and surroundings. Students will be encouraged to explore relations between material or immaterial aspects and agencies of production, whether they emerged as a consequence of connection of mind, body and space, or the infrastructural, geographical and ecological complexities of the Anthropocene. These production environments will be taken as modeling settings.

Starts : 2017-06-01
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edX Free English Chemistry Computer Science EdX HarvardX Physics

Welcome to The Quantum World!

This course is an introduction to quantum chemistry: the application of quantum theory to atoms, molecules, and materials. You’ll learn about wavefunctions, probability, special notations, and approximations that make quantum mechanics easier to apply. You’ll also learn how to use Python to program quantum-mechanical models of atoms and molecules.

HarvardX has partnered with DataCamp to create assignments in Python that allow students to program directly in a browser-based interface. You will not need to download any special software, but an up-to-date browser is recommended.

This course has serious prerequisites. You will need to be comfortable with college-level chemistry and calculus. Some prior programming experience is also encouraged.

The Quantum World is ideal for:

  • Chemistry majors who want extra material alongside an on-campus course
  • Chemistry majors at an institution that does not offer quantum chemistry
  • Physics or CompSci majors who want to branch out to chemistry
  • Graduate students refreshing on quantum mechanics before their qualifying exams
  • Professional chemists who want to brush up on their skills

Starts : 2017-05-03
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edX Free English EdX Health & Safety JaverianaX

Alguna vez se ha preguntado ¿Qué ocurre cuando envejecemos? o ¿Qué cuidados debemos brindarle al adulto mayor?

En este curso introductorio usted aprenderá sobre los aspectos básicos del envejecimiento, pautas de envejecimiento activo y el cuidado al adulto mayor en diferentes escenarios. Amplíe su conocimiento sobre esta temática en momentos claves de envejecimiento de la población como los que vivimos actualmente a nivel mundial.

Si después de tomar este curso usted está interesado o interesada en adquirir un mayor conocimiento y realizar un posgrado lo invitamos a conocer nuestro campus y la Maestría en Cuidado de Enfermería al Adulto Mayor. 

Starts : 2017-05-02
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edX Free English Design Education & Teacher Training EdX SmithsonianX

Want to teach your students how to tackle difficult community problems using creative and novel solutions?

This education and teacher training course has been developed to train teachers to use design thinking in the classroom to find creative and innovative solutions to everyday community problems. It is based on Cooper Hewitt’s innovative classroom activity called Design in the Classroom as well as on our national workshop series, Smithsonian Design Institute.

In this course, you will define design and learn how it can be many things to many people. You will also learn the stages of the design process and work through each stage to create a design solution to a real-life community problem. Finally, you will take design into your own classroom by discussing how design thinking can be used to address required curriculum, evaluating existing design-based lesson plans, and creating a design-based lesson plan for your students.