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Starts : 2015-06-15
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Coursera Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies English Business & Management Humanities Social Sciences

Do you ever wonder why you aren’t as happy and fulfilled as you should be, given everything you have? Or perhaps you are about to graduate and want to know what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Or maybe you are already as happy as happy can be, but are just curious about the latest findings from the science of happiness. Whatever your situation, this course is for you. By taking it, not only will you learn about “7 deadly happiness sins,” you will also learn how to overcome them through the “7 habits of the highly happy.” .

Starts : Apr 19, 2013/strong br
1 votes Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies Ethics Humanities Linguistics and Philosophy

This course presents the academic foundations and historical development of multicultural moral decision-making and helps students develop their ability to interrelate reflectively, responsibly, and respectfully with a society of increasing intercultural connections. Students will first explore how people approach moral decision-making, and then how multicultural and intercultural moral decision-making ought to be made. This approach is analogous to how grammar first describes the way language is in fact used, and how it then prescribes the way language ought to be used. A blend of online instructional strategies will be utilized throughout this course. Students can expect to spend three to six hours per week to complete and submit all course deliverables. Preparation for exams will require additional time. Upon successful completion of this course, students should have the ability to engage in serious reflection on issues of ethics and values related to intercultural and multicultural decision-making. Required Text: $49.99 Jeffrey W. Bulger, MORAL PHILOSOPHY: A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Moral Decision-Making, Vol 1-8, Plato

Starts : 2014-08-27
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edX Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies English Art & Culture EdX History Humanities Literature UTAustinX

The last century ushered in significant progress. Philosophers, scientists, artists, and poets overthrew our understanding of the physical world, of human behavior, of thought and its limits, and of art, creativity, and beauty. Scientific progress improved the way we lived across the world. Yet the last century also brought increased levels of war, tyranny, and genocide. Man pushed boundaries of good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice – and people lost faith in values. Now, thinkers and leaders are reconstructing theories of value and creating institutions to embody them. Join this thought-provoking, broad-sweeping course as it draws intriguing connections between philosophy, art, literature, and history, illuminating our world and our place in it. Before your course starts, try the new edX Demo where you can explore the fun, interactive learning environment and virtual labs. Learn more.

Starts : 2017-04-15
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edX Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies English Biology & Life Sciences EdX Ethics GeorgetownX Humanities Law

Should we clone humans? What should we think of the coming genetic revolution? How much control should we have over how and when we die? When does medical treatment turn into medical enhancement — and should we care? Is rationing health care good, bad, necessary — or all of the above?

This course will explore fundamental moral issues that arise in medicine, health, and biotechnology. Some are as old as life itself: the vulnerability of illness, the fact of death. Some are new, brought on by a dizzying pace of technology that can unsettle our core ideas about human nature and our place in the world. And nearly all intersect with issues of racial and gender equality, as well as policies affecting the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Designed to introduce students to the range of issues that define bioethics, together with core concepts and skills, this course should be of interest to undergraduates, health care professionals, policy makers, and anyone interested in philosophy or ethics.

Before your course starts, try the new edX Demo where you can explore the fun, interactive learning environment and virtual labs. Learn more.

4 votes Free Closed [?] General & Interdisciplinary Studies Ethics Humanities Linguistics and Philosophy Political Science

Students of political science should understand how ethics, culture, religion, and morality help to shape public debate, policymaking, and policy execution. This course will provide you with an overview of the role that ethical, cultural, religious, and moral principles play in the formulation and execution of public policy by lawmakers and other public officials. After studying the foundational theories of ethics and morality in politics, you will review arguments about existing issues in domestic and international policy, studying each dilemma from a variety of perspectives.  Common themes seen in ethics debates include justice, equality, fairness, individual liberty, free enterprise, charity, fundamental human rights, and minimizing harm to others. These themes are integrated into various decision-making models, such as the Utilitarian Approach, the Fairness and Justice Approach, and the Rights Approach. In the execution of public policy, it is impossible to do no harm to others; often, public policy…

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Open.Michigan Initiative, University of Michigan Free Foreign Languages Foreign Languages and Literatures Humanities Spanish Spanish culture Spanish language

SPANISH 103 is an introductory course to the Spanish language and culture. This course uses a task and content-based approach to learning which integrates grammar in a functional use through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Language use is encouraged through communicative activities rather than a sequence of linguistic units. Learning strategies and cultural awareness are also important objectives of the course. Course Level: Undergraduate This Work, Spanish 103 - Review of Elementary Spanish, by Tatiana Calixto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Starts : 2015-08-18
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Coursera Free General & Interdisciplinary Studies Humanities

人文學,其特色在於「慢熱」,需要耐心細嚐、咀嚼古聖先賢的智慧結晶與其文字背後所隱含的真正意義。史記系列課程將透過對《史記》一書的導讀,引領同學們探究史學之「真」與「善」。 不管你是對中華文化感興趣者、想更深入了解傳統史學者、喜歡論理分析者、或是久仰太史公司馬遷之名之愛好者,這門課一定會讓你收穫良多。因為《史記》不僅記載了無數精彩非凡的歷史人事,更貫串了在它之前的多數古代典籍,可說是集中國上古文明精粹於一書。更重要的是,這門課程中將引導大家如何讀《史記》,進而學會如何讀中國史書、如何讀中國書。 這是一場史學的思辨之旅,希望各位同學千萬不要錯過!

Starts : 2015-02-25
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Coursera Free General & Interdisciplinary Studies Humanities