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Starts : 2017-05-31
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edX Free English ColumbiaX EdX History Humanities

As we see American women coming into positions of unprecedented economic and political power, we start to wonder: why now? The Women Have Always Worked MOOC, offered in two parts, explores the history of women in America and introduces students to historians’ work to uncover the place of women and gender in America’s past.

Part Two of the course will focus on women and their work in the 20th century through the present. Participants will examine how ideas about men, women, and family have shaped the meaning and practice of citizenship for Americans of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Participants will also learn about the implications of race, gender, and class for modern American economic, political, and social life. This course tells the story of overall achievement and growth for women, but also discusses expanding democracy, social justice and new definitions of liberty and equality.

The Women Have Always Worked course is the first full-length MOOC on the history of women in America.

Image courtesy of Library of Congress.

Starts : 2017-06-12
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edX Free English EdX Health & Safety Humanities JaverianaX Law

¿Conoces acerca de los peligros y riesgos laborales?, ¿Sabes, cuántos accidentes de trabajo y cuántas enfermedades laborales se presentan anualmente y cuáles son sus costos? ¿Te has preguntado si las organizaciones se interesan por el ser humano que está al frente de los procesos laborales, de la misma manera en que se interesa por la obtención de beneficios y rentabilidad?

Los peligros, riesgos, accidentes y enfermedades laborales son flagelos de la productividad organizacional, que cada año cobran un alto costo social, económico y humano.  Este MOOC está dirigido a todas las personas interesadas en el tema de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo; empleados y/o empleadores públicos y privados, bajo cualquier modalidad de contratación y sector productivo.

A través de este MOOC reflexionaras acerca de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo como un derecho fundamental que te permitirá reconocer planes de acción para aportar a procesos de mejoramiento continuo que demuestren que la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo es una misión posible.

Starts : 2017-05-02
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edX Free English Art & Culture EdX Humanities MichiganX Social Sciences

Public libraries are becoming dynamic hubs for learning, civic engagement, and community.

This course will discuss strategies for gathering statistical and descriptive data about public library communities. Learners will identify local partners in education, social services, government agencies, and more.

While conducting real-world investigations, learners will gain deeper insight into the wants and needs of community organizations. This will empower learners to make better management decisions to address those needs, even in libraries with limited budgets.