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2017-08-12 01:04:30
New course added: Interactive Music Systems http:///cours...c-systems.htm
2017-08-11 22:26:24
New course added: http:///courses/24676/.htm
2017-08-11 18:54:34
New course added: Interactive Music Systems
(Fall 2016) http:///cours...fall-2016.htm
2017-08-11 13:01:34
New course added: Classical Mechanics II http:///cours...hanics-ii.htm
2017-08-04 05:53:42
New course added: Principles of Chemical Science
(Fall 2014) http:///cours...fall-2014.htm
2017-08-01 03:01:52
New course added: Statistics for Applications
(Fall 2016) http:///cours...fall-2016.htm
2017-07-26 23:19:24
New course added: Landscape Experience: Seminar in Land/Art http:///cours...-land-art.htm
2017-07-19 02:21:58
New course added: Memory, Culture, Forgetting
(Spring 2016) http:///cours...ring-2016.htm
2017-07-17 14:53:30
New course added: Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic http:///cours...-republic.htm
2017-06-22 23:31:16
New course added: For Love and Money: Rethinking the Family http:///cours...he-family.htm
2017-06-22 15:57:29
New course added: Rethinking the Family, Sex, and Gender http:///cours...nd-gender.htm
2017-06-21 00:04:38
New course added: Frenchness in an Era of Globalization http:///cours...alization.htm
2017-06-01 13:27:54
New course added: Writing and Rhetoric: Designing Meaning http:///cours...g-meaning.htm
2017-05-19 01:43:27
New course added: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science http:///cours...a-science.htm
2017-05-13 00:19:04
New course added: Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory
(Spring 2016) http:///cours...ring-2016.htm
2017-05-01 13:13:06
New course added: Congress and the American Political System I
(Fall 2016) http:///cours...fall-2016.htm
2017-04-27 11:36:22
New course added: Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between http:///cours...n-between.htm
2017-04-19 23:18:24
New course added: Technology and the Global Economy, 1000-2000
(Fall 2016) http:///cours...fall-2016.htm
2017-04-08 17:59:53
New course added: Social Science and the Iraq and Syrian Wars http:///cours...rian-wars.htm
2017-04-04 06:00:00
New course added: Science Writing and New Media: Perspectives on Medicine and Public Health http:///cours...ic-health.htm