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Introduction to statistics. We start with the basics of reading and interpretting data and then build into descriptive and inferential statistics that are typically covered in an introductory course on the subject.
Overview of Khan Academy statistics. Statistics intro: mean, median and mode. Constructing a box-and-whisker plot. Sample mean versus population mean.. Variance of a population. Sample variance. Review and intuition why we divide by n-1 for the unbiased sample variance. Simulation showing bias in sample variance. Simulation providing evidence that (n-1) gives us unbiased estimate. Statistics: Standard Deviation. Statistics: Alternate Variance Formulas. Introduction to Random Variables. Probability Density Functions. Binomial Distribution 1. Binomial Distribution 2. Binomial Distribution 3. Binomial Distribution 4. Expected Value: E(X). Expected Value of Binomial Distribution. Poisson Process 1. Poisson Process 2. Introduction to the Normal Distribution. Normal Distribution Excel Exercise. Law of Large Numbers. Normal Distribution Problems: Qualitative sense of normal distributions. Normal Distribution Problems: Empirical Rule. Normal Distribution Problems: z-score. Exercise: Standard Normal Distribution and the Empirical Rule. More Empirical Rule and Z-score practice. Central Limit Theorem. Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean. Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean 2. Standard Error of the Mean. Sampling Distribution Example Problem. Confidence Interval 1. Confidence Interval Example. Mean and Variance of Bernoulli Distribution Example. Bernoulli Distribution Mean and Variance Formulas. Margin of Error 1. Margin of Error 2. Small Sample Size Confidence Intervals. Hypothesis Testing and P-values. One-Tailed and Two-Tailed Tests. Z-statistics vs. T-statistics. Type 1 Errors. Small Sample Hypothesis Test. T-Statistic Confidence Interval. Large Sample Proportion Hypothesis Testing. Variance of Differences of Random Variables. Difference of Sample Means Distribution. Confidence Interval of Difference of Means. Clarification of Confidence Interval of Difference of Means. Hypothesis Test for Difference of Means. Comparing Population Proportions 1. Comparing Population Proportions 2. Hypothesis Test Comparing Population Proportions. Squared Error of Regression Line. Proof (Part 1) Minimizing Squared Error to Regression Line. Proof Part 2 Minimizing Squared Error to Line. Proof (Part 3) Minimizing Squared Error to Regression Line. Proof (Part 4) Minimizing Squared Error to Regression Line. Regression Line Example. Second Regression Example. R-Squared or Coefficient of Determination. Calculating R-Squared. Covariance and the Regression Line. Correlation and Causality. Chi-Square Distribution Introduction. Pearson's Chi Square Test (Goodness of Fit). Contingency Table Chi-Square Test. ANOVA 1 - Calculating SST (Total Sum of Squares). ANOVA 2 - Calculating SSW and SSB (Total Sum of Squares Within and Between).avi. ANOVA 3 -Hypothesis Test with F-Statistic. Another simulation giving evidence that (n-1) gives us an unbiased estimate of variance. Mean Median and Mode. Range and Mid-range. Reading Pictographs. Reading Bar Graphs. Reading Line Graphs. Reading Pie Graphs (Circle Graphs). Misleading Line Graphs. Stem-and-leaf Plots. Box-and-Whisker Plots. Reading Box-and-Whisker Plots. Statistics: The Average. Statistics: Variance of a Population. Statistics: Sample Variance. Deductive Reasoning 1. Deductive Reasoning 2. Deductive Reasoning 3. Inductive Reasoning 1. Inductive Reasoning 2. Inductive Reasoning 3. Inductive Patterns.

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