Math 102: College Mathematics

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Prepare for the College Mathematics CLEP Exam through Education Portal's brief video lessons on mathematics. This course covers topics ranging from real number systems to probability and statistics. You'll learn to use the midpoint and distance formulas, graph inequalities and multiply binomials. You'll also explore the properties of various shapes and learn to determine their area and perimeter. Our lessons are taught by professional educators with experience in mathematics. In addition to designing the videos in this course, these educators have developed written transcripts and self-assessment quizzes to round out your learning experience.

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The College Mathematics examination covers material generally taught in a college course for non-mathematics majors and majors in…


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The examination measures knowledge and understanding of material and skills typically taught in an undergraduate course that serve…



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Prepare for the College Mathematics CLEP Exam through Education Portal's brief video lessons on mathematics. This course covers…

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