CS302: Software Engineering

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CS302: Software Engineering

Software engineering is a discipline that allows us to apply engineering and computer science concepts in the development and maintenance of reliable, usable, and dependable software. The concept of software engineering was first discussed at the 1968 NATO Science Committee in Germany. Today, many practitioners still debate over the term software engineering, often arguing that this discipline does not meet the criteria of engineering; rather, it should be called software development. There are several areas to focus on within software engineering, such as design, development, testing, maintenance, and management. Software development outside of the classroom is a very complex process, mostly because real-world software is much larger and more complex. The purpose of this course is to present software engineering as a body of knowledge. The course is designed to present software engineering concepts and principles in parallel with the software development life cycle. The course will begin with an introducti…

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This course covers topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity; str…

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This is a foundation subject in modern software development techniques for engineering and information technology. The design and…

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This is a reading and discussion subject on issues in the engineering of software systems and software development project design.


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  • Software Development

    The path to get bachelor degree in Software Development. This is alternative to colleges programs of study. The path requires K12 education as the base.

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