What is "My Education Path"?

"My Education Path" is the site that helps you navigate in e-Learning sources. We try to systematize information about online education. You can use this service to find online courses, share comments and reviews. Our mission is to help people to build a personal education path using free or cheap online courses as alternative to traditional higher education. We help to find free alternatives to expensive college/university courses.

What is education path?

Personal education path is the plan of getting higher education using courses from different providers. The path can include not only online courses but also interships, trainings , groupings etc.
This site helps to build own education plan according to personal possibilities and aims.
On the site you can use My path tool to plan your education. Read more about My path tool.

What is education provider(vendor)?

This is a company that offers online (or online+offline) courses. In the courses directory we list both free and paid courses. Also we call "education provider" all companies offering MOOCs. As well, sometimes we use phrase "education vendor" or "MOOC vendor". This means same as "education provider"

What is certification provider?

This is a company that offers exams to certify knowledges. We allow certification providers to add their exams to the Exams Directory and prepare a list of courses from the Courses Directory to prepare for an exam. Read more about certification providers and how to add your exams to the listings.

How to publish my courses in your directory?

Any company offering online courses can register in our online courses directory for free. Once registered you can add your courses. Read details.

Do you offer free online courses?

No. This site doesn't offer any courses or education. We just share information about other course providers.

What is course review?

Courses reviews are created by online students or independed authors who are fimilar with a course and are experienced enought in course subject. A course review is not just a comment. The review should cover general impressions and experience from the course, explanations of summaries.

What is provider review?

This is article about some online courses provider.

What is education passport?

This is a public web page where a person can list all completed education courses and classes, interships, trainings. The aim of this tool is to help students who makes their higher education with "non traditional" way. The tool is very useful when you got higher education using online courses (including free courses) as alternative to traditional college education.
When you have your personal education passport you can easy include the link to it in your CV or share with social networks. The education passport is good way to show your education level and skills to employers.
See example of education passport.

What is intership record in the passport?

If you did an intership in some company then you should add record about this to your education passport. This will strengthen affect from your teoretical skills got on online courses.

What is practice training record in the passport?

Practice training records in your education passport can help to describe what practice knowleges were gotten during your education. If you found where to do practice training on a subject of your online course then describe this training in your passport. Employers like to see you have not only theoretical knowleges but also some practical skills.

How to manage my certificates?

Education providers can issue certificates about a course completion using this web site. After a certificate is isssed it is not connected to any student account. However, if a person for which the certificate was issued is registered as student on this web site then he can add the certificate to own Certificates Wall. If the email is certificate is different from what is regisered for a student on the site then email confirmation will be required to own the certificate.

What is a "closed" course in the directory?

Some courses in the directory are marked with the label "closed". This label means the course is not online anymore and is not available for learning. But we keep such courses in the directory to allow students of a course to find it and add to Education Passport. And also we want to keep closed courses feedback for future users of the directory to evaluate a provider or an instructor.