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The free online course French Language Studies – Fashion, School, Work and Finances is designed for anyone who wants to learn to speak basic French. The course, the final in a series of four, is broken down into the basics of talking about clothes and fashion, fitness and exercise, school and college, the workplace and looking for a job, your finances and your relationships. You will learn how to speak in French about your clothes and your interest in fashion, and what exercise you take to improve fitness and stay healthy. You will learn French vocabulary and grammar to talk about where you were educated and what you studied, both at school and university. You will learn key French phrases and vocabulary about the workplace, different professions and looking for a job. Also covered is French vocabulary about finances and bills, and your relationships. The phonetics sections cover the nasal vowels, the mute 'e', links and placing the emphasis correctly in rhythmic groups. The course lays down the foundations of the spoken language by introducing learners to the pronunciation of words and phrases through text and audio. Short audio segments let you hear how the words and phrases are pronounced. These are reinforced with longer videos, including transcripts and translations in English, using related interviews with French speakers. This course will be of great interest to anyone who wants to learn to speak French for use in business or social occasions, and for those wanting to travel to any French speaking country or region.<br />

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Udemy $97 Closed [?] Visual & Performing Arts Abnormal sexual function Global+food Histology Software analysis

Your step-by-step guide to creating simple yet professional videos using profitable strategies to grow your business

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Udemy $97 Closed [?] Business Histology

Make 6 Figures in 6 Months With This Small Business Local Internet Marketing System. Learn & Deploy It In Next 3 Hours!

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Udemy $12 Closed [?] Business Histology

See the view from the top. Learn the steps to take to get your local business to the first page of Google.

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Udemy $59 Closed [?] Business Histology

Learn 10 critical success factors that can make or break your coaching or consulting business

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Business Histology

Key insights to starting and succeeding with your own business. Presented by Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc.

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ALISON Free Business

&quot;21 Steps To Building A Web Business&quot;&quot; is ALISON’S free online course covering the skills and techniques needed to create a successful online business. Chris Farrell, voted Number 1 Internet Marketing Service Provider, describes the process of developing an online business in a non-technical and step-by-step manner.<br /><br />The course is ideal for those who've always wanted to create an online business but lack the skills or knowledge to do so. <p> </p>

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Udemy $17 Closed [?] Business Histology

A Practical Review of 27 VIABLE Ways to Add an Extra $100 a Month in Income for Your Business.

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Histology

Dwain DeVille's Proven System For Turning Your Business Into a High Performance Profit Machine

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Udemy $95 Closed [?] Histology

I can show you how to rebalance and reach your goals in Record Time!

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Udemy Free Closed [?] Basic Trigonometry Histology

Start learning about 3d printing opportunities. We compiled powerful opinions of people from different business groups.

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Udemy $60 Closed [?] Histology

Popular 4 Ways to make money online i.e Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing & Online Business in Hindi & Urdu.

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Udemy $499 Closed [?] Histology

Tested & Proven Ways to Get You More Clients, Customers, and Money for Your Business

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Udemy $9 Closed [?] Histology Information

Practical exercise. Create a Logo 2D, Brochure, Banner, Business Card, Logo 3D. Learn the basics of design 2D now!

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Udemy $49 Closed [?] Histology

The Fastest Ways to Get More Clients & Grow Your Business

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Udemy $39 Closed [?] Histology

Five myths often expressed by small business owners and managers which frequently lead to problems and even failure.

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Udemy $197 Closed [?] Histology

Discover What Every Successful Online Businesses Does to Get and Stay at the Top of their Market

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Udemy $13 Closed [?] Histology

Step-by-step through the Facebook Personal profile Timeline structure to support your business on Facebook

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Udemy $9 Closed [?] Histology

For the rest of the world Italy is a real enigma - said Philip Kotler, the renowned marketing expert - because it is the

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Udemy $99 Closed [?] Histology

This course is the ultimate resource for all things Facebook in the marketing and business world from start to finish.