Managerial Accounting
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The Excelsior College Examination in Managerial Accounting measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in a lower-level undergraduate course in managerial accounting. This examination tests for comprehension of basic managerial accounting principles in pursuit of organizational goals and strategies. The exam tests for familiarity with the fundamentals of basic unit costs, cost flow management systems and processes, budgeting and performance measurement, and cost analysis and pricing decisions. Thinking as a manager/accountant, the test taker should be able to identify relevant information and the appropriate methods for analyzing information while working in a financial, global, and ethical environment.


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In BUS103 [1] (Financial Accounting), we learned that firms need to track various forms of data in order to report to investors, r…

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15.514 is an intensive introduction to the preparation and interpretation of financial information for investors (external users)…

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This course examines management accounting and related analytical methodologies for decision making and control in profit-directed…

Learn the basics of small business and managerial accounting with this complete course.

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