There was a time when learning was what we did from birth to college graduation. After that? We just worked and eventually retired. But the world is changing rapidly. And now, more than ever, learning is something that happens outside the classroom throughout our entire lives. We now have to learn new skills every year just to stay relevant in our jobs (not to mention making a career change!). And it's not just our careers, we also want to learn and continually improve in the things we do outside of work. Whether it's yoga or golf or photography or anything we're passionate about, we want to be better. Every day we see our friends sharing their new achievements and posting their milestones on Facebook; how do we keep up and reach our potential? We're busier than ever. And despite having access to a mountain of information via the internet, we still struggle to find structured, comprehensive, trusted sources who can excite us and teach us all the things we want to know. We need trusted experts, guides, to help us on our way - we need the ability to learn from the amazing instructors in the world.
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Why the Best Leaders Show Their Weaknesses

2016-10-17 16:05:32

It’ll help you innovate too. In the foreword to the reprint of Intel cofounder Andy Grove’s High Output Management, investor Ben…


October 14, 2016: Friday news roundup

2016-10-14 15:42:38

Time for another look back at what we found online this week that piqued our interest and fed our curiosity. How learning and development ar…


3 Things I Tell My Daughters Every Day

2016-10-11 14:39:04

To mark Ada Lovelace Day, CEO Dennis Yang talks about encouraging his daughters to aim high and never give up. My 11-year-old daughter recen…


Hidden gems for October

2016-10-10 23:14:38

It’s time to take another dive into the Udemy library to unearth some of our lesser-known courses and topics you should be learning ab…


Delving into DevOps with instructor Ward Viaene

2016-10-10 15:28:23

Rounding out our Q&A series with tech instructors, today we’re introducing you to Ward Viaene, who teaches “Learn Devop…


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Dreamweaver CS6 mySQL PHP data-driven e-Commerce course Popular
Provider: Udemy

255 votes 0 0
$99 Closed [?]

Learn to build robust data-driven web solutions for desktop and mobile devices with PHP mySQL, XML, jQuery & javascript

Java Basics (Discount Coupon - Excellere) Popular
Provider: Udemy

235 votes 0 0
$30 Closed [?]

Easy to Learn the Basics of Java for Beginners

Tags: Udemy

Fraze na engleskom Popular
Provider: Udemy

227 votes 0 0
$37 Closed [?]

Pristupite bazi od preko dve stotine fraza i izraza podeljenih u 15 tema sa video i audio snimcima koji se mogu preuzeti

Build E-commerce website with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal Popular
Provider: Udemy

226 votes 0 0
$399 Closed [?]

Learn how to build a fully functional E-commerce website with Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal.

Tags: Udemy

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