Tools and Services for Students & learners of online courses and MOOCs

MOOCs and Online courses

The directory of online courses and MOOCs helps to search for a next course to learn. Find free alternatives to paid courses from different vendors. Comment, rate, write reviews of MOOCs and online courses. Also try our MOOC Calendar

Personal Education Passport

Keep and share your education history with the Personal Education Passport. Include the link to the passport in your CV or resume. This tool is most useful for MOOCs students who want to show his online education history to employer when looking for a new job. See the example of Personal Education Passport.
You need to be loged in to start using your passport. Start building your Education Passport.

My Path tool - Personal Education Plan

Plan your alternative education using the My Path tool. Schedule online courses, MOOCs, exams with the education calendar. Share your Path with friends and other students to get comments and recomendations.
Use this tool during all your personal education to keep track and choose correct way of personal development.
See the example of a Personal Education Path.

Directory of Education Paths

We created and continue to add Education Paths built with MOOCs and certification exams. The Education Paths directory contains paths created by us or this site users for different subjects and professions.

Certification exams directory

Find how to get college credits after you learned a MOOC. Browse Exams directory to find subjects you learned with MOOCs and pass an exam to get certification of your knowledge. Comment and rate exams you already passed to help other students.

Locate places to do your courses

We belive co-learning services will appear soon likewise to modern co-working for students who learns mostly online and need good place to learn together with his friends. In the places directory we list public places where MOOC students can study their courses in comfortable learning environment. Everyone can suggest new places.

Learn MOOC together with friends. Local groups support

It is more effective to learn online courses with someone else. We help to find new friends to learn together. We support local communities and groups.

Find a Tutor to prepare for exams

If you learnt a course for free then you already saved a lot of money. It is not a problem to spend some money to a tutor who can help you to prepare to an exam. Or if you do your education with friends then you can take a tutor to prepare your group to an exam. This will be yet cheaper.
to know when we launch the Tutors directory.