OpenLearning was founded in Sydney Australia by University of New South Wales senior lecturer Richard Buckland, developer Theo Julienne and software engineer Adam Brimo. We love learning and we aim to provide a platform that promotes education and learning all around the world. We've designed OpenLearning to give power to students by enabling them to improve courses as they are run and to teachers who can finally teach the way they've always dreamed. OpenLearning launched on October 15th 2012.
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First-Year College Spanish
Provider: OpenLearning

16 votes 0 0

This is a 3 credit course for students with no background in Spanish to become competent in communicating through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This open course will create and provide resources reusable under creative commons standards. Registration for the course is available immediately. Although the course cannot provide college credit from an accredited university, capable students will learn the material of a first-year college class, and will receive a letter grade.

Starts : 2013-01-21

Services Marketing - The Next Level
Provider: OpenLearning

15 votes 0 0

Do you want to develop tradeable knowledge and strategic thinking to advance or change your career? Do you want to improve your business bottom line? Do you need to do your own marketing? Do you want to analyse your service experiences and become a more informed consumer? Whatever your reason, this course is designed to take your services marketing knowledge to the next level.

Starts : 2012-11-05

Services Marketing - Selling the Invisible
Provider: OpenLearning

13 votes 0 0

How do you market a service when there is no car to test drive, no shoes to try on, no computer to take home or book to read? Services marketing is different from traditional product marketing and this course will introduce you to the distinctive characteristics of services and how they affect both customer behaviour and marketing strategy. You will learn how to create and evaluate a service environment that is both functional and enhances the experience of the consumer.

Starts : 2012-10-15

Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport
Provider: OpenLearning

9 votes 0 0

This introductory course connects anyone interested in developing an understanding of the observation and analysis of performance in sport. It offers synchronous opportunities to discuss topics but it is fundamentally asynchronous in sharing, aggregating and curating resources. It is hoped that access to open resources prior to synchronous meetings will give the course some flipped characteristics. The content of each topic is intended to be an introduction to that topic. We recommend that everyone access the Connecting and Sharing topic as the first module in the course in order to establish a framework for our activities over the subsequent four weeks. Thereafter the route taken through the remaining four modules will be a personal choice.

Starts : 2012-11-05

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