SAP XPERT provides education and consulting services. Our primary focus areas are SAP technologies, business analysis, software testing and project management. We will be converting into MOOC platform for all eductaion areas.

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SAP Logon: Features and Functions
Provider: SAPXPERT

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SAP Products are used by over 13000 large companies around the globe. For logging into SAP systems, a GUI is a necessary desktop utility. Most companies will provide SAP GUI to end users to log on to the SAP ERP system. "SAP XPERT" has designed the course "SAP Logon: Features and Functions" to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge and get the experience of using SAP GUI 730, its features and functions.

What you will learn?

  • SAP GUI Options
  • Difference between the SAP Logon and the SAP Logon Pad
  • Adding a new connection in SAP Logon
  • Network settings in SAP Logon
  • Adding a transaction shortcuts using various options
  • Adding a connection or shortcuts in "Favorites"
  • Editing and deleting shortcuts and connections
  • Managing shortcuts and connections using "Folders"
  • First time and subsequent logging into SAP
  • Logging off from SAP

This course includes hands-on exercises. And the best part is that you even don't need SAP system. Course also has the quiz. You must score 80% to unlock the certificate. 

Enterprise Resource Planning in 90 Minutes
Provider: SAPXPERT

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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are used for companies of all size and within any industry to record their business activities. By understanding concepts of ERP systems and business processes, you will be able to differentiate ERP systems from other business systems.

You will be able to make critical decisions accurately when you company is changing business systems or upgrading to ERP systems.

What you will learn?

  • Evolution of ERP System
  • Core Concepts of ERP
  • Business Functions Overview in Commercial ERP Systems
  • Business Processes in Finance and Accounting
  • Business Processes in Human Resources
  • Business Processes in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Business Processes in Sales and Services
  • Business Processes in Product Life-cycle and Production
  • Components of Modern ERP Systems
  • Value Drivers and Differentiators
  • Forces for Successful ERP Implemenation
  • Open Source and Commercial ERP systems and Providers

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