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Developing the Sociological Imagination
Provider: UWA Class2Go

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Personal matters are social issues! Developing the Sociological Imagination provides students with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their society. Well-known sociologist C. Wright Mills, suggested that individuals can only comprehend their life experiences by understanding the ways in which their own biographies are interwoven and interrelated to wider social and political domains.

Starts : 25th February 2013

Ocean Solutions
Provider: UWA Class2Go

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While we live on a planet mostly covered with water, we get most of our resources from land. We need to reverse that thinking. The world's population recently reached seven billion people, and is expected to swell to nine billion by 2050. We must turn to the oceans to meet the needs of this growing global population. This course will give you examples of how the Indian Ocean can provide us with solutions to help us face future challenges.

Starts : 16th April 2013

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