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Adobe Fireworks (A232)

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If you learn best by doing, and what you're intent on doing is create stunning Web graphics with Adobe Fireworks, this is the place to turn. Through project-based lessons, you'll cover the entire process of creating Web graphics with Fireworks from creating images to optimizing and exporting them. Simple step-by-step instructions, and a book with loads of screen shots will have you creating rollovers, pop-ups, and more in no time. Whether you're new to the world of Fireworks graphics or a veteran user eager to tap the power of the latest version, you'll find the instruction you need in this course.

Intermediate Joomla! (B134)

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The Intermediate Joomla! course provides information and instruction on extending Joomla! Students will become familiar with and learn how to update a website with Components, Modules, and Plug-ins. Students will learn about Breadcrumbs, Latest News, Newsflash, Images, and Search modules. Students will learn how to make their own Joomla! template.

Blog and Article Writing (B119)

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It's a fact that other social media like Facebook and Twitter have drawn some people away from blogging, but others have seized the opportunity to use a blog as the central point around which their other social media orbit. There's still nothing as effective as a blog in creating your brand, differentiating yourself from your competitors, and establishing your expertise and credibility with your target audience.

Introduction to Apache Administration (B118)

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Introduction to Apache Administration is designed to teach students how to administer an Apache 2.2 web server. The course covers configuration, management, and security on an Ubuntu operating system and contrasts the file architecture with the FreeBSD file architecture. At completion students will be able to host multiple domains secured with SSL certificates on the same physical server, will understand how to configure Apache to optimize content delivery, how to implement multiple languages for the same domain, and how to implement select security features including basic authentication. Students will be provided an overview of options for delivering dynamic content. The course does not cover building an Apache server from source code.

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