Principles of Marketing
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This examination measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in a lower-level undergraduate course in marketing. The content of the examination corresponds with course offerings such Introduction to Marketing, Basic Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Concepts, or Marketing Management. The examination tests for a knowledge of facts and terminology, an understanding of concepts and theories, and the student s ability to apply this knowledge and understanding within an organizational environment. (Multiple-choice examination.)


MOOCs and online courses to prepare for the Exam

There are courses from independent organizations to prepare for this exam.

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This Wharton course will teach the fundamentals of marketing by getting to the root of customer decision making. The course will f…

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In this course, you will learn about the marketing process and examine the range of marketing decisions that an organization must…

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Great managers are made, not born. Learn about the qualities and skills of great managers in this Business 101 course. Instructor…

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An introduction to the marketing concept and its role in business strategy. NOTE: Options A and B use different texts.

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